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GARDEN Marquis de (Sade Marquis de)

( French novelist and playwright.)

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Biography GARDEN Marquis de (Sade Marquis de)
Donasen-Alphonse-Francois de Sade was born on June 2, 1740 in Paris. Educated at the Jesuit college, he entered the military service and participated in the battles of the Seven Years War. In 1763, agreed to enter into a lucrative marriage to Renee-Pelagie de Montreuil, . But after only five months after the wedding began his long prison epic (almost all of his sentence were associated with claims of sexual perversion, or rape),
. Between 1794 and 1800 the Marquis was at large, which used to publish some of his works. Their publication was over for him a new prison. Soon he was transferred to a clinic for the mentally ill at Charenton, where he remained until his death on Dec. 2, 1814.
Over the 29 years that the Marquis de Sade spent in different prisons, he inhabited his imagination single set of imaginary companions, who are the mouthpiece of his own philosophical ideas about man, nature and God. Although he was a prolific writer, worked in many genres, best known for his novels brought Justine (Justine, 1791), Philosophy in the boudoir (La Philosophie dans le boudoir, 1795; rus. translated 1991), Alina and Valkur (Aline et Valcour, 1795), Juliette (Juliette, 1797; rus. translated 1992); crimes out of love (Les Crimes de l'amour, 1800), as well as one hundred and twenty days of Sodom (Les 120 Journes de Sodome), an unfinished book, which can be called a comprehensive catalog of sexual perversion. Philosophy preached in these novels, rejects the two main postulate of Christianity: the existence of God and the original bliss of peace. In the opinion of the Garden, all natural phenomena embody duality, are devastating, not just the creative potency.

Repeatedly it was suggested that the characters of the Marquis de Sade 'one dimensional', but in general his work - hard-core pornography. Nevertheless, analysis of the dark sides of human nature made a lasting impression on many psychologists and writers - Ann Radcliffe, and M. Lewis, and EA Poe, C. Baudelaire, Franz Kafka, G. Apollinaire, Breton, A..

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    GARDEN Marquis de (Sade Marquis de), photo, biography
    GARDEN Marquis de (Sade Marquis de), photo, biography GARDEN Marquis de (Sade Marquis de)  French novelist and playwright., photo, biography
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