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Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il)

( Head of DPRK)

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Biography Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il)
To the envy of many, exhausting the nerves of the world oligarchy, which is building plans for domination in the Pacific, North Korea continues to exist independent patriotic mode.
. Socialist North Korea is developing rapidly, not lying down in the framework of building a new world order
. Build your own that focuses on national resources, the economy, developing a culture based on healthy human. Not susceptible to the tricks and lies of the Western missionaries, the threats of NATO thugs, creating his own defense, able to resist international aggression. All this happens with the active participation of the DPRK leader Kim Jong Il.
Kim Jong Il took power and responsibility to his people in one of the most difficult stages of its history. A small country was internationally isolated, lost the support of the mighty brother in the face of the Soviet Union. The people of North Korea's single-handedly brought before a malicious and treacherous enemy. The United States and its cronies in NATO, smacking relish bloodied scraps of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, are pulled closer to the last island of freedom and independence in the world. More and more American troops accumulates around the shores of North Korea, sharper and harsher tone of the authors 'new world order' in respect of this country.
Seemed treacherous example of Gorbachev's long erased from the world political arena honest rulers, loyal servants of the people. All those who, like Stalin, until the last breath served the country have been ridiculed and mixed with mud. Almost everywhere in the former independent countries came to power hurried traitors. Busily counted the pieces of silver, opened the gates of their cities ruthless oppressors, allowed into NATO contributors, helped to induct on the dollar needle of his countrymen. Someone like Hussein or Milosevic, tried to resist, but the iron fist who can unite to plunder NATO soldiers attacked the recalcitrant:
. It seemed that for all politicians in the world has remained one way - in thrall to the West, and any sense of political intrigue, only to see who it is and how do sell the keys to another castle or a new batch of slaves.
. Happy exception presented a history of North Korea
. Young, by the standards of contemporary political establishment, Kim Jong Il in the fifty-three years old went to a higher level of power in this country. Since his arrival, immediately dashed hopes of the world financial oligarchy to quickly and easily plunder the DPRK on the Gorbachev-Yeltsin scheme. The new president of North Korea was firm and unshakeable. North Korea will live and develop in the interests of its people, will continue to follow their independent historical journey.
. Relying on our own forces, the country for several years recovering from the crisis, coped with the most intractable, in the opinion of graduates of Western academics, the problems
. All these years Kim Jong Il worked tirelessly, often personally led many provinces, construction sites, military maneuvers. Constantly being among the workers, scientists, soldiers, doctors, visiting hospitals and military units, schools and universities, farms and factories. Often without sleep or rest, everywhere raising their compatriots, personally going into all the technical, economic and cultural issues. So together with his chief North Korean people and finally got out of the crisis. The economy once again began to rise, there has been a steady growth in almost all sectors of the economy. DPRK to completely reinvented itself on its own forces and prepared for independent breakthrough to prosperity.
Of course, this is seriously upset American strategists and their South Korean allies. U.S. pressure on the Korean people has been an unprecedented rigidity and arrogance. Today, the Pentagon's command directly threatened by Pyongyang to open military invasion. Other way out of the imperialists do not. Economically crush the regime of Kim Jong Il is not possible, the fifth column, which helped to destroy the inside of his betrayal of a proud state, there is no.
. We can only stifle the DPRK by force, but it can be problematic
. Kim Jong Il pays special attention to is the defense, the development of military-industrial complex and military training of the Korean People's Army. The Army is committed to its Supreme Commander, who came to power in the country directly from the defense department.
. Kim Jong Il was born at dawn on Feb. 16 at the foot of the majestic Mount Paektu in a secret guerrilla camp in 1942
. Under the whistle of bullets and the roar of cannon fire, the atmosphere of the heroic struggle of the Korean guerrillas against the Japanese invaders. Instead, the smell of incense in his baptism attended the smell of gunpowder, instead of lamentations priest - the cacophony of furious night battle, the jingling of weapons and bullet casings, military commands and cries.
. Mother born, the legendary guerrilla heroine Kim Jong Suk, sewed the first dud of the child's own military uniforms and accoutrements, Kim Il Sung - the leader of the guerrillas, the father of Kim Jong Il
. Diapers and blanket for the son of the rebel guerrilla detachment stitched from scraps of fabric. This blanket hiding little Kim Jong Il until the victory of the Korean Liberation Army over the Japanese invaders.
Jong-Il spent his childhood surrounded by the military, weapons and war. All these years he was with his father and mother, motayas on guerrilla camps in dangerous expeditions into the rear of the Japanese troops. About a year spent three Jong Il in the Soviet Union with his father in training camp. Then the USSR also fought for their independence, straining every nerve to war with Germany.
Since childhood the future of North Korean leader held in hunger and cold, in constant danger and anxiety. But the kindness and caring, unpretentious entertainments from ordinary Koreans remain forever in my heart baby. A handful of rice brought by the guerrillas for a child living on bread alone, rather than saturating the boy's stomach is always hungry, as the soul, forming a strong and loyal fighter.
. From an early age fell in love with the military to try on their caps guerrillas Jong Il has merged with the army, fell in love with the military
. In between fighting and learning weary soldiers liked to play around with the baby. The beginning of the life of the leader, who was born the son of this soldier, gave a good push in life, set him on the path of uncompromising struggle against evil. He grew up, a stranger with candy, not knowing toys, dressed in a powder-smelling clothes, fed from a partisan of the boiler and had heard rumors of war.
. Then already knew Jong Il that such hatred for the enemy, love of neighbor, heard the joyful cries of victory, groans of discreet men who have lost friends in combat, and the weeping of women whose loved had been killed in battle
. Honor the warrior, love of country and devotion to his people, probably, in those years firmly entrenched in the mind of Kim Jong Il.
Of course, an important role in the upbringing of today's Korean leader played his glorious father. Kim Il Sung, who led the DPRK, a daily taught his son the art of governing the country, taught to delve into all of its problems, to supervise all aspects of her life, and most importantly - taught to be loyal to the Motherland. Do not think about their personal welfare, and give all the people all the time and effort to put the good of the country.
Kim Jong Il did not become a boy majeure and Papa's boy, like the children of other Soviet leaders. Not wanting his son light career, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong-il appointed a Commander of the Korean People's Army. Public Service of the future leaders began in the units, the headmistress of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, on the fields of training exercises, not in the wood flooring dust and a pile of reports and denunciations, and among the sweat, a solarium and a powder. Eternal trip to the garrisons, barracks and officers' towns.
There, under the leadership of the young Kim Jong Il forged defense might free Korea. In constant worries about the army, the combat training, arming, equipping, and supplying the troops, their morale created and hardness of the Kim Jong Il.
Kim Il Sung, head of North Korea in a more difficult time. Dislocation after the war, the collapse and confusion. Kim Il Sung lifted the country out of the ruins and a few years made it a great power, which could defend its independence in a bloody war against the U.S.. America, already has by the time of nuclear weapons, failed to overcome a small and proud of the Korean people, choking in his own blood.
Today, such a task designed to solve Kim Jong Il, and he solves it quite successfully. Now we can confidently assert that the DPRK was lucky, unlike many other countries, with the leader.
Kim Jong Il keeps running the country in the hands of solid. Do not give the slightest chance to expand its enemies inside and rob. Sure, we will not allow the DPRK disastrous wave of rotten liberalism, not substituting its own people under the impact of "radioactive" radiation western anti-culture. However, he had the necessary diplomatic flexibility, not substituting the native people under the nuclear strikes crazed Americans, protecting Korea from the radiation of this. DPRK skillfully maneuvering in a stormy sea of international politics and aggression. While maintaining its independence, is a peaceful policy, relying on strong defense.
Revision of the newspaper "Tomorrow" would like to congratulate the North Korean leader a Happy Happy Birthday. Let the time and years of painful and disastrous effect only over the enemies of the DPRK and Kim Jong Il only add strength and wisdom. Have the leader of a free people further progress and prosperity for the country. Even greater firmness and love for the Motherland. New glorious deeds and a crushing victory over the enemies of Korea and haters of mankind.


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Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il), photo, biography
Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il), photo, biography Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il)  Head of DPRK, photo, biography
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