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Gerard Depardieu

( Actor)

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Biography Gerard Depardieu
Date of Birth: 27/12/1948

Largest French actor Gerard Depardieu present more than once called "the real heir of Jean Gabin". In such a comparison and a reference to the ugly appearance, but terribly charming and charismatic actor, and the recognition of his outstanding talent.

Depardieu was born December 27, 1948, Mr.. in the small town of Chateauroux in a poor large family roofer. In addition to Gerard, the father had to feed five hungry mouths to feed. In 12 years, Gerard ran away from home, wandering in the French countryside, sometimes found himself behind bars for petty theft. But accidentally got into drama school, carried away the art, began to read a lot and, like nuggets Lomonosov, almost barefoot went to conquer the capital. In 16 years enrolled in courses of dramatic art Dyulena, completing acting school п√.п . Cochet worked in an amateur troupe of "Cafe de la Gare". Ever since the mid 60-ies. Began to appear sporadically in film, but the real actor's film career dated to the year 1971. After a small role in the melodrama Jacques Dere "little sun in cold water" (1971) on the popular novel by Francoise Sagan movies Depardieu come one after the other - only in 1972. he starred in 8 films with such diverse directors as a strong artisan Jose Giovanni, or experiment avangardistka Marguerite Duras. Frenzied performance Depardieu retains to this day, which gives reason to poke fun at him. In 1994. Michel Blanc lift satirical comedy "Intrigue of glory" about the director, pursued his own doppelganger. One of the many jokes about the stars and their doubles offends the honor and dignity of Depardieu, who was indeed in his old age has become so illegible that may appear in the "Bimbolende" (1998) or "Man in the Iron Mask" (1998). Friends console Blanc, suggest how you can benefit from the double: Here, for example, Gerard, probably uses a few - or how much he manages to be removed!

. Star Depardieu woke up after a tough provocative masterpiece by Bertrand Blier "Going Places" (1973)
. (This translation slang Les Valseuses distributed in Russia, but is not accurate. Roman Blier left us in the translation of Alexander Bragin, entitled "The Adventures of asshole", . but the most accurate Russian counterpart - "loudmouth.") Gerard Partners - Patrick Devers, . Miu Miu, . Isabelle Huppert - also became known right after the premiere pictures Blier, . funny to hysterical tears, . bitter epilogue to dispelled the illusions of "revolution" in 1968,
. Later Depardieu repeatedly will work with antiburzhazno minded directors radicals; his best role he played an Italian troublemaker Marco Ferreri in the "Last Woman" (1976) and "monkey dream" (1977), . from the then Communist Bernardo Bertolucci in the twentieth century "(1976), . by Maurice Pialat in "Lulu" (1979), . "Police" (1985, . prize at the Venice IFF) and the Cannes winner 1987,
. "Under the Sun of Satan". Will continue its cooperation with Blier - except for "Going Places" Depardieu has played in four other master's works ( "Prepare handkerchiefs" (1977), "Cold appetizer" (1979), "Evening Dress" (1985) and "Too Beautiful for You" 1989).

Hard to find any great French director, does not work with Depardieu. His shoot debuted in late 50's and early 60-ies. nisprovergateli "Dad's cinema", . "young wolves" from the "Cahiers du Cinema", . leaders of the "new wave" Jean-Luc Godard, . Alain Resnais and Francois Truffaut, . He successfully removed in the films of the middle generation of French filmmakers of Maurice Pialat, . Andrц╘ Tц╘chinц╘, . Alain Corneau and Claude Miller,
. Depardieu often to be found in American projects. Charming wine-maker and author of the autobiographical book "Stolen letters" love as creators-intellectuals, like Duras or Rene, and professional comedy writer Claude Zidi, and Francis Veber. In 1999. audience shaft poured on picturized for $ 45 million comic book "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar" "King of cash" by Claude Zidi, and in 2000. next Cannes Film Festival opened an ambitious historical drama Roland Joffц╘ "Vatel"

. Depardieu played duets with the most beautiful women of France - Catherine Deneuve (in "The Last Metro", . 1980, . Prize "Cesar"), . "The choice of weapons" (1981), . Forte Sagan ", . 1984), . Maruska Detmers ( "Two", . 1988), . Isabelle Adjani ( "Baroque", . 1976 and "Camille Claudel", . 1988); from Ferreri and Bertolucci can be seen in the scenes, . made on the brink of porn,
. However, he since 1970. not part with his beloved wife Elizabeth, a former classmate of acting class, together they raised two children.

There are two experiences Depardieu Film Directing: film adaptation of Moliere comedy "Tartuffe" (1984) and "bridge between two shores" (1999)

. Filmography:
. 1971 - "A little sun in cold water" (Un peu de soleil dans l'eau froide)
. 1972 - "Murderer" (La Scoumoune), Burglar
. 1972 - "Nathalie Granger" (Nathalie Granger)
. 1972 - "It Dominici" (L'Affaire Dominici)
. 1973 - "Woman with the Ganges" (La Femme du Gange)
. 1973 - Gaspard, or a rat in Paris "(Les Gaspards), the postman
. 1973 - "Two in the city" (Deux hommes dans la ville)
. 1973 - "Vincent, Francois, Paul ..
. other "(Vincent, Francois, Paul ... et les autres), Jean Lavalle
. 1973 - "Going Places" (Les Valseuses), Jean-Claude
. 1974 - "Stavisky" (Stavisky), a young inventor
. 1975 - "I love you, I no longer" (Je t'aime, moi non plus), Renц╘-pole
. 1975 - "In networks Mafia") (Sept morts sur ordonnance), Dr. Jean-Pierre Berg
. 1976 - "XX Century" ( "1900") (Novecento), Olmo Dalko
. 1976 - "Mistress" (Maitresse), Olivier
. 1976 - "Baxter - Vera Baxter" (Baxter - Vera Baxter)
. 1976 - Rene - pole "(Rene la canne), Renц╘-pole
. 1976 - "The last woman" (L 'Ultima donna), Gerard
. 1976 - "Baroque" (Barocco), Samson / Samson killer
. 1977 - "Woman - left-handed" (Die Linksh_ndige Frau), a man in a T-shirt
. 1977 - "Tell her I love her" (Dites-lui que je l'aime), David
. 1977 - "Monkeypox Dream" (Ciao maschio), Gerard Lafayette
. 1977 - "Truck" (Le Camion)
. 1978 - "Prepare handkerchiefs" (Preparez vos mouchoirs), Raul
. 1979 - The cold appetizer "(Buffet froid), Alphonse Tram
. 1980 - "My American Uncle" (Mon oncle d'Amerique), Rene
. 1980 - "Lulu" (Loulou), Lulu
. 1980 - "The Last Metro" (Le Dernier metro), Bernard Granger
. 1980 - "I love you" (Je vous aime), Patrick
. 1980 - "The Inspector-cuckoo" (Inspecteur la Bavure), Roger Morzine
. 1981 - "Neighbor" (La Femme d'e cote), Bernard Coudray
. 1981 - "Choice of Weapons" (Le Choix des armes), Miki
. 1981 - "Unlucky") (La Chevre), Campana
. 1982 - "Danton" (Danton), Danton
. 1982 - "The Return of Martin Guerra" (Le Retour de Martin Guerre), Arnaud de Thiel
. 1983 - "Moon in the Gutter" (La Lune dans le caniveau), Gerard
. 1983 - "Father" (Les Somperes), Jean-Luc
. 1984 - "Tartuffe" (Le Tartuffe), Tartuffe
. 1984 - Fort Sagan "(Fort Saganne), Charles Sagan
. 1984 - "Left Coast, Right Coast" (Rive droite, rive gauche), Paul Senank
. 1985 - "Police" (Police), Mangin
. 1986 - "Jean de Florette" (Jean de Florette), Jean Cadore
. 1986 - "Evening dress" (Tenue de soiree), Bob
. 1986 - "Runaways" (Les Fugitifs), Jean-Luc
. 1987 - "Under the Sun of Satan" (Sous le soleil de satan), Donissan
. 1988 - "Camille Claudel" (Camille Claudel), Auguste Rodin
. 1988 - "A strange place for a meeting" (Drole d'endroit pour une rencontre), Charles
. 1989 - "I want to go home" (I Want to Go Home), Christian Gautier
. 1989 - "Too Beautiful for You" (Trop belle pour toi), Bernard Barthelemy
. 1989 - "Two" (Deux), Mark Lambert
. 1990 - "Uranium" (Uranus), Leopold
. 1990 - "Cyrano de Bergerac" (Cyrano de Bergerac), Cyrano de Bergerac, the prize for the role of the Cannes International Film Festival
. 1990 - "Residence Permit") (Green Card), Georges
. 1991 - "All the morning of the world" (Tous les matins du monde), Marin Marais
. 1991 - "Dad - my lover") (Mon pere ce heros), Andre
. 1991 - "Thank you, life" (Merci la vie), Dr. Worm
. 1992 - "1492: Conquest of Paradise" (1492: Conquest of Paradise), Columbus
. 1993 - "Woe is me" (Helas pour moi), Simon Donado
. 1993 - "Germinal" (Germinal), Maya
. 1994 - "Machine" (La Machine), Dr. Mark Lacroix
. 1994 - "Colonel Chabert" (Le Colonel Chabert), Chabert
. 1994 - "A Pure Formality" (Una Pura formalite), Onoff
. 1995 - "One Hundred and One Nights" (Les Cent et une nuits)
. 1995 - "Between the Angel and Devil" (Les Anges gardiens), Antoine Karki
. 1995 - "The hussar on the roof" (Le Hussard sur le toit), the Commissioner of Police
. 1995 - "Eliza" (Elisa), Jacques Desmoulins
. 1996 - "Hamlet" (Hamlet), Reinaldo
. 1996 - "Dangerous Profession" (Le Plus beau metier du monde), Laurent Monnier
. 1996 - "Secret Agent" (The Secret Agent), Ossipon
. 1996 - "Bogus" (Bogus), Bogus
. 1996 - "Get off the stars" (Unhook the Stars), Big Tommy
. 1997 - "XXL", Jean Bourdaloue
. 1998 - "Man in the Iron Mask" (The Man In The Iron Mask), Porthos
. 1998 - "Belle" (Bimboland), Laurent
. 1998 - "The Count of Monte Cristo (TV) (Le Comte de Monte Cristo); Edmond Dantes
. 1999 - "Balzac" (TV) (Balzac), Honore de Balzac
. 1999 - "A bridge between two shores" (Un pont entre deux rives), Georges
. 1999 - "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar" (Asterix et Obelix contre Cesar), Obelix
. 2000 - "Vatel" (Vatel), Vatel.

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Gerard Depardieu, photo, biography
Gerard Depardieu, photo, biography Gerard Depardieu  Actor, photo, biography
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