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Cate Blanchett

( Actress, producer)

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Biography Cate Blanchett
photo Cate Blanchett
Date of birth: 14.05.1969

. Cate Blanchett, or Keytrin Blantshett, was born May 14, 1969 in Melbourne, Avtstraliya.

. She graduated from the Australian National intstut of Dramatic Art in 1992 and began working in the Sydney theater troupe
. Less than a year, Blanchett won the critics award for best debut after the speech in the play on the works of Franz Kafka. Also in 1993 she went to second, no less prestigious National Theater Award, "The Rosemont Best Actress Award", for his role in the psychological polemical play David Merneta "Olin" in which she starred alongside Geoffrey Rashem.

Soon the person Blanchett could be seen in prime time on ABC television in the series "Land of affection" (1994). Role of Bes, suffering from a dysfunctional love, apparently, have a high psychological demands Blanchett, as early as 1985 she refused to participate in the TV series "Neighbors", saying that it is - a serious actress. In 1995, Blanchett played Ophelia in "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare and appeared in the list of the few contenders for the title of the best theater actress. She acted in several TV series before she was invited to a great movie: directors feared that the temperamental red-haired actress is too theatrical look at the silver screen.

. In 1997, Blanchett made her debut in a job well done, but not particularly interesting drama Bruce Beresford "Road to Paradise," based on real events of World War II
. This is a story about several women who were taken prisoner by the Japanese, and sadness that is diluted with prison life, singing and playing music. Partners will Blanchett in the film were Glenn Close and Frances McDormand. Blanchett drew the attention of critics in the pretentious melodrama Gillian Armstrong "Oscar and Lucinda" (1997), where together with Rafe Fiennes they played major roles. The action takes place in mid-1800. Lucinda, a young Australian, buys a glass factory in England and dreams to build a home church of crystal. Returning home on the ship she is familiar with an Anglican priest with the soul of an angel. Since the action takes place at the beginning of the XIX century, the surrounding exposed already fell in Durga heroes obstruction and ostracized. Australian Film Institute Blanchett nominated for the prize for the best leading role ". In the same year she played well in the comedy Sheri Nyulan "Thank God he met Lizzie". - A romantic myth about a young man who on the eve of the wedding reminiscing about his past love.

Blanchett won international fame after the Anglo-American project "Elizabeth" (1998) - historical costume melodrama Shekhar Kapur. Kapoor was born in Pakistan, . and producer began his career in India, . that was reflected in his English film, . which he, . the Indian fashion, . two and a half hour tells the story of a turbulent childhood sweetheart twenty-five years of Queen Elizabeth and the young Earl of Leicester,
. Lester is the brother Rafe Fiennes - Joseph Fiennes. Elizabeth - daughter of Henry VIII, famous lover to marry in love with Leicester and wants to legalize the relationship. But Leicester, is married. In addition, he foolishly enters into a conspiracy against the Queen. Leicester goes to prison. Elizabeth unsheathed shear off red curls, . smears face whitewash, . laces of a corset, . turns into an absolute monarchy and has 45 years of successfully managing the state, . making the world intellectual community guessing, . What happened in those years her bed,
. About Elizabeth and Essex made many films, including "Fire Over England" (1936), "Private Life of Elizabeth and Essex" (1939), "Queen of the Virgin" (1955). Blanchett was the continuer of the dynasty after the film Elizabeth Flora Robson, Bette Davis, Florence Eldridge and Judi Dench. Blanchett was nominated for an Oscar, won the British Academy Award, Golden Globe, Golden Satellite, and many other awards. Many felt that the role of Elizabeth Blanchett yavletsya deliberate counterpart glorious Tilda Swinton in "Orlando" and "Caravaggio".

. In 1999, it is no less successfully played two minor but important role in Anthony Minghella in "The Talented Mr. Ripley" and Oliver Parker, in "Perfect Husband
. In the film, Minghella she played the daughter of a millionaire Meredith Log. She unconsciously substitutes the main character (Matt Damon), a poor musician, who killed a wealthy friend and appropriated his name. For the role of Meredith Blanchett nominated for British Academy of Film and the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. The role of Gertrude, Lady Chiltern in Oscar Wilde's adaptation of drink, brought a nomination for Zsolt Satellite. Lady Chiltern - the perfect wife of his, as it turns out, not such a perfect husband, played by Jeremy Nortman.

Cate Blanchett is removed in mainstream films. She has a special gift of reincarnation, and know that she acted in the movie, you can only captions. Her next project - "The man who cried," Sally Potter, "Present" Sam Raymi and the role of elf queen Galadriel in the large-scale production of the trilogy Dzh.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Filmography (actress)

. 1994 - "Country of affection", (Heartland) (TV series), Beth
. 1994 - Police Force, (Police Rescue) Vivian
. 1996 - Parklands ...
. Rosie
1997 - The Road to Paradise, (Paradise Road) Susan McCarthy
1997 - Oscar and Lucinda, (Oscar and Lucinda) .... Lucinda Leplastrier
1997 - Thank God he met Lizzie, (Thank God He Met Lizzie) .... Lizzie
1998 - Elizabeth, (Elizabeth) .... Elizabeth I
1999 - The Talented Mr. Ripley, (Talented Mr. Ripley The) .... Meredith Logue
. 1999 - An Ideal Husband, (Ideal Husband, An), Gertrude, Lady Chiltern
. 2000 - Present, (Gift The) Annie Wilson
. 2000 - The time of dreams, Alice, (Dreamtime Alice)
. 2000 - The Man Who Cried, (Man Who Cried, The)
. 2001 - Vlastlin rings: (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) Galadriel
. 2001 - Charlotte Gray, (Charlotte Gray), Charlotte Gray,
. 2002 - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, (Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) Galadriel
. 2003 - Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, (Lord of the Rings

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Cate BlanchettCate BlanchettCate BlanchettCate Blanchett

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Cate Blanchett, photo, biography
Cate Blanchett, photo, biography Cate Blanchett  Actress, producer, photo, biography
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