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Dubinin Vladimir

( bodybuilder)

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Biography Dubinin Vladimir
Recently, Vladimir Dubinin is 60 years old. He still looks good, smart, elegant. Of course, keep in shape, although the time is not so much: the work of the President of Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Russia occupies all my free time. Hero of the day remarked jokingly that in his spare time he does what he likes - the work of the Federation. Well, the shape helps maintain: muscle memory repeated champion of the USSR.

. Together with the correspondent of 'NP' Vladimir Dubinin recalls her most interesting 'iron' stories.
. Lenin and Stalin for 'Terminator'

. - Exactly 15 years ago, I met Arnold Schwarzenegger - says Dubinin
. - In 1993, our Federation delegation arrived in the American city of Columbus, in Ohio. Here is a traditional tournament professionals 'Arnold Classic', which is under the patronage of Schwarzenegger. And we knew that Arnie long collects its own museum of sculpture and graphics. And I brought 'Terminator' gift to the museum - an iron statue of the Arnold.

. But despite the fact that Schwarzenegger himself has invited us to the States, to get through to him at the tournament could not be - an actor and superkulturist (Arnold - seven-time winner of the most prestigious title in professional bodybuilding, 'Mr. Olympia'
. - Notes. com.) was in a dense ring of protection.

And when Schwarzenegger came out of the 'Veterans' Memorial', which hosted the tournament, I, being in the huge crowd and shouted: "Arnold!" And he lifted up above his head 40-kilo bust champion. We personally have not been familiar with, but seeing the statue, Arnie told me to skip Protection. Since then we have become close friends.

Our acquaintance could have happened much earlier - in 1987, when we began a correspondence. And only five years later, we shook hands.

A year later, in 1994, we again going to the competition in Columbus and give Arnold bust of Lenin weighing over 160 kilograms. Lenin had a special place in the museum Schwarzenegger. But on arrival in Petersburg I get a letter from Arnold. In it he wrote that the gift placed in work study. 'Lenin effect on me just magically, radiating enormous energy. I feel a surge of strength when I am next to him or look at him: Vladimir, can I see in his museum the other leaders of the communist system of the USSR? .. '

Frankly, I did not expect this turn of events. And in March 1995 drove the United States for 37-pound bronze bust of Stalin. Arnold received a present at the closing banquet. It drew a large number of local journalists. And Arnold joked, they say, is not it hard to drag through the ocean such souvenirs. Schwarzenegger was delighted and asked for the next tournament to bring him a bust of Mikhail Gorbachev. I had to find a sculptor, as well as a new gift has already been kept ready in advance - a bust of Peter the Great.

By the way, along with a bust in Stalin I gave Arnie a bottle of wine from the Stalinist pantry. 'Terminator' was then mad happy!
The Meaning of Life

- Last ten years I became more politicized, - notes, Vladimir Ivanovich. - I watch almost all news releases. During this time the world has changed a lot. By the way, and our Federation during this time have done well.

But in the late 80-ies of the last century, almost none of us knew. Narrow circle of professionals. Sports came out of the basement and looked for their athletes, bit by bit. Today the team of Russia - the strongest in the world and Europe. And she won the fitness industry and develops its own niche in the eyes. Look at today halls and clubs. In general, progress is evident. So it should happen - the world do not stand still!

And it is during these years, I literally lengthen your life. Appeared crazy pace. This is the meaning of life. Sometimes it seems that the 60 years I lived a whole century! Besides, I live by the motto, which many councils to adopt: 'Treat people the way you would like them to treat you! " It would then be easier to live. Much has become clear in another dimension.

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Dubinin Vladimir

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