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Anissina Marina

( World Champion in sport dancing on ice)

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Biography Anissina Marina
In early May in St. Petersburg was first shown by the ice show "Olympus-2001", which has agreed to participate and our compatriot, now serving in France Marina Anissina. The correspondent of the newspaper "Time News" Olesya KOMAROVA contacted a world champion in sport dancing on ice on the phone and asked to tell about myself.
- My future was a foregone conclusion. Pope, Vyacheslav Anisin - famous hockey player. My mother, Irina Chernyaeva, paired with Vasily Blagov was USSR champion in pair skating. I grew up in a family where all the live sports. As a child, instead of dolls I played with parental medals, and my grandmother once said: "You see what you have famous parents. They have made all this his own work ". This simple phrase is deeply embedded in me. I realized that nothing will ever be on me to fall from the sky, and no titles, titles and achievements by themselves do not come. In order to achieve something in sports, we have to work and train. So I worked from morning till night.
True, at first my mother did not want me to go in her footsteps. But, apparently, no escape from the fate. It turned out that I'm not one to leave the house and had to take to the rink CSKA. At first I sat and watched, then began to learn to skate. But to engage in a mother's group I was not. I have always demanded attention, and other students resented. So I have identified a group to Marina Sokolova. So with three years of life the main thing for me was the sports.
My first "dance" partner was Sergei Sakhnovski. The same Sakhnovski, who paired with Galina Chaitц╘n today in favor of Israel. The second partner, on reflection, away from the sport. The third was Ilia Averbukh. In a duet with him, I had achieved good results. Twice became champions of the world junior. But ... Ilya fell in love and married Irina Lobacheva, then and began to ride with her.
So I was left alone and in despair would quit sports altogether, and probably would have done so and if the life-saving straw did not word, accidentally dropped a trainer - they say, try to find a partner abroad. I jumped at the idea, even though nobody, not even my mother did not believe in the success. Nevertheless with my mother, we reviewed videotapes of the mountain with the speeches of foreign dancers, and chose two: Canadian Victor Kraatz and Frenchman Gwendal Peizerat. The answer came from Gwendal, more precisely, he called and asked if I really want to try to ride with him? A month later I flew to Lyon.
I never left it for a long time from parents, especially in a foreign country. I was then 17 years. Yes, and French I do not know. For the first time settled at home Gwendal and his parents helped me a lot. Gwendal mother teaches French at school, and that she gave me my first lessons in language. Pope Gwendal - gym teacher, a former racing driver and rugby player. There have Gwendal elder sister. She is also engaged in figure skating, but not as successfully as Gwendal.
I was tormented by doubts for a long time, and whether I entered, agreeing to act for another country? Even the refined, then again if I can skate for Russia. Experienced as such a step would react compatriots. But when in St. Petersburg during the final of the Grand Prix a couple of years ago I heard from the audience: "Marina, you - the best," calmed. And strangely enough, most of all this happy circumstance, it is French partner. Finally dispelled my doubts, French President Jacques Chirac. Three years ago, for the French athletes had arranged a reception at the presidential Elysee Palace. They invited me to go there and Gwendal. Parents went early, while they themselves athletes due to non-flying weather lingered in Lyon. Rushed up to the palace directly with suitcases, because the evening went to the World Championships in Minneapolis. Out of the car and see: all lined up in line, and those parents whiter than chalk. "Come on - they shout at us. - You are late by 25 minutes. The President just waiting for you and not start the ceremony ". After this prelude, I thought that I would never have been given special. Moreover, I - a foreigner, and there are so many famous athletes. But Jacques Chirac has handed us a reward for participating in the Olympics, and then together with all descended to the hall. I really wanted to meet with President, . and what was my surprise, . when he came to me and said a few words in Russian! He said, . that was recently in Russia, . that he likes our country, . that before he could remember only "Eugene Onegin" by heart, and in general with great respect for Russian culture,
. We talked for quite a long time, and, in my opinion, Mr Chirac has given me even more attention than the rest. It turned out that he was aware of our sporting success. Wishing success to the championship, said: "I'm on" Eurosport "I will watch". It was the most memorable moment in my life. And then they sent me a photo of the palace, where the president himself has written good wishes.
Today, I have fully mastered in France. Perfectly know the French language. After last year's "gold" World Cup and the current "silver" is no one language does not turn to call me "foreigner" - I do my job professionally. With my mother, I live in Lyon. We have a small apartment, where at the entrance of the house is constantly on duty fans. So, as the Russian proverb, no evil without good.
Time News

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  • Hi sis ! ! Do not be surprised but we did not see one when druga.Ya troyurydny thy brother Sergey, live in Pitire.Pozdravlyayu with the birth of a baby! If intiresno Chiba, write to chat.
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    Anissina Marina, photo, biography
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