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Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Blair Anthony Charles Lynton)

( Prime Minister of Great Britain.)

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Biography Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Blair Anthony Charles Lynton)
photo Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Blair Anthony Charles Lynton)
(p. 1953)
Born May 6, 1953 in Edinburgh (Scotland), his childhood spent in Durham in the north-east England. He studied law at St. John's College, Oxford University. In 1975 joined the Labor Party. Until 1983 worked as a lawyer specializing in cases involving labor law.
In the general election in June 1983, Blair was elected a member of parliament from the district Sedzhfild (near Durham). Since 1985 - Speaker from the opposition on Finance, Trade and Industry, Energy and Employment. After elections in 1992 - Minister of Internal Affairs in the John Smith's shadow cabinet.

After the sudden death Dzh.Smita, who replaces Kinnock after his defeat in 1992, Blair took over as leader of the Labor Party 21 July 1994. Blair said the revision of the ideological platform of the Party and the provisions relating to public property and the role of trade unions in decision-making party. Blair has sought to present the Labor Party as champions of law and order, taking over the traditional pre-election theme of conservatives, and also expressed support for British entry into the European Union.

When Dzh.Meydzhor announced the date of parliamentary elections - 1 May 1997, Blair launched a campaign under the slogan of 'New Labor' and expressed his support for conservative economic policies. Besides, . Labor's platform contained calls for decentralization of government authority (devolution) in Scotland and Wales, . elimination of voting rights for hereditary peers in the House of Lords and the passage of the Minimum Wage, . as well as tough measures against juvenile,
. In the election of the Labor Party won an impressive victory, receiving 44% of the votes and securing an overwhelming majority in parliament (419 out of 659 seats).

One of the first steps of Blair as prime minister was the release of the Bank of England from the obligation to consult with the Government on interest rates. Blair has taken a constructive approach to peace negotiations in Northern Ireland and Sinn Fein (the political organ of the Irish Republican Army). His efforts culminated in the historic peace agreement parties in conflict in April 1998. Blair continued to support the peace process, despite resumption of violence in the region in 1998

. During the first year of Blair's government has remained an unpopular figure among British leftists, . who considered him a traitor to the fundamental principles of the Labor Party, . but to actively continue the policy of privatizing state enterprises and reform the social security system,

On the foreign policy front, acted as an ally of U.S. President Bill Clinton in the peaceful settlement of the Middle East and the Balkans. In December 1998, Blair announced the participation of air forces in the country in joint actions against Iraq. In March 1999 the RAF took part in the bombing of Yugoslavia. In April 2000, Blair is the first of the leaders of the Group of Seven in London has just been elected President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Blair Anthony Charles Lynton), photo, biography
    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Blair Anthony Charles Lynton), photo, biography Anthony Charles Lynton Blair (Blair Anthony Charles Lynton)  Prime Minister of Great Britain., photo, biography
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