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Russell Crowe

( The sexiest actor in Hollywood.)

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Biography Russell Crowe
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Russell Crowe is recognized as the sexiest actor in Hollywood. It is understandable: the traditions of each award more or less noticeable actor title of 'sex symbol' is probably a hundred years will soon. And really Russell Crowe after his role in 'Gladiator' mass adoration just can not escape, so that was Russell Crowe to success, was - and, finally, reached.

Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe) was born April 7, 1964. Like many stars of the new generation, Russell comes from a family of hippies. The boy grew up between Australia and New Zealand. Parents sometimes moonlighting as extras, and 12 years Russell was invited to the popular television series 'Young Doctor'. Fame came to him with a role in the youth drama "Romper Stomper" ( 'skins'), where he impressed the public of their primitive ferocity. The film became popular in Australia, and yellow journalism have begun to savor the details of bed exploits Crowe.

Reputation 'hot guy' and rich experience of sex was played by Russell Crowe in his hand when in 1993 he became acquainted with the most Sharon Stone. Apparently, Crowe did not disappoint Sharon, because with her light hand he first arrived in Hollywood. However, Sharon Stone Russell Crowe played in the film 'Quick and the Dead' (there was still quite busy young DiCaprio). The film had no success, and Sharon Stone quickly found a new boyfriend. After that, Russell, no longer wanting to go back to Australia, knocked at doors of studios hoping to get more at least some role. However, the next big movie, he played only in 1997. These were the famous 'Secrets of Los Angeles', which in that year nominated for 'Oscar' in several categories. In this movie, Russell Crowe entrusted major role. Of course, the coveted statuette for supporting actress went to a recognized 'star' Kim Basinger, but the actor notice of film critics and the public remember. After this, no one is surprised by the number of various prizes, which received Crowe for his role in the film 'The Insider'. For this role an actor in a short time gained 23 kg to reincarnate in the plump and bald 50-year-old man. For this role, Russell Crowe won the National Council kinoretsenzentov, award the Los Angeles Society of Film Critics, a nomination for 'Oscar' and a nomination for 'Golden Globe'. In Hollywood, Russell Crowe has strengthened its reputation lady, for example, he managed to make friends with shy Jodie Foster, so much so that she gives him a lead role in his next film. But if you connect with Jody Russell, . likely, . purely friendly relations (known as Miss Foster no fan of men), . a loud affair with Meg Ryan while filming Proof of Life ', . served the cause of her divorce, . greatly increased the popularity of Russell in women,

And then, of course, was the 'Gladiator'. Not very, in my opinion, a significant film, he finally brought Russell Crowe Award Oscar for Best Actor. It should be noted that the actor is keenly working on their roles, delving into the smallest details - this applies to 'Gladiator'. In the film, which critics have found many historical errors and outright 'blunders', Russell Crowe managed to create a strong and reliable male image. To work on the role of Maximus the actor was forced to quickly drop those extra pounds, while pumping up the muscles that externally conform to his hero. After the triumphant success of 'Gladiator' Russell Crowe for the role began to receive millions in royalties, and, nevertheless, he tries to be legible. If he does not like the script, he just expresses it. After the filming 'Gladiator' he nearly had a row to the death with director Ridley Scott, because he wanted too much change in scenario.

In general, about the violent nature of Russell Crowe is legendary. What the press wrote that he had a fight in a bar, then defeated the villa in which he lived during the filming, then swore inappropriately. Even though journalists are certainly exaggerated, some truth in this, of course, there. However, journalists no fan of Russell Crowe. Directors who worked with Russell on the issues of joint work normally off with platitudes about 'arguments that the benefit of film'. Also, Russell Crowe loves in an interview to talk about how he was happy when a young man worked as a shepherd. And perhaps, this is the truth - otherwise, why would he include a huge farm? And the actor is proud of his farm, and only there on vacation from the Hollywood hustle.

Shortly before the ceremony 'Oscars' all the media reported that the plot was uncovered, the purpose of which was the kidnapping of Russell Crowe. This provided the actor a permanent presence in the news headlines, but pretty spoiled his nerves. Perhaps the cause is that the attackers chose Russell Crowe (not the richest Hollywood 'star') was just unheard of his popularity at the moment.

About personal life Russell Crowe does not like to spread, so the journalists, most of which are the only thing that interested, have all domyslivat by. We only know that some time he lived with actress Danielle Spencer, but it has long been divorced.

Now Russell Crowe following the example of Keanu Reeves or Johnny Depp and more engaged in their musical career. Once upon a time in the age of 19 he had tried to become a rock star and under the pseudonym of La Roque released several singles in New Zealand, which have gone unnoticed. Nevertheless, in the summer of this year, Russell Crowe with his rock band "30 Odd Food of Grunts" released first record, and sent on a tour of U.S.. Starting a career as a rock musician in 37 years, of course, late in the day, but Russell Crowe is now a long way. Even the brilliant, handsome replace Pierce Brosnan in the form of 007.

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  • MIXAS for Russell Crowe
  • SKIN Cleves FILMAK ....
  • Rustam for Russell Crowe
  • For me personally, he is an actor I п¦я¬я-яTпTп¦ voshishayus his talent.
  • Olga for Russell Crowe
  • A wonderful actor, seductive man. Just attractive voice, oversexed! As he is reincarnated in the role, to compare "Gladiator", "LA Confidential" and "Proof of life", it's different everywhere, but everywhere real man!
  • Elena for Russell Crowe
  • On such a man can only dream
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    Russell Crowe, photo, biography
    Russell Crowe, photo, biography Russell Crowe  The sexiest actor in Hollywood., photo, biography
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