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Clint Eastwood (Eastwood Clint)

( Actor, director, producer)

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Biography Clint Eastwood (Eastwood Clint)
photo Clint Eastwood (Eastwood Clint)
Date of Birth: 31/05/1930
Born 31.5.1930 in San Francisco.
The fact that his young years, Clint Eastwood dedicated to sport and even a long time thinking about how to become a professional athlete, but his character has left its mark. In any case, and becoming an actor, he retained the qualities necessary for the sportsman: the desire to always and everywhere be the first, perseverance, stubbornness and hard work. Lean figure, . strong-willed person with a slightly narrowed cold gray-blue eyes, . firmly compressed mouth - so his first appearance on the screen in 1954, . when it became clear, , . and all other places, . except the first, . Eastwood was not satisfied, however, . 40-week contract with the studio "Yuniversl", . signed by him, . also did not promise specific laurels,
. It does not even mention the names provided in the credits, and it was only on the performance of bit parts, sometimes even without words. And today, perhaps the only rigorous filmography will be able to transfer the first picture, with the participation of the actor: so they went unnoticed: "Revenge of the Beast" (1955), "Francis serves in the Navy" (1955), "Never say goodbye" (1956), etc.. Debut in 1956 on television and was triumphant: small roles in several serials helped him just to make ends meet. And if we continue the comparison with sports, then we can say that the first ten years of his life in the Eastwood film "trained" and gain experience, especially since the actor's special education had no.
First success in his film career was the invitation of Italian director Sergio Leone on the role of the Stranger in the film "A Fistful of Dollars". Westerns America will not surprise. After all - a purely American genre. But the fact is that the Italian Leone was its vision of the theme, radically different from the traditional American view. Noble romance in his films "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964), "For a few extra dollars" (1965), "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (1966) became a self-seeking adventurers.
Eastwood by then turned 34 пЁпЎпЄп°. And luck has finally smiled at him. Rigidity, obstinacy, and even an obsession, which are peculiar to his character in life, proved to be a more appropriate. "Stranger" became noticeable success of the actor, and has since become the name of Eastwood's reputation. After several anadromous tapes, in which mainly operated theme "stranger", Eastwood is suitable for the role, which became central for him - Harry Kellahena - lone policeman, who selflessly fighting with the underworld. Perhaps the first time in American cinema in the film of Don Siegel's "Dirty Harry" (1971) with such force has been declared theme of confrontation and his law guardian. The emergence of a strong personality on the screen, nothing and no one is afraid and able to protect people from the threats of the criminal world, even at the cost of violating the law (which does not fulfill this goal), was received with enthusiasm by the public. The passion that you put Eastwood in the title role, won over. And the actor himself did not hide his sympathy for the hero, being a staunch conservative by nature, a supporter of tough measures. It is not surprising that the film had continued, and Harry Kellahen "returned" in the film "is all about" Magnum "(1973)," The Punisher "(1976)," Sudden Impact "(1983)," Betting on the date of death "(1988).
Roles resolute men, unshakable self-righteousness and able to prove it, especially successful with the actor. Practically most of his work in film - a variation of the human type. Eastwood himself said that just such heroes of his favor. Actor sincere in this, and perhaps it is because his characters are convincing, and for the viewer. Frank Morris - a legendary criminal, . which failed unprecedented escape from the worst U.S. prisons ( "Escape from Alcatraz", . 1979); superagent Mitchell Grant ( "Fire Fox", . 1982), . assiduous campaigner Thomas Hayuey ( "Hard pass", . 1986) - Eastwood everywhere recognizable, . what, . however, . does not spoil its relations with the public,
. The audience knows what to expect from this actor, and he does not deceive the hopes audiences.
Added to this is that Clint Eastwood - very successful businessman, and bought them in 1968. Motion Picture "Malpaso Productions successfully functioning. Try his hand at directing and Eastwood: his films "Play for me," Fog "(1971)," Wandering on the plateau "(1973)," Operation "Eiger" (1975), "Perfect World" (1993) and many others -- quite successful. In 1993, Mr.. received the "Oscar" for posing a Western "Unforgiven".
Eastwood sufficient authority and in the world of cinema. Although not all share the political preferences of the actor, his professionalism beyond doubt, and because Eastwood - permanent member of the National Arts Council.

Clint Eastwood was born May 31, 1930, Mr.. in San Francisco in a poor family working gas company. After school, worked as a lumberjack, a stoker, after military service, settled in Hollywood and starred in episodes. Sports skills and a happy exterior, with which he maintained until old age, excellent shape, made Eastwood's screen centenarians, the standard of masculinity.
. The first measure of success came to him on television, in the series "rawhide" in which he was shot eight seasons
. But the real success came to Eastwood thanks to an alliance with an Italian, Sergio Leone, director "spaghetti westerns" "A Fistful of Dollars" (1964), "For a few extra dollars" (1965) and "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (1966), where he played a Stranger. This trilogy is approved in the form of Eastwood's tough guy, who later polished in action films Don Siegel's already in America
. Harry Kellahen - Dirty Harry, . pertinacious police, . defending the law in every way, . became the favorite of middle America and brought upon himself the critical fire from the radical left, . democratically-minded rebellious youth and the directors of the "new Hollywood",
. Over the years, when political passions in the country subsided, relating to Eastwood has leveled off, he became a symbol of the hero who made himself an example for each. In this he has helped his directorial work - "Birdy" (1988) - about jazz legend Charlie Parker. Eastwood, a passionate fan of jazz, set thriller played me "Fog" (1971), where his hero was a disc jockey. By many of his films he composes jazz compositions, and in the action movie "In the Line of Fire" (1993), he found an opportunity to play jazz.
Whoever played Eastwood, his character and sincerity of invincibility has attracted the sympathy of the audience. They are sick of him and when he portrays Frank Morris, a criminal, . has escaped from the worst of American prisons ( "Escape from Alcatraz", . 1979), . and when a super secret Soviet aircraft drives away ( "Fire Fox", . 1980), . and when hatching an affair with a married lady ( "The Bridges of Madison County", . 1995),
. Yet Eastwood's emblem - the national American hero, the cowboy. In 1992. he, . if summing up his film career or a nostalgic re-examining its, . set the award three "Oscars" Western "Unforgiven", . where he played a cowboy-pensioner, . former alcoholics, . known for their brutality in the past and now, together with his friends setting off on reprisals against those, . who transgressed the unwritten law of honor,
In 1968. Eastwood film company has acquired Malpaso Productions.
17 years, Eastwood has been married to actress Maggie Johnson, then at his partner Sondre Locke. A second marriage ended in the late 80's, and Sondra wrote about ex-husband expose book "Good, bad and very bad". In 1996. Eastwood married a young Tina Ruiz, and in 67 years acquired a son.
According to the poll stations Harris, Clint Eastwood - actor number one in American public

. 1955 - "Lady Godiva" (Lady Godiva)
. 1956 - "Star in the dust" (Star in the Dust), Tom
. 1964 - "A Fistful of Dollars" (A Fistful of Dollars), Joe
. 1965 - "For a few extra dollars" (For a Few Dollars More), Montceau
. 1966 - "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly), blond
. 1968 - "Coogan's Bluff" (Coogan's Buff), Walt Coogan
. 1969 - "Where eagles fly" (Where Eagles Dare), Lieutenant Morris
. 1969 - "Two Mules for Sister Sara" (Two Mules for Sister Sara), Hogan
. 1971 - "played me" Misty "(Play Misty for Me), Dave Garver
. 1971 - "Dirty Harry" (Dirty Harry), Harry Callahan
. 1973 - Destructive Power pistol "Magnum" (Magnum Force), Harry Callahan
. 1976 - "Josie Wales - a person outside the law" (The Outlaw Josey Wales), Josie Wales
. 1979 - "Escape from Alcatraz" (Escape from Alcatraz), Frank Morris
. 1980 - "Bronco Billy" (Broncho Billy), Bronco Billy McCoy
. 1980 - "Fire Fox" (Firefox), Mitchell Gant
. 1984 - "Anxiety in the city" (City Heat), Lieutenant Spier
. 1985 - "Pale Rider" (Pale Rider),
. 1990 - "White Hunter, Black Heart" (White Hunter, Black Heart), John Wilson
. 1992 - "Unforgiven" (Unforgiven), William Manny
. 1993 - "The Line of Fire" (In the Line of Fire), Frank Horrigan
. 1995 - "The Bridges of Madison County" (The Bridges of Madison County), Robert Kinkeyd
. 1997 - "Absolute Power" (Absolute Power), Luther Whitney
. 1999 - "True Crime" (True Crime), Steve Everett

. 1971 - "played me" Misty "(Play Misty for Me)
. 1973 - "The Wanderer high prairie" (High Plains Drifte)
. 1973 - "Windy" (Breezy)
. 1975 - "Eiger Sanction" (The Eiger Sanction)
. 1977 - "Josie Wales - a person outside the law" (The Outlaw Josey Wales)
. 1977 - "The Glove" (The Gauntlet)
. 1980 - "Bronco Billy" (Broncho Billy)
. 1982 - "Fire Fox" (Firefox)
. 1982 - "Honkytonk Man" (Honkytonk Man)
. 1983 - "Sudden Impact" (Sudden Impact)
. 1985 - "Pale Rider" (Pale Rider)
. 1986 - "The Rock, where the broken hearts" (Heartbreak Ridge)
. 1988 - "Betting on the date of death" (Dead Pool, Bird)
. 1988 - "Birdy" (Bird)
. 1990 - "White Hunter, Black Heart" (White Hunter, Black Heart)
. 1990 - "Beginner" (The Rookie)
. 1992 - "Unforgiven" (Unforgiven)
. 1993 - "Perfect World" (A Perfect World)
. 1995 - "The Bridges of Madison County" (The Bridges of Madison County)
. 1997 - "Absolute Power" (Absolute Power)
. 1998 - "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" (Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil)
. 1999 - "True Crime" (True Crime)

. 1982 - "Honkytonk Man" (Honkytonk Man)
. 1982 - "Fire Fox" (Firefox)
. 1983 - "Sudden Impact" (Sudden Impact)
. 1984 - "Wires" (Tightrope)
. 1985 - "Pale Rider" (Pale Rider)
. 1986 - "The Rock, where the broken hearts" (Heartbreak Ridge)
. 1988 - "Birdy" (Bird)
. 1990 - "White Hunter, Black Heart" (White Hunter, Black Heart)
. 1992 - "Unforgiven" (Unforgiven)
. 1993 - "A Perfect World" (A Perfect World)
. 1995 - "The Bridges of Madison County" (The Bridges of Madison County)
. 1995 - "Stars fell on Henrietta" (The Stars Fell on Henrietta)
. 1997 - "Absolute Power" (Absolute Power)
. 1997 - "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" (Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil)
. 1999 - "True Crime" (True Crime)

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Clint Eastwood (Eastwood Clint), photo, biography
Clint Eastwood (Eastwood Clint), photo, biography Clint Eastwood (Eastwood Clint)  Actor, director, producer, photo, biography
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