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Annette Bening

( Actress)

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Biography Annette Bening
photo Annette Bening
Date of birth: 29.05.1958

Annette Bening was born May 29, 1958, Mr.. in the godforsaken town of Topeka (Kansas, USA). Her parents still live in San Diego, where the family moved, when Annette was just 7 years. Annette's mother was a singer in a choir, and his father - an insurance agent. In Annette's family had two older brothers - Brad and Byron. As a child Bening was very sincere and friendly, but shy girl. Very Bening says of himself: "dreamed of being an actress, ever since I can remember. I love to play with a minute debut, and I love this profession so far.

Annette Bening was acting education at Mesa College in San Diego and completed it at the University of San Francisco. Trained in the theater of San Francisco, and after graduation he joined the troupe.

Bening quickly made an impression on the audience as well as criticism, for which he was duly rewarded: in 1986. Annette was named the most outstanding debutante, and in 1987. nominated for the highest theatrical award America "Tony" for his role in the play "Coastal Wave.

To achieve fame and partly self-fulfilling in the theater, Annette began her path in film. The first notable role was her work in "The Great Outdoors" (1988). But the real recognition came to Bening, along with the role of the Marquise de Merten in the film "Valmont" (1989) Milos Forman. The novel "Dangerous Liaisons Choderlos de Laclos, which removed the picture, has long attracted the attention of filmmakers. The refined and cruel game jealous woman and her inconstant lover, in which the pawns are naive young lovers in a frivolous atmosphere XYIII., Fluffy hair and powdered wigs - all of it just asks for a decent kinoadaptatsiyu. Version Bening de Merten - intrigante and adventuress, imaginatively and coolly played out a complex multi-pass batch. The film had good charges and was well received by most critics, . but do not compare with the covers practically at the same time, "Dangerous Liaisons" by Stephen Frears, . where the role of the treacherous Marquise brilliant Glenn Close, . a screenwriter was "Oscar-winner Christopher Hampton.,

. Comparing the two portraits of intellectual manipulyatorsh - Glenn Close and Bening, . Frears interested Annette and offered her a role in his next film "Griftery" (1990), . for which Bening was first nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress.,

. Bening's talent impressed the Hollywood heart-throb Warren Beatty, who immediately offered the role of an actress in his film "Bugsy" (1991)
. A crucial meeting between the prospective spouses occurred on the set. "I had the 30 seconds to fall in love with Annette. To this day I do not know what Annette is so different from any other woman of my acquaintance, but I always feel that it is - something special, "- says Beattie.

. In the next picture - "Regarding Henry" (1991) - a partner Bening was Harrison Ford, and the drama of the times of McCarthyism "Guilty by Suspicion" (1991) she starred with Robert De Niro
. In 1992. Bening went still married to Warren Beatty. Hollywood gossips gossiped that the marriage will not last six months, after which the playboy and a womanizer Beattie will not hold back and starts to walk over to the side. As if denying such pessimistic predictions, Annette, in the same year gave birth to a daughter, who are happy parents named Kathleen. Rejecting some very interesting and promising invitations to play in a film, Bening has chosen not less significant role as wife and mother. His voluntary confinement she left, playing together with her husband in the film "Love Romance" (1991) - remake of saccharine paintings 1957

. The new appearance of actresses on the big screen took place in 1994, . when she became the first Queen Elizabeth in the film "Richard III", . then the romantic heroine in "American President" (1995) by Rob Reiner and, . Finally, . heroine in a fantastic comic grotesque Tim Burton "Mars Attacks!" (1996),
. Together with Bening in a commercially unsuccessful parody weighed Glenn Close, Jack Nicholson, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Michael J. Fox, Tom Jones and a few celebrities first and second magnitude. But even in such a stellar team Bening could not be lost, making the fans part of aliens, ironically, became their first victim, a truly memorable. Then Annette made another, this time short, break in the cinematic career to give birth to a daughter Isabel. She returned to the same audience it is in the form of expert-Arabist Elise Kraft in "The Siege" (1998) Edward Zwick. Dramatic impersonation Bening - the only thing worth watching this, on the whole failed, now.

Unconditional top kinodostizheny Bening was "American Beauty" in 1999. became a favorite of Oscar race will end up with 5 gold statuettes, including best film of the year. It Bening played Carolyn Burnham - typical American 90-ies., A wealthy business woman who, at first glance, everything is in order: home, family, job, lover. But these outward signs of prosperity conceals insensitivity, moral and spiritual emptiness and inner loneliness. Sofa cost 4 thousand dollars more expensive for her husband and daughter, and in his absurd desire to "not be a victim of" character is so aggressive, that is almost ready to go on killing. It seems that now some "Oscar" is inevitable, but Annette lost again - this time transvestitke Hillary Swank. At a March ceremony in Shrayn Auditorium, "all looked pretty on the increased stomach Bening, who was waiting by the time the next child. For this reason, Annette could not attend the awards ceremony of the British Academy, calling her the best actress. BAFTA for her partner got on "Beauty" Mena Suvari. In April, a child of another couple Bening-Beatty was born.

In 2000. in rolling out comedy "From what planet are you?", where about Annette's mother had the role of 40-year earthly woman, conceiving a child of the alien, the native land of which no longer exists the weaker sex.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Filmography:

. 1986 - "Hunting for Claude Dallas" (Manhunt for Claude Dallas)
. 1988 - "Great Outdoors", Kate
. 1988 - "Hostage" (Hostage), Jill
. 1989 - "Valmont" (Valmont), Madame de Merten
. 1990 - "Postcards from the Edge" (Postcards from the Edge)
. Evelyn Ames
. 1990 - "Griftery" (Grifters), World Lengtri
. 1991 - "As Henry" (Regarding Henry), Sarah
. 1991 - "Guilty by Suspicion" (Guilty by Suspicion), Ruth Merrill
. 1991 - "Bugsy" (Bugsy), Virginia Hill
. 1994 - "Love affair" (Love Affair), Terry McKay
. 1995 - "Richard III" (Richard III), Queen Elizabeth
. 1995 - "The American President" (American President), Sydney Ellen Wade
. 1996 - "Mars Attacks!" (Mars Attacks!), Barbara Land
. 1998 - "The Siege" (Siege), Elise Kraft / Sharon Bridger
. 1999 - "In dreams" (In Dreams), Claire Cooper
. 1999 - "American Beauty" (American Beauty), Caroline Burnham
. 2000 - "From what planet are you?" (What Planet Are You From?), Susan Hart-Anderson

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Annette Bening, photo, biography
Annette Bening, photo, biography Annette Bening  Actress, photo, biography
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