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Alessandro Del Piero

( Footballer)

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Biography Alessandro Del Piero
Alessandro Del Piero is the highest-paid footballer in the world. His annual salary in the 'Juventus' is about $ 5 million. And, having contracts with such sponsors as the 'Adidas', 'Pepsi-Cola' and 'Walt Disney', he can rightly be considered and one of the richest sportsmen of the world.
My mother was not allowed to play in the attack
Del Piero was born on November 9, 1974 in the small town of Treviso, in northern Italy near Venice. He was the youngest child in a family of simple electrical and housewives Gino Bruno, whose first son, Stefano, Alessandro age of 9 years. (Y Del Piero also has another half sister Beatrice. She was 6 years old and it is a Romanian by nationality). Like millions of other boys, the future star 'Juventus', started playing football in the yard, and the first time as goalie. All attempts to play a little Sandro in the attack, rejected his strict mom. She believed that if her son, so never experienced good health, will stand at the gate, then thereby protect themselves from the risk of injury or catch a cold. I could have played, . probably, . Del Piero on the last turn, . if one day his brother Stefano did not say: 'Mom, . Can not you see, . that Alex's great to get to play in attack '? And with the light hand of his brother Alessandro opened in themselves quite capable of forward,
. I must say that, and Stefano himself later became a good football player - he even served some time for the 'Sampdoria'. However, due to serious injury Del Piero Sr. was forced very early to complete their professional career.
Meanwhile, Stefano tried his hand at 'Sampdoria', Alessandro took the first steps in the youth team of the city of Treviso. It was called 'San Vendemiano'. It is there something and showed his undoubted talent. And when Alessandro was 13 years old, he invited me to his professional club 'Padua'. For several years he spent in school preparing for this command, but in the 1991/92 season debut for the 'Padua', were then in the 'Series-B'. In total, he spent two seasons there, during which played 14 matches and scored one goal. Soon after the successes of the young striker had seen representatives of the teams 'Serie A'. His name two great club - 'Milan' and 'Juventus'. Few thought, Del Piero chose 'Old Signora', in which the once-shining his idol Michel Platini.

Alessandro was then 18 years old and determined to start it in the spring - so called in Italy's youth team 'Juventus'. With it he won the prestigious Viareggio tournament and was soon to receive an invitation from the main command. But a small injury at some time delayed his debut in 'Juventus' until 12 September 1993, when his team met with the 'Foggia'. And in the next game - against 'Reggiano' Alessandro scored his first goal for the 'Old Signora'. Then there was a magical match with 'Milan', when an unknown teenager scored a hat-trick. Total in that season he played 11 matches and held them 5 goals.
The next year, Del Piero has helped 'Juventus' win a world title - the first for the last 8 years. The leaders of the club have seen in startups new team leader, and therefore without regret parted with such a great player like Roberto Baggio. As Alessandro turned 22, he was drafted into the Italian army. However, all that was required of him in this 10-month period - is to play football. What he did successfully. Oh, that 'Juventus' victory in the Champions League.
The happiest moments of career Del Piero has experienced probably in the season 1996/1997. Then in the final of the Intercontinental Cup in Tokyo, he scored the decisive ball into the goal of the Argentine 'River Plate' and brought his team victory. Career Alessandro was on thumb. The following season Players Association recognized him as the best footballer in Italy. It seemed not far off the hour when Del Piero and did receive the highest individual award in football - 'Golden Ball'. But, in the 1998/99 season the day before his 24 th birthday, in a match against 'Udinese' he suffered a serious knee injury and for a long time retired from football

. FAMILY worth more than money
. What would comfort his star, . Soon executives 'Juventus' Alessandro offered a new extremely profitable contract, . that the annual salary of a football player was 10 billion lire ($ 5 million), . and on this indicator, he at once walked these stars, . as Vieri and Ronaldo,
Today, Del Piero is back. He's rich, famous, respected. How about the player, know about him almost all. And, here's what he represents himself, when leaves the stadium - do not even know meticulous Italian paparazzi. Alessandro acknowledged that for him there is nothing more than family. He regularly 2-3 times a year to visit their parents, still living in Treviso, and always happy to see them in their luxury apartment in Turin. While the idol of the fans 'Juventus' not married, but many people say that such intentions in his plans is. Even his name is called the bride - her name is Irene, and when Alessandro came only in Turin, she worked in the bar of the stadium 'Delle Alpi', which holds its home matches 'Juventus'.
Del Piero has a higher education - at the insistence of parents, he received a degree 'accounting'. Not alien to football star and all the worldly. Like millions of his peers, he likes to dance and even, in conjunction with former partner on 'Juventus' Angelo Di Livio, Alessandro became co-owner of a dance hall. Very fond of Del Piero to swim, so it prefers to leave the sea, and not say in the mountains. In general, an ordinary guy, only that God at birth kissed his feet.

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  • Yarik for Alessandro Del Piero
  • Alex! you're the best player in the world! I'll just п¦п¦п¦пTп¦я¦! help me to start playing football! I make no bad hope! but played in Ukraine, with increasing 173cm almost unreal! I play on your position, I know that you will hardly get my message, . but I hope! Good luck! You win the golden ball! Jaroslav Soloninko,
  • Cychev for Alessandro Del Piero
  • I do п+п¦п¦пTп¦я¦! you are my idol! I want to be as a footballer! you are the best team from Italy !
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