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Ben Affleck

( actor, screenwriter, producer)

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Biography Ben Affleck
Date of Birth: 15/08/1972
Full name: Benndjamin Geza Affleck
Ben Affleck was born in America (Berkeley, Calif.) in a completely nekinematograficheskoy family. Ben's mother - a schoolteacher and his father - lawyer rehabilitation clinic in southern California. But both of their sons - senior and junior Ben Casey - have chosen the profession of acting.
Mother of Ben Affleck and other now famous actor Matt Damon are friends, so eight years Ben's often left to the "clever person" two years older. Actress Ben became TV series "Journey Mimi", and when Ben was 15, his mother as a gift to his son hired kinoagenta. Having fallen in love actor's craft, after graduating from high school with Matt, Ben moved to New York in search of work and adventure. During his first "adult" film "Pursuing Amy Ben Affleck earned 7 thousand dollars.
Despite the constant search for roles and the sample, Ben honestly tried to get higher education, but good intentions for long enough. Affleck threw the University of Vermont, having studied only one semester, and a little longer - a year - stayed in the Eastern College. However, impulsiveness and variability characterized him since childhood: for example, little Ben is constantly asked her mother to buy him a dog. Wise woman demanded proof of filial responsibility and offered Ben a week to walk an imaginary dog-meat at the same time. Love for the smaller brothers had the only five days, and the dog was abandoned.
In New York, friends of odd jobs, and were filmed for episodes. But in the spring of 1992. at the time of the next idle time appeared the first version of the script "Good Will Hunting". The children write a story about an ordinary guy, a janitor of the University, which is a mathematical prodigy. The script has been rewritten several times, until, while for 600 th. U.S. did not buy his studio Miramax Films'. Gus Van Sant, who agreed to take a picture, obviously miscalculated: in the movie box office has collected 138 million dollars, surpassing even the trendy "Pulp Fiction" by Quentin Tarantino. I do not mention the number of prizes, . golden rain which fell on the Hollywood "Cinderellas": "Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, . nomination for Best Actor, . Golden Globe, . "Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, . not counting the countless awards from critics and MTV.,
. After the overwhelming success of "Good Will Hunting" Ben Affleck walked into the circle of those Hollywood stars, the attention that continues unabated for a moment
. In the year he removed at least three scenes, and each has a successful and decent cash charges. After the blockbuster "Armageddon" Affleck, along with his girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow was withdrawn in costume melodrama "Shakespeare in Love, playing the role of the hero in the film-lover's theatrical troupe began XYII century. A film about the love of the great bard of the girl from high society, becoming one of the major cinematic events of the season in 1998
In 1999. Director Kevin Smith made a movie called "Dogma". Affleck has already worked with Smith on the painting "Pursuing Amy" (1997), and the role of Holden Smith wrote specifically for Ben, . that more than anything else they want to return to the sky, . had a resonance due in part to an extremely negative reaction to it by the Catholic Church, . who received the painting as sacrilege and an insult to the feelings of believers,
. Although the picture is quite in line with the general tendency of films shot in 2000, the director played on the traditional eschatological fears of people who dropped out to live on the turn of the century. In "Dogma" Affleck previously been given a very dramatic role of the rebellious, jealous and passionate fallen angel. Second, a somewhat less aggressive and more prudent, the angel played, of course, Matt Damon.
. Today, no less energetic than his angelic character, Affleck tries himself as a producer - as always, along with close friend Matt Damon
. The first producer friends experience should be a movie "third wheel.
. 1984 - "Journey Mimi" (Voyage of the Mimi), TV series, D / D T GRANVILLE
. 1992 - "School Ties" (School Ties), Honor Smith
. 1993 - boxed and in disarray "(Dazed and Confused), O'Bennion
. 1994 - "A body to die for: the history of Aaron Henry" (A Body to Die For: The Aaron Henry Story), Aaron Henry
. 1995 - "Rats from the supermarket" (Mallrats), Shannon Hamilton
. 1996 - "The Shining Glory" (Glory Daze), Jack
. 1997 - "Pursuing Amy" (Chaising Amy), Holden MakNeyl
. 1997 - "go all the way" (Going All the Way), Tom Kasselman
. 1997 - "Good Will Hunting" (Good Will Hunting), Ciacco
. 1998 - "Phantoms" (Phantoms), Sheriff Bruce Hammond
. 1998 - "Armageddon" (Armageddon), AG Frost
. 1998 - "Shakespeare in Love" (Shakespeare in Love), Ned Alleyne
. 1999 - "200 cigarettes (200 cigarettes), barman
. 1999 - "Forces of Nature" (Forces of Nature), Ben Holmes
. 1999 - "Dogma" (Dogma), Bartleby
. 2000 - "Boiler" (Boiler Room), Jim Young
. 2000 - "Daddy and them" (Daddy and Them)
. 2000 - "Reindeer Games" (Reindeer Games), Rudy Duncan
. 2000 - "The Third Wheel" (The Third Wheel), Michael
. 1997 - "Good Will Hunting" (Good Will Hunting)
. 2000 - "The Third Wheel" (The Third Wheel)
. Ben Affleck: All about the actor

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Ben Affleck, photo, biography
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