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Affleck Benjamin Giza (Ben Affleck)

( Actor)

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Biography Affleck Benjamin Giza (Ben Affleck)
Benjamin Giza Affleck (or Affleck) was born August 15, 1972 in g. Berkeley, California, USA. His father - Tim Affleck, a young man is also trying to become an actor, but given up, worked as a physician and his mother - Christine - a teacher and had hoped the son would follow her footsteps.

. When Ben was about 7 years, Christine through one of his friends arranged for him a small role in the television series, called "Journey Mimi" / The Voyage of the Mimi, 1984 /
. Around the same year, Affleck met Matt Damon, who later became his best friend and colleague.

. In adolescence, the boys decided to go together in the actors, together went to the audition, along swirled in the crowd of movies, hoping for something more, but all in vain
. And while one day they still played in the movie "School Ties", a special meeting of this work has not brought. After a while they parted ways - Damon went to Harvard, and Affleck had been received by the University of Vermont, dropped out and went to Hollywood. At first Ben is not very lucky, but on the set of pictures of "Mallrats" / 1995 / his director Kevin Smith said, and invited the lead role in one of his paintings of the following - "Chasing Amy" / Chasing Amy, 1997 /. However, the film and brought Ben a long-awaited glory.

The success of the young actor came Package Affleck again reunited with his childhood friend. Ben and Matt Damon have decided that if they do not offer the roles, it is helpful to think of them for yourself. The guys sat down and wrote a script tapes "Good Will Hunting" / Good Will Hunting, 1997 /. Problems arose when they began to offer this scenario the major film producers - one of the producers did not want to take the young unknown actors in leading roles. Soon, however, interested in the script at the studio Miramax / Miramax /, the movie director chose Gus Van Sant, whom Affleck introduced his brother - Casey, as well as a guest star on the main role was approved by Robin Williams.

. The picture was released in 1997 received enthusiastic reviews from critics and was nominated for Oscars in several categories
. And for Ben and Matt, received the cherished statuette in the category "best scenario" has finally opened the road to a great movie.

Ben's career started to take off and not a sin had to think about personal life. Soon Affleck tied the affair with Gwyneth Paltrow, who by that time just broke up with Brad Pitt. Everyone seemed then that things were going to have their wedding, however, after the joint survey in "Shakespeare in Love" / Shakespeare in Love, 1998 / the lovers ran chill. Whether between Gwyneth and Joseph Fiennes, who played in this tape Shakespeare affair began, there are still, for some reason, but Ben soon parted with Paltrow. However, despite a small setback in his personal life, Ben gained momentum in the career. In the same year on the screens released blockbuster "Armageddon" / Armageddon, . 1998 /, . where partners have Affleck, Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler, . then there was not a very good romantic melodrama "The Forces of Nature" / Forces of Nature, . 1999 / with Sandra Bullock, . and in 1999 reunited with Affleck and Matt Damon with director Kevin Smith in one of the most controversial paintings of "Dogma" / Dogma, . 1999 /.,

. No doubt the popularity of Ben and add "movie in 2001 Pearl Harbor, . where he played a major role, . but according to many viewers, . Affleck largely pushed his team-mate Josh Hartnett, . smashed during the film is not less than ladies' hearts, . and therefore, . Ben, . undoubtedly, . there is something more to work and to aspire to in the future ...,

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Affleck Benjamin Giza (Ben Affleck), photo, biography
Affleck Benjamin Giza (Ben Affleck), photo, biography Affleck Benjamin Giza (Ben Affleck)  Actor, photo, biography
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