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Tim Burton

( Director)

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Biography Tim Burton
Date of Birth: 25/08/1959

In one of the first Burton film "Beetlejuice" (1988), his favorite actress Winona Ryder said the phrase, obviously having to Burton's autobiographical significance - "my life is - a big dark room"

. This situation and a light treatment helps, obviously, unrestrained fantasy and energetic synthesize whimsical images that overwhelm this unusual film for Hollywood producer.

. Tim Burton was born in Berbenke, California, August 25, 1959, near the studios, as it turned out, determined his future fate
. He lived with his parents and brother, but talked more with Vincent Price movies, and books by Edgar Allan Poe. Burton's parents wanted it to be "normal" and more play with other children on the street, and he walked away from reality into the world of horror movies and scary picture painted. It is this last fact helped him get a job at Disney, but the cartoons that the studio was for him too "positive". And he proposed projects were not implemented. However, the actor-clown named Paul Rubens saw his sketches and decided that Burton will be directing his film "short people's Big Adventure" (1985).

. Even in this film clearly identify the main features Burton's style, emerging from an almost childlike dreaminess, an implicit social satire and parody horror
. Nothing new, supposedly - typical eighties cocktail, remember, for example, "Ghostbusters" by Ivan Reitman. However, Burton these components thoroughly and uniformly homogenized in a natural and deeply individual author's style. In its purest form, this style appeared in the movie "Beetlejuice" (1988). "Beetlejuice" - a paradoxical fusion of genres - it is - mystical, decadent satirical comedy. Young couple-yuppie couple killed in car crash. After the death of the heroes find themselves back in their home as ghosts, of course invisible to the living. In the house they see everything as it was during his lifetime, only for the exit doors of some fantastic sandy landscape in which the creep toothed giant worms (apparently a quote from the movie David Lynch's "Dune"). Meanwhile, the house settles bohemian eccentric New York family, which bought it after the death of the owners and the task of "freshly" ghosts become the expulsion of aliens ( "They took Mr. and N House). It is difficult to do because they are invisible. He sees them only melancholic and not on age intellectually eccentric representative of the younger generation - it is close in spirit to thirteen Lydia (one of the first roles Winona Ryder). She tries to help them, but adults rather intrigued and looking for contacts (with a commercial sight) with the other world. Desperate to scare people "yuppie ghost" call for help, a specialist in bio-exorcism, ghost, known as "Beetlejuice" - "cockroaches juice" (absolutely unrecognizable under makeup Michael Keaton). The film never explains why this ganfan terriblh afterlife is such a strange nickname. But his attempts to frighten the New yokskih snobs produce the opposite result n they perceive his escapades as a fashion mystical adventure in the style of "nyueydzh" and even as a possible source of income.

. However, the story ends on a lighter note, if I may say about the history, half of which actors - dead
. gBitldzhyush become almost a cult film ( "Almost" because the big studio movies cult usually not stanovayatsya). ... Critics have looked forward to what will be the next film Burton n leave it permanently in the ghetto gavtorstvah, or "to pluck" gprodastsyah big studio. It turned out n no one nor the other. In gBetmeneh (1989) Burton succeeded brilliantly combine the individual author's intonation with staging scale Hollywood blockbuster. Cricket noble "man-bat" ( "Batman" by Michael Keaton) with a cunning Joker (Jack Nicholson) for the Americans is something that something like a duel of the Wolf and the Hare of the famous Soviet cartoon. ( "Batman" - originally a series of animated comics) movie based on "Batman" - is approximately the same as the screen version of "really", with live actors and staging scale "Well, wait". The film received an "stylish and visually exquisite. Barton scrupulously careful not to overstep the boundaries between the real and the impossible. All tricks "Batman" find a rational explanation, but the city itself, in which events occur, despite the enormous "creative" work of the artist is quite recognizable as American. He seems to builds their imagination to the realities.

But his next film - "Edward Scissorhands" (1990), to a greater extent (compared to the "Batman") corresponds to the original style of Burton - the time of the "Big Adventures of Shorty" and "Beetlejuice". "Edward" - a melancholy povestvovaanie can not exist in contemporary American gsuburbiih shy unfinished homunculus, (almost brilliant performance with Johnny Depp), who has scissors instead of hands. Scissors are used for the purpose - to create hairstyles, ornaments, as well as artistic trimming bushes. In addition, Edward, understandably, constantly scratched face.

But in "Return of Batman" (1992) (with Danny DeVito in the role of the evil Penguin) Burton went through a purely quantitative multiplication tricks, masks, and the plot moves, tested in the first film. Nevertheless, this movie was record fee in 1992 ($ 163 million). In "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (executive producer of which he was), the conventional "Burton has become an absolute heroes - they have become puppets. His plan was simple: what if, instead of Christmas is Halloween (All Saints' Day). It is investigating the effects of this hypothetical situation, and is dedicated to this full-length puppet cartoon, populated by characters of the old Burton's films, as well as Fritz Lang, and Fellini. In late 1994 came the film "Ed Wood". The film is based on the facts of life a real-life "very stupid Hollywood director" Ed Wood. Barton, perhaps, saw in the fate of the director "the most idiotic Gollivudskogoh film" Plan 9 from outer space "certain parallels with his creatively. We must acknowledge, however, that these parallels is very relative - because Barton is one of the most successful filmmakers of his generation.

. In the 1996 film "Mars Attacks!" (Mars Attacks!) Burton continued, however, the line of styling movie series "B" 50-ies. (Including creativity Ed Wood)
. Attack of the Martians in this bleak black comedy solved soon in the tradition of gVoyny mirovh Wells, not Strugackih with their good space gstrannikamih. The Martians, who arrived in flying saucers, revolving around their axes as gfrisbih in this movie are like giant insects vile. In the design of their green chitinous bodies joined in the tradition of mid-century, drew cartoons and technology of computer graphics. And they concluded in a transparent helmet head devoid of skulls and brains at the time of the strain of thought shine all the convolutions. Throughout the film they are constantly tortured and killed in the performance of earthlings such stars as Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito and Marin Short.

. Hit the end of 1999 "Sleepy Hollow" - highly sophisticated (to change the meaning) film version of the classic stories by Washington Irving
. Burton significantly shifted the emphasis in this classic story of 18 centuries, make it the classic "The Tim BurtonMovie". On the one hand the film set a record for the number of felled animals - this is the "makabristy" movie Barton. On the other - the protagonist Aykebod Kerin performed by Johnny Depp - an obvious heir naive dreamer Edward Rukinozhnitsy.

Burton - is the most famous ravens Gbely Hollywood. And formeh ZnO and ZnO content "- he was an introvert, an eccentric, highly reminiscent of the heroes of his films. His constant companion is not less exotic woman named Lisa pMariya, which played under gzamaskirovannogo sex bombuh Martian in the film Gemara's attacks! X

. Filmography (director)

. 1985 - "Tiny's Big Adventure" (Pee-Wee `s Big Adveuture)
. 1988 - "Beetlejuice" (Beetlejuice)
. 1989 - "Batman" (Batman)
. 1990 - Edward Rukinozhnitsy "(Edward Scissorhands)
. 1992 - "Batman Returns" (Batman Returns)
. 1993 - "The Nightmare Before Christmas" (Nightmare before Christmas) (Executive -
. tional producer)
. 1994 - "Ed Wood" (Ed Wood)
. 1996 - "Mars Attacks" (Mars Attacks!)
. 1999 - "Sleepy Hollow" (Sleepy Hollow)
. 2001 - "Planet of the Apes" (Planet Of Apes)

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