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Dennis Rodman

( Basketball players)

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Biography Dennis Rodman
photo Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman - one of the brightest stars of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The title "King" picked up "he got for his tremendous resourcefulness and tenacity. However, many sports critics say Rodman not-so-capable player, saying that its unprecedented popularity of basketball has acquired through a completely different talent - the talent to shock the audience.

For me fighting

- You are forty years. Frankly speaking, not a boy. Especially when it comes to sports. But we say in Russia: "The old horse will not spoil the furrow" ...

- I'm not an old horse, a stud, which will give odds to every young colt. Other coaches would not fight for me.

- Recently, your name most often mentioned in connection with scandals: it schelbana give the judge some of the fire extinguisher, extinguish "visitors of the restaurant, then descend by helicopter directly to the beach ...

- All my actions - not an attempt to attract attention. Is my volcanic nature. If celebrating a birthday, then invite 5.10 rock groups to the entire city could not sleep. If you argue with someone, then dig into the throat. If flying on a boat, then spit on all bans to comply with speed near the coastal strip. I - a man-exotica.

My motto is - spit at all. I want to live as I want, rather than trying to dictate to me how boring the public. People get sick and get depressed solely on the grounds that they are driving themselves deeper into their desires. First sexual. Why be ashamed of what you want to make love with several women? Or a man? Or animals? Understand, I'm not talking specifically about me. But if it is - your desire, then it is correct. You - the center of the universe.

- Are not you afraid people with such views to be left alone?

- Experience has shown that bright people like me, some never remain. If you own self-respect and consider superlichnostyu, you will be interested and other.

- You are telling that you had a thousand lovers. Do not exaggerate?

- Yes! Thousand lovers! All they can confirm: Dennis Rodman - a brilliant lover. And the age of 80 I will have two thousand mistresses. Because by the time I go out of sport and, accordingly, be able to devote more time to have sex.

- Sexologist in one voice say that very high male potency problems ...

- I know that many stars of basketball big problems with their wives. But this only applies to white guys. Black men have the temperament - that should, and no growth here is not forbidden. And if women say to you: "In bed, you do not meet," - here and go mad for long. For men the most important thing in life - to realize that he had sex - a superhero.

- And yet once you have failed: not logged competition stallions-osemeniteley Madonna, who decided to have a baby.

- It's hard to say why she refused my service. I think my good physical shape would help me make Madonna a cool kid. Maybe someday we have something else and get. You have heard that they had with Guy Ritchie is not everything okay?

10 days, a happy marriage

- In Russia, well aware of the sexual model and TV star Carmen Electra - your ex-wife. Why do you part?

- Our marriage was no more than my drunken antics. What can you do, rum! This drink - my friend and my enemy at the same time. Electra - beautiful and tenacious girl. Cleverly set it up so that I married her. Thank God, my lawyers concocted a good marriage contract, and I almost lost nothing in the divorce. After all, we spent no more than 10 days.

- Your autobiography is called "Bad. What I wanted to be ". What is this book?

- Lived a poor Negro boy. The boy's father told him: "Remember: you fall down - trample". And the boy began working day and night. And there was Dennis Rodman. Such a sweet tale here. If you do not believe that, in order to reach their sporting Olympus, I had many times to fall into a pit of shit. I quickly learned: can abide injustice once, twice - and you are broken. You can put up with poverty, but not what your demeans the dignity of some powerful shit. His oppressors, I always show their teeth.

- Why did you choose for themselves just basketball?

- Basketball - cult for black sport, but even if I went to athletics, the name of Rodman would respect. The desire to win, perseverance, hard work everywhere in the price. And I - the guy is not a lazy.

- About your tattoos and hair styles already legendary. Why do you need all this?

- You know, like the animals - keeps color. Judges understand: the guy who is not afraid of the look, better not to contact.

- In one interview you stated that you do not get out of basketball, until all the fingers and toes will not be covered with rings winning an NBA championship ...

- I changed my mind. I got enough rich man.

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Dennis Rodman, photo, biography
Dennis Rodman, photo, biography Dennis Rodman  Basketball players, photo, biography
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