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Juliette Binoche

( Actress)

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Biography Juliette Binoche
photo Juliette Binoche
Date of Birth: 09/03/1964

Juliette Binoche - fantastieski successful French actress, the face of firm Lancome, and favorite fashion glossies. Such authoritative publications as People and Empire regularly include it in the tops of the sexiest stars in film history. Her career in Hollywood may be jealous much less fortunate American's age. But the first time a surprising and extremely rare combination of immediacy and an almost childlike innocence to sexuality was triumphantly demanded color of European directors.

. Juliette was born on March 9, 1964 in Paris, in the family theater actress and a sculptor
. Even with 16 years Binoche appeared frequently on the stage, resplendent in the plays of Luigi Pirandello and Moliere, in the film debuted at the age of 18. In 1985, she flashed a cameo in the eternal kinorevolyutsionera Jean-Luc Godard in his acclaimed version of the biblical text, "I salute you, Mary!". But the real fame in France, Binoche has brought participate in the refined (and not very coherent) erotic drama "Rendezvous" (1985), removed from the largest debuted in the 70 years the directors AndrцL TцLchinцL. In 1986 Juliette played, perhaps, in the main "young" movie 80 years, scorching and withdrawn - almost literally - with his heart in his throat and the last breath by Leo Carax film "Bad Blood". The episode, in which the heroine Binoche floating in free fall in the blue skies, became a classic - as well as run her partner Denis Laban, a song by David Bowie's Modern Love. After the "bad blood" Binoche for a few years became a muse and lover, a young wolf cub and a brilliant recluse Carax. Shocking role bomzhihi one-eyed in his next film - painfully created and ruined the four producers' lover with Pont-Neuf "- brought actress prize" Felix "(the European equivalent of Oscar), . but the flour on the set did not lead to the joys of real life: Binoche and Carax parted,
. Carax and after many years retained a fondness Juliette and the provocative questions, . as it relates to its activities in Hollywood, . responds with constant correctness, . that still believes Binoche incredibly beautiful and talented actress.,

. Binoche was only 23 years old when he had her American debut
. Spectators of all countries and continents were sold on its role in the film "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" (1988), more like a novel adaptation of the disgraced cosmopolitan Czech Milan Kundera. This tape has become the best in the biography of Philip Kaufman did a young French woman star of world -. Even pridirichivye American critics are not too inclined to praise the foreign beauties, wrote that Binoche looks heavenly creation for its beauty and innocence. This property is an actress - to be gentle and girlish at the same time vicious sexual - has used eminent French director Louis Malle. He asked Juliette to the main role in the scandalous love drama "Damages," where the protagonist, a senior politician in the performance of prissy British Jeremy Irons, became the victim of erotic obsession. His passion for the girlfriend's son (this particular role and played Binoche) ruin carefully constructed career and life. Juliette so selflessly entered the role of the fatal temptress that in some countries, the sexual liberation tape was subjected to severe censorship persecution.

. In 1993, Binoche played a major role in the first part of the pathos of the great European Krzysztof Kislovsky trilogy "Three Colors: Blue"
. Her heroine has lost her husband in a car accident and her daughter - ironically it was in September of this year from Juliette and her then-boyfriend, a professional scuba diver Andre Allais, a son, Rafael. Gift for the birth of the child became Volpi Cup Venice International Film Festival, handed over the role of the first "Tricolor" Kislovsky. Hereby international triumph was the romantic epic Binoche, Anthony Minghella's The English Patient "- handing Juliette Oscar for best supporting actress was a sensation. All other golden statuette 72-year-old Lauren Bacall (with Barbra Streisand movie "The Mirror Has Two Faces") - named after the winning announcement was made bombshell. Bewildered Binoche could say only one sentence: "Do not prepared a speech, I was convinced that Lauren wins!".

. Sam Spielberg considered her for the main female role in "Jurassic Park", but the proud French, accustomed to more sophisticated projects, abandoned adventures with dinosaurs
. But with pleasure, she played an ambitious French historical film "The hussar on the Roof" (1995); this painting went down in history not only as one of the most expensive French projects (budget - $ 35 million) - after shooting at Binoche and her partner, . handsome Olivier Martinez, . kindled a passionate and long-term romance.,

. Once Binoche films compared with open doors, "going into each new door, - she said - I changed my image and my life ..
. I always live by this and not afraid to risk ". So in 2000, Binoche try their hand in the Broadway production of "Betrayal". And her mature beauty was cleverly played in the movie creator in Hollywood Swede Lasse Hallstrema "Chocolate". For the second time in his biography Binoche nominated for an Oscar - is now in the category "Best Actress".

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Filmography (actress)

. 1982 - Liberty belle
. 1984 - "chickens" (Les Nanas)
. 1985 - "I salute you, Mary" (Je vous salue, Marie), Juliette
. 1985 - "Family Life" (La Vie de famille)
. 1985 - "Rendezvous" (Rendez-vous), Nina
. 1986 - "Bad Blood" (Mauvais sang), Anna
. 1988 - "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" (The Unbearable Lightness of Being), Teresa (1988)
. 1991 - "The Lovers of Pont-Neuf" (Les Amants du Pont-Neuf), Michelle Steel (1991)
. 1991 - "Women & Men 2: In love there are no rules" (Women & Men 2: In Love There Are No Rules), Mara
. 1992 - "Wuthering Heights" (Wuthering Heights), Katie / Katherine
. 1993 - "Damage" (Damage), Anne Barton
. 1993 - "Three Colors: Blue" (Trois couleurs: Bleu), Julie
. 1994 - "Three Colors: White" (Trzy kolory: Bialy), Julie
. 1994 - "Three Colors: Red" (Trois couleurs: Rouge), Julie
. 1995 - "The hussar on the roof" (Le Hussard sur le toit), Pauline
. 1996 - "Couch in New York" (Un divan _ New York), Beatrice Saulnier
. 1996 - "The English Patient" (The English Patient), Khan
. 1998 - "Alice and Martin" (Alice et Martin), Alice
. 1999 - Children of the Century "(Les Enfants du Siecle), George Sand
. 2000 - "The Widow of St. Pierre" (La Veuve de Saint-Pierre), La Madame
. 2000 - "Code Unknown" (Code inconnu: Recit incomplet de divers voyages), Anna
. 2000 - "Chocolate", (Chocolat), Vianna

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Juliette Binoche, photo, biography
Juliette Binoche, photo, biography Juliette Binoche  Actress, photo, biography
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