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Oscar de la Renta (Oscar de la Renta)

( Designer)

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Biography Oscar de la Renta (Oscar de la Renta)
photo Oscar de la Renta (Oscar de la Renta)
He wanted to become a freelance artist. Handsome Dominican dreamed of wandering, full of adventure of life ... But fate intervened by His Majesty the case, unexpectedly turned into yesterday's student in one of the most famous designers of the New World.
It all happened because of one single dress. It has brought 28-year-old Oscar de la Renta glory, which never dreamed of even the most-...

When a former pupil of the Madrid Academy of Fine Arts has received a proposal to create a graduation dress for her friend - the daughter of U.S. Ambassador to Spain, he was somewhat surprised, but said the agreement. Is a free artist can not come up with "just a beautiful dress for a girl he likes? The real Oscar began to wonder when, along with his daughter ambassador appeared on the cover of Life magazine.

This success was a sin to miss. Romantic dream of a nomadic life suddenly vanished:
weeks after the stunning debut of Oscar de la Renta goes to work in the famous Spanish House "Balenciaga". A few years later he was already in Paris, "Lanvin". By 1963, Oscar has acquired enough experience to understand: it is necessary to move to the New World, where its chances of success immeasurably higher. In the glorious future of the New York fashion house Oscar de la Renta "enterprising Hispanic did not doubt. I was not mistaken: two years for his models lined up in queues.

What is the secret luck Dominican designer? Friends insist that it is not only his exceptional business acumen: world fame brought Oscar ... beloveds. With two wives he had met at a reception at the Duke of Windsor. All the scenarios developed by the familiar Latin American melodramas: first couturier fashion marries with one of the first beauties France - Francoise de Langlade. The couple lead a secular lifestyle, often met at receptions with an American aristocrat Annette Reed. And the final history - Oscar de la Renta marries Annette, and with Francoise they remain good friends ...

It is believed that the crushing male charm - not the last reason for the phenomenal success of the Oscar. He now, at sixty-seven years, called one of the most attractive men in New York. Great communication, familiarity with celebrities - de la Renta knows the tastes and preferences of its customers like no other. Is it any wonder that it is at its toilets often falls selection of the most noble and richest heiresses of the world, Arab princesses, Oscar nominees and winners?

"At the Oscars dressed by Oscar" - this phrase has long been a cruise. And what could be the best compliment fashion designer?

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Oscar de la Renta (Oscar de la Renta), photo, biography
Oscar de la Renta (Oscar de la Renta), photo, biography Oscar de la Renta (Oscar de la Renta)  Designer, photo, biography
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