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IVANOV Alexander

( Singer)

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"All the hits, mood-elevating, to rock and roll, with good refrains" (Alexander Ivanov about his music. "I am young", March 1996).

Alexander Ivanov - lead singer of "Rondo", which occupies the stage for Russia's rather strange situation. Famous company brought the primitive to the text and melody songs like "Vanka-Vstanka", "inflatable craft" or "let's Bucks". At the same time, Ivanov is sure that his team is playing rock music, more - hard rock. When the contradiction was resolved, and Alexander Ivanov finally sang the lyrical ballads and began releasing solo CDs, came the real success. Jazz saxophonist Michael Litvin, who decided to create a pop-"novovolnovy" project. The team has released a quite successful magnitoalbom "turnips". In 1986. After several changes of singers in "Rondo" was to sing, Alexander Ivanov, possessing a kind of husky timbre and that it was important for the stage show, plasticity.

. The group took part in "Rock-Panorama 1986 and 1987., And in 1987
. released "Tune" long-playing record and went to work in the Moscow Oblast Philharmonic. A curious fact - on vocals in the group worked Natalia Vetlickaya. Through the use of more or less fashionable sounds, "Rondo" is referred to rock-coterie and even stick incomprehensible, but respectful of the label "new wave". The team even took part in one of the most popular time of videoconferences with America: they perform the song "The most intelligent class", more suitable for transmission to "Merry notes," was supposed to symbolize the presence of Soviet rock music. That's just perplexed amerikosy!

In 1987. Alexander Ivanov, and other musicians away from Mikhail Litvin, and began working under the title "Rondo" self -. Founder of the team to take on new people, so that while there were two groups of the same name, but soon tired of Lytvyn pop, and he emigrated to the U.S.. So the second "Rondo" quickly grows old, and from 1989. this name is associated only with the blonde singer Alexander Ivanov.

In 1989. "Rondo" toured twenty cities of the United States, for the following year had participated in a charity concert in Japan to help victims of earthquake in Armenia. Following this presentation album of "Rondo" in Japan ". The Group regularly produced records and flashed on television screens, although the specific hits in its repertory and failed to start. Best known example duet with Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. "I will remember" (a kind of forerunner of the current period of lyrical Ivanova), . "Inflatable boat" (a very straightforward song in support of adjustment), . "Bucks get" (monstrous kitsch room) and is also part of the Universe "(by Igor Matvienko, the song" Rondo "sings, . when to tighten the concert: in the title phrase Ivanov any substitutes who came to him the word).,

. In 1994
. Ivanov and Rondo made a concert tour of the exotic South-East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia). While in Thailand, the team had to sit in prison, south-east nature so impressed with Ivanov that he has since been regularly visiting Thailand during the holidays.

In 1996. "Rondo" celebrates its 10 th anniversary (counting from the date the emergence of a team of Alexander Ivanov). In this regard have been issued a collection of ballads and a live album, and also held commemorative speeches in the great hall of the Moscow Youth Palace. Note with "Rondo" date came round a couple of hundred fans. "We few, but we in the strip" - sadly joked Alexander Ivanov, looking half-empty hall that has not stopped him in postkontsertnyh interview called the performance "a luxurious three hours the show" and "the most remarkable event in the musical career". Perhaps the failure of commemorative concerts prompted Ivanov's thoughts about the prospects of a selected group of road and the beginning of her solo career. By 1996, Mr.. a parody of rock 'n' roll no one was interested.

But quality pop lyrics had to be very to the court. In 1997. Alexander Ivanov released a solo album "sinful soul sadness", turning it into a real pop star. The disc was the result of cooperation with Ivanov, composer and poet Sergei Trofimov. Under the pseudonym of "trophy", he released several records "thug" music and lyric repertoire accumulated proposed Alexander Ivanov. He reasoned that the ballad album is better not to produce under the label "Rondo", as well as solo work. Nevertheless, the musicians "Rondo" was taken into account "sinful soul sadness" over the active participation. Principal hits the plate steel compositions, "God, what nonsense" and "I'm under your bed legs sky", which were filmed videos.

Since then, the Rondo did not let the new plates (in 1998. released book "The Past ... Living ..."), but Ivanov issued another solo album, "When will grow wings" (2000). This plate was supposed to leave for a year or two earlier, but prevented the economic crisis of August 17, 1998, Mr.. To save time, Ivanov decided to further exploit the success of "sinful soul sadness". In 1999. the album was reissued with the remark "Full Version".

In the interval between the two solo albums, had quarreled with Alexander Ivanov, Sergey Trofimov - they have had financial disagreements. Therefore, "When will grow wings" came just one song Trofimova ( "My nelaskovaya Rus). Ivanov, however, found other "lyrical" authors, for example, Michael Shelega (as Trofim, he attracted "Russian Chanson"). The texts of the album paid much attention to religious issues. Unexpectedly strong for Alexander Ivanov looks symphonic-rock number "My sinful angel" in which the recording took part string section of the Symphony Orchestra Foundation. Rachmaninoff. In addition, the album includes a cover version of "Happiness for Two" group "Lotus" and two songs of Vladimir Vysotsky, the processing of which could plunge the fans of Vladimir Semenovich in indescribable horror!

. Alexander Ivanov is married and has a daughter grows Karina
. His wife Elena - a former ballet dancer, the daughter also studied ballet. The singer plays football in the team of pop stars "Fortune".

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    IVANOV Alexander, photo, biography
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