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Yuri Vizbor

( Bard)

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Biography Yuri Vizbor
Date of Birth: 20/06/1934

. "Fill the hearts of music!

. Let's give holidays from weekdays.

. His tormentors forget

. This park - Well stroll to the end

. We find favorite door

. For her - a number of gilt chairs,

. Where, with keen delight,

. We substitute we still load their losses "(1975)

. Yuri Vizbor was born in Moscow on 20 June 1934
. His mother, Maria Shevchenko and father Jozef Vizboras (in Russia's version of his unusual surname Lithuanian lost the last two letters, and began to write the name as "Joseph") met in Krasnodar. Jozef was red commander, a sailor, and a good artist. In the years of Stalinist terror, he was arrested, and in 1958, was posthumously rehabilitated. Yuri with her mother (education assistant) were forced to "travel" around the country in search of work. Part childhood Vizbora held in Khabarovsk, then with his mother returned to Moscow, where he survived the Great Patriotic War.

In school, Yuri first picked up a guitar and learned to play at "yard of teachers". In 14 years under the influence, as he recalled in his autobiography, "a great principle of love" wrote his first quatrain.

But neither artist (his father taught the young Yura painting), or a musician or a poet in his childhood, he did not want to be. He dreamed of becoming a pilot or a footballer. And both of them are actively engaged. Because after the war, Maria Shevchenko married a second time and relationships with Vizbora his stepfather did not exist, . He wanted to leave immediately after school in Moscow and to go to flight school, . even in the tenth grade, secretly moved to the airfield in the outskirts of Moscow Tayninku,
. But his mother found him there with the news of her divorce. On her insistence Vizbor met come to the institute (though ready for this was not at all - in the tenth grade, he was transferred provisionally due to wild truancy), but failed in the past, MSU and MIIGAiK. Then his best school friend Vladimir Krasnovskii tried to persuade the Jury to enter the pedagogical. This idea seemed Vizbor very funny, but as the last argument of each offered at least go see this "пЎя?п?пЁп?я?п?п?я?пҐпЎп? Building on Pirogov. Appearance on Vizbora really made an impression, but the first person encountered inside, was a girl who played in an empty auditorium at the piano jazz variations. Later this girl - Svetlana Bogdasarovoy - Vizbor wrote many songs. But then - in 1951 - the decision was made, and, strangely enough, this time from matriculation examinations Vizbor coped successfully.

. At the college at the same time with Yuri Yuri learned Vizbora Ryashentsev, Yuri Koval and other future journalists and writers
. In addition to directly study, . much effort the students gave sport and not only because of desire: the institute studied, . mostly, . girls, . so that the first year, . example, . Yuri had to defend the honor of the university faculty and literary competitions for the eleven (!) Sports,
. But the main attachment was climbing.

At the same time - on the first and second year - Vizbor wrote his first song "Madagascar": his own words set to music from a performance of Sergei Obraztsov Puppet Theater "Under the rustle of your eyelashes". By the way, his first song during Yuri Vizbor composed many songs not on his music, and with the participation or the full co-authored with fellow composers Svetlana Bogdasarovoy and loyal friend, Vladimir Krasnovskii.

. The first fully self-experiments were "Teber-song", "Blue Mountains", "Romantic"
. Not all of them entered the "Golden Collection" of art song. Volna pedsochinitelstva "support came a little later in the Institute Yuli Kim, Boris Vahnyuk, Ada Yakusheva (future first wife Vizbora). It actually originated Soviet bard song as vocational massive genre.

In 1955, Mr.. Yuri Vizbor graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical Institute and went on the distribution of the settlement Kizema Arkhangelsk region, where he taught Russian language, literature, geography, English language, physical education ... Then he was drafted into the army. He served in the North of Russia, in Karelia, Hibinah with Krasnovskii. They first tried his hand as a journalist: the army newspaper published his stories, poems, and even drill anthem signalers.

. This experience was so important to self-determination that he returned to Moscow, Yuri Vizbor began working on the radio - the State Committee on Television and Radio - and resumed hiking and socializing with colleagues in the song workshop
. At that time the so-called "student's song" (if it has not yet received sustained title "amateur" and "bard") hum, . Vizbor and not just compose your, . but also included in the repertoire of the best examples of someone else's creativity - Bulat Okudzhava, . Dmitry Sukharev, . Novella Matveeva, . Eugene Klyachkin, . Michael Ancharova,
. Simultaneously Vizbor tried to fight the dominance of vulgar and tasteless lyrics in the travel luggage - to 59-m in the journal "Musical Life" published a satirical article "Repshnur-rope". The house is on Neglinnaia where Ada lived Yakushev, Yuri Vizbor and their daughter, Tanya, was "the headquarters of amateur song", a gathering colleagues.

In October 1962. was broadcast on radio station "Youth" initiative to establish which belonged, in particular, Vizbor, who wanted to strengthen youth broadcasting in the country. Another brainchild of Yuri Vizbora became the first in the USSR magazine with flexible plates, "Horizon". In the first issue - April 64 th - was published in the original work Vizbora genre - song-report "on the plateau Rasvumchorr". In 1970. Vizbora collaboration began with television and film - he began work at the "Screen" Central TV staff writer, although still in the 66-m shot with their own scenario documentaries "Tuva". In the "screen" Vizbor wrote the scripts for more than forty documentaries (geographical, historical, scientific and popular) bands. His painting "Cheluskinskaya epic," "Doctor" (1974), Murmansk-198 "," On the pole! " (1980) were awarded prizes at international festivals. The last two films were created by them are devoted to the Great Patriotic War - Battle for Dnepr and win Spring ", which he gradually completed in 1984, already knowing that the terminally ill - a Vizbora diagnosed with cancer.

. In scenarios Vizbora shot and several feature films: "The Year of the Dragon", "Captain Fracassi," "jump" and, of course, "Breakfast with a view of Mount Elbrus"
. Yuri Vizbor known as a dramatic actor. Removed, he began in 1965: when he was invited into the picture Marlena Hutsieva "July rain", then call it poses to the Editor "outlook" Yuri perceived as someone's drawing. In this film he played almost himself and sang two songs ( "I'm sorry infantry Okudzhava and his" Calm down, comrade, calmly "), in other films -" Revenge, "" The Red Tent, "" Rudolph, "" Diary of the school principal "etc.. - He also get characters, similar in character or profession (teachers, people with a guitar, coach downhill skiing, Arctic explorer, journalist). The exception was the most memorable role Vizbora - Bormann in "Seventeen Moments of Spring".

. Principal of his profession, however, Yuri Vizbor always thought journalism, although he wrote poems, songs and prose, was a remarkable athlete, and even a well-painted (in early 2000
. Moscow hosted an exhibition of his landscapes). Many believed that he too is gifted by nature and even too scattered ... Yuri I. Vizbor died September 17, 1984, Mr.. the Moscow Oncology Center at Kashirskoye Highway. He was only 50 years. He is survived by two daughters - Tanya and Anna.

A year later - in August, a group of mountaineering club "Spartak" (he was a member of Vizbor) made the first ascent of a nameless peak in the Pamir-Alai and called peak Vizbora. Later in the Tien Shan mountain pass Vizbora appeared, in the Caucasus - yet another peak of his name. At Ikshinskom reservoir is tug Yuri Vizbor "carrying the 17-18 June 1995. song festival was held under the title "Visiting Vizbora."

. On Yuri and his songs - "My dear, my," "Okhotny number", "Do I have one", "Serega Sanin," "Do not believe the separation, old chap," "filled with music of the heart" - do not forget the fans of art song and the young bards at the famous festival Grushinsky
. Almost every year in the last ten days of June in the concert hall "Russia" is held the evening in memory of Yuriy Vizbora "Do not believe the separation, old, timed to the day of his birth, with friends and colleagues on the author's songs. Many of the works of Yuri Vizbora entered into a series of "Songs of our century."

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Yuri Vizbor, photo, biography
Yuri Vizbor, photo, biography Yuri Vizbor  Bard, photo, biography
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