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Blanchett Catherine (Cate Blanchett)

( Actress)

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Biography Blanchett Catherine (Cate Blanchett)
photo Blanchett Catherine (Cate Blanchett)
Full name: Kathryn Alice Blanchett.

. Date of Birth: May 14, 1969.

. Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia.

. Hair color: blonde.

. Hobbies: making lists, and strike out as the fulfillment of their items, buying clothes, listening to classical music, cooking an omelet.

. Idol: Madonna.

. She was born starlet in Australia, in Melbourne and, incidentally, is very proud of
. Her mother, June, now business woman, and then a simple schoolteacher, was an indigenous Australian. Father, who died in 1979, came from America. After her husband's death in June alone raised three children: Bob, who now works in the field of computer technology, Genevieve, became a theatrical artist, and Kate - the star of the big screen. At school Kate started attending drama section, but it drew no response roles, and their direction. While the desire to speak before the public came from Kate much earlier, when she first saw a magician.

After high school, Blanchett was studying economics at Melbourne University, but soon realized: this is not her calling. I went to live in England. As the nature of adventurous, Keith had already managed to get into unusual situations. Adventure, it even brought it to Egypt, where she eventually found an expired visa, without money, friends, and without knowledge of the language. Then she first starred in the crowd in one of the local movies.

Back home, Kate makes a decision that changed her life. She chooses the scene. "This is - like falling in love - say later actress. - People always remember the moment when they first fell in love. So in the theater. Every evening, here come the audience to see what will happen only now and only now. And never again.

Kate goes to the prestigious National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, which has successfully finished in 1992. At the same time the young actress began to speak at the Sydney theater scene, and a year later it awarded two theater awards - Drama Critics Award "Best debutante of the year" award and "Rosemont" in the Best Actress. "

. Triumph on the stage contributed to the emergence of Kate on TV
. In 1994, she began to appear in TV series. Bright rising star game has not gone unnoticed, and the actress received her first movie role. Directed by Bruce Bersford invited Kate to the role of Susan McCartney in the military drama "The Road to Paradise". The film, which starred Glenn Close and Frances McDormand, was released in 1997 and became an actress film debut.

In the same year, Kate was withdrawn in another film - the comedy "Thank God he met Lizzie". For his role in this picture Blanchett gets his first MTV Movie - Australian Film Institute Award - Best Actress. Then Kate co-starred in the melodrama, Gillian Anderson, "Oscar and Lucinda", where her partner on the film set was Ralph Fiennes.

International calling waited gifted actress after drama on the screens Shekhar Kapur "Elizabeth". In response to the primary role of the virgin queen Kate won laudatory reviews from critics, as well as the prestigious film awards - the Golden Globe and British Film Academy awards. She also was nominated for an Oscar:

Blanchett starts removed from a fairly well-known actors. In 1999, the actress appears on the screen along with Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton and John Cusack in the film "By controlling the flight". Kate gets good reviews for his work on the set "The Talented Mr. Ripley" with Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. For the role of Meredith, her nominated for a British Academy of Film and the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. In 2000, two films come out with Cate Blanchett - "The Man Who Cried" with Johnny Depp and "The Gift". She also starred in the television series "Theater School". The year 2001 was for the most saturated with Kate began her film career. She not only starred in five (!) Films, but also bore a son (December 3, 2001 by screenwriter Andrew Upton, whom they married in 1997). Newborn named Deshiel Jones.

The most famous of films, in which Keith co-starred in 2001, of course, "The Lord of the Rings". The role of the elven queen has made an indelible impression on Kate, as the whole film in general. "When I arrived in New Zealand, the shooting had been going on nine months. I worked for a month. It was great! "Kate says that never before had she not had to work in a" technological environment ", but she is very grateful to director Peter Jackson for his attention to the actors, despite their employment of the technical details. "We've replicated the atmosphere of the book - says Kate. - She's actually about "the dark truth," which opens the hobbits ". Kate is very like Tolkien's books, which she calls "timeless. "The Lord of the Rings" - is not just a fairy tale - she says. - This realization itself, the battle with evil in his own soul. "

Another actress recalled that she had to shoot to learn to speak the language of the elves. "I was surprised that it turns out that there are entire communities of people who cultivate this language. We even had its own expert in this matter, who spoke fluently, and English.

Another no less colorful role in 2001 was played Kate in the movie "Bandits", where the actress co-starred with Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton. Speaking about his heroine, Kate notices that immediately fall in love in two, probably, very interesting. Among other things, it works - military drama "Charlotte Gray" (on the set of Kate taught French and hid her pregnancy from the director), "The Shipping News" ( "My character dies on the ninth page of the script, . but it is so unpleasant woman, . that it no longer and would not stand: "); picture of Tom Taykera" Heaven "(shooting took place in this prison:" For three months ", . - Adds Kate).,

. After giving birth, Kate took a little time out - had to make a break, re-schedule
. But the actress was resting long. "The child, of course, will be the first place - says Kate. - But I will continue to work. Hope so. "

They hope the audience. Well, as long as they can watch the second part, and look forward to the third part of "Lord of the Rings". And wait with impatience of others, not less interesting, film actress.

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Blanchett Catherine (Cate Blanchett), photo, biography
Blanchett Catherine (Cate Blanchett), photo, biography Blanchett Catherine (Cate Blanchett)  Actress, photo, biography
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