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Alexei Smertin

( Footballer)

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Biography Alexei Smertin
photo Alexei Smertin
Alexei Smertin, who played for the national team 22 games, is considered a universal player.

My call Alexei Smertina found at his home in Bordeaux, where he returned after an important victory in Paris over Paris St Germain.

- We always have to win at PSG, because we have set ourselves the task of winning the Coupe de France. Half of it has already done - reached the final. Victory - fall into the UEFA Cup as holders.

- You are out on the field after a short break.
- It is interesting that the final match held just against PSG, but only in the national championship. Then he felt pain during the game, but did not give it special significance and did not ask for replacement. The next day the pain increased, but I flew to Moscow before the match with the Irish and show our doctors. It was agreed that all the same go to Ireland, but there is not pain subsided, so had to return to France. Three weeks is not able to train for the full program, so physically one hundred percent is not ready yet. But the problem is I do not think. Two or three games - all come back to normal.

- Something I do not remember that in Russia you have been exposed to trauma. Not stand up loads?
- To high, I may now be ready even better than before. And the trauma - even from Russia. From the "Locomotive" in Bordeaux's left traumatized, but played for four months in the French championship, because he felt militant. However, in the end had to do surgery. After she managed to be drawn, but then had to resort to yet another surgery, but for another reason. That's all my injuries. A minor injuries do not count, because in the French football can not do without them. If "Lokomotiv" there have been continuous matches, then the "Bordeaux" they are not. In France, there is no clear division into favorites and outsiders, in every meeting is tough and sometimes bitter struggle. If I were an attacker, would receive, probably less than the sores, but the coach assigns me as a kind of filter that has to "sift" rivals in the center of the field, so I am constantly in the thick of things.

- Do not pity that Bordeaux's not playing at the football, which clearly showed themselves in the "Locomotive"?
- Here I really have more to destroy than to build, but this really puts the task in front of me coach. We have enough players, the makers. I like playing, for example, Dhorasoo or, say, Meira. With the advent of these two players, I myself became more likely to appear in foreign penal.

- What did you France for professional development?
- French soccer has taught us that we can not relax in any match. You should always limit spirit and dedication.

- Due to injury you missed the first match of team this year. How you upset defeat of the Irish?
- Of course, the defeat of unpleasant, but the tragedy should not do it. It in no way affect our mood. Match I have not seen, only read the reports about him. We too quickly missed two goals, and recoup it was difficult.

- In what can realistically expect our national team at the World Cup?
- We are obliged to leave the group, and then guess it is not necessary.

- What do you know about our opponents in the group and how to evaluate them?
- Until recently, our team performed Wilmots - one of the leading players of the Belgian national team. Something had went wrong here, but today it looks bright in German Schalke. In my opinion, this cool player, and the Belgian national team, he is not the only one. I recall that immediately after the draw read in the newspaper L'Equipe utterance someone from the representatives of the Belgian delegation. So the Belgians believe that with the casting of lots they were fortunate. Japan is playing at home, and owners at the recent world championships has always left the group, so that the Japanese can not be underestimated. Tunisia, frankly, a mystery to me. I myself have this command in not seen. My current coach told me that Africans are strong in attack, but have weaknesses in defense. I think that the calendar is beneficial to us as we begin the tournament game with Tunisia.

- Who is considered the favorite for the World Cup?
- Argentina, France and Italy. It may surprise Portugal.

- In your team play, two representatives of the French team.
- Recently watched a friendly match France - Romania. I liked how we worked in the gate goalkeeper Rame. He will not let partners, if something happens to Barthez. Everyone knows what a useful footballer Dugarry, so that this nomination is beyond doubt.

- I do not think about the fact that this World Cup - a good opportunity to move to a stronger club and championship?
- To be honest, never thought. I want to play the World Cup, not in order to "light up" in front of breeders, but in order to achieve results and deliver satisfaction to himself and his fans. I know that for our hockey team experienced in the Olympics, millions of people. I hope that they will support us.

- Will you have personal fans at the World Cup?
- Yes, for me and our entire team will get sick in Japan, my parents. Unfortunately, will not attend his wife and brother, but Larissa can not leave our son, and Eugene is now working coach in "Saturn" and will be busy.

- At the last Olympics to team Russia reacted, to put it mildly, unfriendly. Do not fear that we will see something similar at the World Cup?
- I do not believe that we will "kill". Do not even want to think about it. I hope to participate in the festival of football and it does not stay on it a stranger.

- After the New Year and only talk about that in Russia a problem with the national team goalies.
- This is an exaggeration. There Nigmatullin, Filimonov, Ovchinnikov, in Austria once again played Cherchesov. I think there are coaches from whom to choose.

- The game of our team a lot depends on Legionnaires. There is a danger that you get to the tournament too tired?
- This is true not only of team Russia. Hopefully, the motivation and desire to adequately represent their country can help to overcome fatigue.

- What role could change in time zones and unusual for a European climate and food?
- We had previously come to Japan, so have time to acclimate. Before came to Moscow, many times changed time zones, that my body got used to overload. On the Japanese climate, I do not know much, but it is the same for all participants in World Cup. Nutrition hosts Russia will choose herself, so that here, do not expect surprises.

- After the World Cup awaits you leave. Thought, where he spend?
- Most of all between Barnaul and Moscow. I have enough experience overseas and in the course of the season.

Georgy Kudinov from Milan

Source: Sport-Express

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Alexei Smertin, photo, biography
Alexei Smertin, photo, biography Alexei Smertin  Footballer, photo, biography
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