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David Beckham

( Footballer)

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Biography David Beckham
photo David Beckham
Looking at the 'RC' transfer of David Beckham, at 30 meters, just amazed with what fiendish precision balls which was started them fall to the feet or on the heads of its partners. Not an inch left or an inch to the right - just as in the pharmacy. Perhaps if there was in football scoring system, similar to that in ice hockey ( 'Goal + pass'), then David will certainly be provided in the lists of the best strikers in the various tournaments.
'MJ' MORE 'Tottenham'
Many strikes its rapid growth - from the youth team player 'Manchester United' to one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Winger in the world. To understand this progress should be a little dip in the history of David Beckham.
He was born May 2, 1975 in Leytonstoune - London area. Guy with his childhood love of football and its parents, welcoming enthusiasm son, bought it as a form of 'Manchester United'. It is interesting that his grandparents were ardent admirers 'Tottenham' and presented a grandson of his favorite team jersey. Beckham even worked for a time in the school this club, but still love to 'MJ' mastered. When he was 11 years old, he first stepped on the field of Manchester Stadium 'Old Trafford' - it happened during the final tournament held under the auspices of the School of Football Excellence Bobby Charlton.
That Beckham's team won the tournament, and the name of the football players quickly got into notepad scout 'MJ' Michael Fidzhona. After seeing a few more games with David, a Fidzhona lost all doubts about the ability of young soccer. He went to his parents, David and began to persuade them to let her son in Manchester. Those eventually agreed, but with one condition - first, their offspring must finish school.
Ever since Beckham and zagrezil dream to play in the 'Manchester United'. He regularly went to all the matches of his future team, which she spent in London. And even when to him - promising young player, began to show interest in almost all the London clubs, he has resisted the temptation, and rejected all their proposals in favor of mankuniantsev. 'I always wanted to play only in the' MJ ', - now David says with a smile.

Take over from Kanchelskis
After graduating, finally, a school, Beckham was able to directly address the implementation of its long-standing dream. He arrived in the 'Manchester United' 8 July 1991 and was immediately identified in the youth team. I must say that the composition of that play when such become later known players like Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Ben Thornley, Chris Casper, Keith Gillespie. It is no coincidence that 'gang' in 1992 won the FA Youth Championship. And several months after that triumph, David Beckham hit the home team 'MJ' and for her debut at the tournament 'Coca-Cola', coming on as substitute in place of right midfielder Andrei Kanchelskis. Since, then, despite the fact that he prefers to play Beckham in midfield, this position is so entrenched for him.
Soon, David and scored the first goal of the team of your dreams. Happened in the Champions League with the Turkish "Galatasaray '. However, coach 'Manchester United' Alex Ferguson, rather than just make Beckham the player the basic composition of his team, sent him for a game practice in the 'Priston'. 'To be honest, I did great upset - recalls football. - Why do I have to give somewhere to rent, I wondered? But the coach said that 'link' in Priston 'should I go to the benefit. There I could hit the bottle experience and strength '. David obediently did what he wanted from Ferguson and a month later he returned to Manchester, where he played his first match in the English Premier League - against the 'Leeds'.

So it all began. And then off they'd go and Beckham began to Beckham, who we now all know. The following season - 1995/96, its 'Man' made a double: winning the championship and cup, but David is already well established in the main part of a great team, spending 26 games and scoring 7 goals in these. Even after some time he received an invitation from the England coach Glenn Hoddle and September 1, t-shirt made its debut in the national team in the match against the Moldovans in Chisinau.
1996/97 season began for him with a stunning performance on the goals in the gate 'Wimbledon'. Beckham, are on their side of the field, with about 60 meters by the collar, threw the ball into the goal Neil Sullivan. On such a positive note and went to him one year of football, which so far can be called the best in the career of David Beckham. He has scored some great goals, won it again with 'MJ' championship, won the team to pass to the World Cup in France and, finally, received the prize, the best young player of England.
Beckham, in addition to what is undoubtedly a wonderful footballer, and is also reputed as a man with a very bad temper. Perhaps one of the clearest evidence of this was the World Championship in France in 1998, when already at the stage of the quarter came together two titans - England and Argentina. In a situation that did not require David was unable to control their emotions and waved, who played against him moment before rudely, Diego Simeone. Argentinian immediately switched all their acting talent and fell to the ground, pretending, at least, the wounded on the battlefield. Beckham instantly saw the red card and left the most crucial moment in a minority of their team. The British lost that game, and culprit lesions did, of course, David. And long after the case of the rostrum British stadiums whistles greeted his main hope football.

Strangely enough, but the football a little bit hurt its reputation and even the decision to marry. No, not just to marry, and marry the soloist in the popular British band 'Spice Girls' Victoria Adams. Many of the star, this marriage is not welcomed, seeing in him only cold calculation. But the media attention he was given an enormous - because of what football for Beckham himself, at the time relegated to the background. In March 1999 the 'Spice Boy', as became known as the newfound husband, and father was. Little Brooklyn was for him now the center of the universe - in memory of him, David even engraved a tattoo on his back with the name of the son. Because of him, he once fell out with coach 'Manchester United' Alex Ferguson. True, he is in Brooklyn and this is not to blame. Just a caring father, swaddling clothes once his son was late for training, for which he was immediately sent back home tutor. Then, Beckham apologized, saying that he could not leave without her father's Brooklyn prihvoravshego attention.
Apologies were accepted and in the 1998/1999 season, together with the 'Manchester United' scandalous football player failed a hat-trick - to win the championship of England, FA Cup and Champions League. A year later he was in the 4 th time he became the champion of England and almost got 'Golden Ball' as the best footballer in Europe. The prize that went to Brazilian Rivaldo of 'Barcelona', and David took second place. Despite the fact that this year 'Manchester United', largely thanks to Gholam and transfers Beckham was again the first in England, David is also unlikely to be able to claim the title of best player in the world. Alas, but his team made mediocre at Euro 2000, but without loud commanding victories to get personal recognition is almost impossible.
And before the start of Euro 2000, David Beckham sostrig with a world-famous straw hair and looked like a normal 18-year-old conscript. This pleasure worth footballer 'some' 400 pounds - well, she could not leave such a star in the barbershop just a few pence. Thus, David, as it decided to break all the fetters of the past and start a new life. And indeed at the European Championship, he was the only bright spot in the faded terribly pioneers of the game of football. Perhaps in the XXI century Beckham finally able to realize their amazing talent in full and get the same 'Golden Ball'? Not in vain to train in England called the heir to Bobby Charlton.

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