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Daniel Day-Lewis

( Actor)

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Biography Daniel Day-Lewis
Date of birth: 29.04.1957

Born in London. His father - the famous English poet Cecil Day-Lewis,
. "Poet Laureate", in the 30 years a "British Mayakovsky."
. His mother, actress Jill Belkon - daughter of the famous
. Belkona film producer Sir Michael, who played a key
. roles in the history of British cinema (he, for example, produced by the British Hitchcock films).

. In his interview with the actor claimed that he had always wanted to play
. stage, . that the serious decision to choose this path has been in 12 years, . however, . experienced a serious spiritual crisis, . associated with the death of his father in 1972, . and as a result of drug abuse being in a psychiatric clinic, . tried to review his life and even planned to do a trade cabinetmaker,
. Yet the desire for the profession of the actor, the essence of which Day-Lewis sees primarily in the fact that she, in his words, "can change the skin, brought him to the scene.

. Day-Lewis studied at the Bristol School of Art, while speaking in Bristol branch of the theater "Old Vic", later transformed into the National Youth Theater
. His first major role he played in the television play "How many miles to Babylon?" (1981). In 1983 -84 gg.v role of Shakespeare's Romeo he participated in the world tour of the Royal Shakespeare troupe.

. Except for the appearance in the episode in John Schlesinger's "Sunday, cursed Sunday" in the age of twelve, Day-Lewis film debut took place in "Gandhi" (1982, rezh.Richard Attenborough)
. However, the actor gained fame after "My Fair Laundry" (1985, dir. Stephen Frears). Here he played a young London "punk" who becomes a friend and lover of his own age-Pakistani, who is trying to modernize it has received a gift from his uncle's old laundry. It seemed that Day-Lewis found his cinematic Role - nezakompleksovannogo, tall, slender young man with large features, large open forehead and chin. But next year it became clear that a beginner actor is not going to obey the ruling principle in film tipazhnosti and in the best tradition of British school is trying to find the specificity of his characters.

. In the early adaptation of the novel E
. Forster's "Room with a View" (1986, dir. James Ivory), he plays a prim, clumsy in revealing his feelings Edwardian (NINE years) aristocrat who breaks his engagement to a young heroine Helena Bonham-Carter, at the cost of secular scandal, winning the right to follow the call of the heart. Satirical specificity external image role Day-Lewis combines with subtle psychological insights into the mental state of his hapless hero.

Following the success of the actor associated with the modern "tipazhnoy" role in the adaptation of the novel M. Kundera's "Unbearable Lightness of Being" (1988, dir. Philip Kaufman). His apolitical hedonist Tomas, . young Czech neurosurgeon, . whose commitment to the "sexual revolution" is considered by the authors as a kind of great contribution to the "Prague Spring", . remembered his combination of a cold soul, . which tells of his being "easy", . and inner sense of doom, . due to "unbearable" this being.,

. Another excursion into characteristic - the role of congenital cerebral palsy Irish artist Christy Brown in his biography picturized ( "My Left Foot", 1989, dir
. Jim Sheridan). Reliable imaging of violent temperament, a beating in the contorted body paralysis, brought the actor an Oscar for Best Actor.

. Nevertheless, the laws of Hollywood, where the actor was filmed in the 90 years, cruel: young stars must play their respective image of the role of
. And now - kommeresky success - Hunter Hawkeye in the movie "The Last of the Mohicans" (1992, rezh.Maykl Mann). Day-Lewis was on top of success, the audience favorite, and colleagues (among them, and such was the "star", as Julia Roberts). However, approaching the maturity of the actor did not intend to give, . Continuing to take the reincarnation of the main sign of their profession, . as evidenced by two completely opposite roles: a young Irishman, . unjustly convicted on terrorism charges ( "In the name of the Father", . 1993, . dir,
. Jim Sheridan) and the American aristocrat of the XIX century, which swept through the entire life of a secret passion for one woman ( "The Age of Innocence", 1993, dir. Martin Scorsese).

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. 1970 - Sunday, damned Sunday "(Sunday, Bloody Sunday)
. 1982 - "Gandhi" (Gandhi)
. 1984 - "Bounty" (The Bounty)
. 1985 - "Insurance agent" (The Insurance Man)
. 1985 - "My Beautiful Laundry" (My Beautiful Laundrette)
. 1986 - "Room with a View" (A Room With a View)
. 1987: - "Nana" (Nanou)
. 1988 - "The stars and bars" (Stars and Bars)
. 1988 - "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" (The Unbearable Lightness of
. Being)
. 1989 - "The Eternal Smile, New Jersey (Eversmile, New Jersey)
. 1989 - "My Left Foot" (My Left Foot)
. 1992 - "The Last of the Mohicans" (The Last of the Mohicans)
. 1993 - "The Age of Innocence" (The Age of Innocence)
. 1993 - "In the Name of the Father" (In the Name of the Father)
. 1996 - "ordeal" ( "Salem Witch") (The Crucible)
. 1997 - "Boxer" (The Boxer)

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Daniel Day-Lewis, photo, biography
Daniel Day-Lewis, photo, biography Daniel Day-Lewis  Actor, photo, biography
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