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Evgeny Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy

( Religious philosopher, lawyer, social activist.)

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Biography Evgeny Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy
23.9/5.10.1863 - 23.1.1920

General Information The Prince, one Vl.Soloveva. Graduated from the Faculty of Moscow. Zap / 1855 /. Taught in Yaroslavl, Kiev. Since 1905 - Professor. Mosk. Zap. Participated in the organization of the Psychological Society in Moscow. un-te, Religious and Philosophical Society im.Vl.Soloveva. During the Civil War - in the ranks of the Whites. The philosophy of unity sought to interpret in the spirit of orthodox Christianity, focused on the absolute consciousness that intimate T. classical idealism. God understood as meaning the world of evolution, but not its subject.

Characteristics of views "The main thesis defended by Prince. Trubetskoy indeed consistent with the trends of epistemology Solovieva, and in carrying out this thesis, especially in the criticism of neo, kn.E.Trubetskoy found significant critical talent, most complete their world-kn. Trubetskaya expressed in his book "The Meaning of Life" (Moscow, 1918) ". (Radlov E.L. Outline of the History of Russian Philosophy. Sverdlovsk, 1991. S. 143)

Teaching central object, while the main instrument of research in philosophy Trubetskoy is the concept of absolute consciousness. There it is in the epistemological analysis. According to T., . every act of cognition is directed to establish some absolute and compulsory (and hence, . transsubjectivity, . sverhpsihologicheskogo) content - the meaning or truth - and, . hence, . presupposes the existence of such, in their existing there should be any truth,
. The truth is, on TV, by its nature is neither existent, nor being, but it is the content of consciousness, moreover, is characterized by unconditional and sverhpsihologichnostyu. Therefore, the existence of any truth, their existing amounts to the existence of a certain ideal of consciousness, the content is all the truth about all Sushchikh - and only they. (Horuzhy C. in the book.: Russian Philosophy. Small Collegiate Dictionary. M., 1995. S. 513-514).

Major works 1 / speculation in paints. The question of the meaning of life in ancient paintings. M., 1916 / 2 ed. Paris, 1965 / 2 / The metaphysical assumptions of knowledge. Lessons Learned Kant and Kantianism. M., 1917; 3 / Savage kingdom and the coming revival of Russia. Rostov-na-Donu, 1919.

Edition 1. Slavery in Ancient Greece. Yaroslavl, 1886. 2. Religious - social ideal of Western Christianity in V.: In 2 hours. M., 1992 - 1897. 3. History of Philosophy of Law (old and new): Lectures. Kiev, 1894 4. Philosophy of Nietzsche: A Critical Essay. M., 1904. 5. Encyclopedia of Law. M., 1908. 6. Social utopia Plato. M., 1908. 7. Philosophy of Vladimir. S. Solovyov: In 2 m. M., 1912 - 1913. 8. The meaning of war. Tech. 1. M., 1914. 9. The national question, Constantinople and Hagia Sophia: Public lecture. M., 1915. 10. War and global challenge. M., 1915. 11. Two of the world in ancient iconography. M., 1916. 12. Speculation in colors. The question of the meaning of life in ancient religious paintings. Public lecture. MA, 1916; п=п¦п©я-пTп+я-п+п+п¦ ed. AM, BG [1990]. 13.Anarhiya and kontrevolyutsiya. M., 1917. 14. Revolution and the rise of national. M., 1917. 15.Metafizicheskie prerequisites: Lessons Learned Kant and Kantianism. M., 1917. 16. From past. M., 1917; 2 - ed. Vienna, [1920]. 17. Meaning of Life. Moscow, 1918; 2 - ed. Berlin, 1922. 18. Great revolution and the crisis of patriotism. [Omsk], 1919. 19. Savage kingdom and the coming revival of Russia. Rostov on / D., 1919. 20. Essays on Russian icons. M., 1921. 21. Another kingdom, and his hunters in the Russian folk tale. M., 1922. 22. Memoirs. Sofia, 1922. 23. Three Essays on the Russian icon. M., 1991. 24. Meaning of Life. M., 1994. 25. Philosophy of Vladimir Soloviev. At 2 m. M., 1994-1995.

Literature Zenkovsky VV. History of Russian Philosophy. L., 1991. T. 2 h. 2. S. 105-113; Trubetskoi S.E. The past. Paris, 1989; Andrei Bely. Between Two Revolutions. M., 1990.

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Evgeny Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy, photo, biography
Evgeny Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy, photo, biography Evgeny Nikolaevich Troubetzkoy  Religious philosopher, lawyer, social activist., photo, biography
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