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Nick Cave (Nick Cave)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Nick Cave (Nick Cave)
photo Nick Cave (Nick Cave)
Nicholas Edward Cave was born on September 22, 1957 in Uoraknebile, Australia. His mother's name is Don, at the time of birth of Nick, she worked as a librarian. His father, Colin, an English teacher. At Nick's has two older brothers: Tim and Peter, and sister Julia. The boy was educated in the traditions of the Anglican religion, is easily explained by the obvious influence of the Bible in his work. For a while Nick lived with Vivien Carneiro of Brazil, and in 1991 they had a son Luke. By some accounts, Nick and Viviane split, and is currently in a romantic relationship with Nick Cave PJ Harvey.

Nick Cave graduated from the Melbourne School for Boys Caulfild Grammer School and within two years, also attended art school. (Sample artistic Cave can be found in the design of the album Birthday Party "Prayers On Fire", . signed "Nicholas Cave".) In Caulfild Nick met Mick Harvey, . with whom they have created a school band, . gradually grew up in The Boys Next Door,
. First recording made by Cave, was released in 1978 single "These Boots Are Made For Walking", followed by next year, followed by the first album "Door Door". Group at that time consisted of Nick, Mick Harvey, Tracy Pew, Phillip Calvert and (since 1979) Roland C. Howard.

The Boys Next Door gradually transformed into The Birthday Party in 1980, when an album with this name. In some copies mean when I see "The Birthday Party by The Boys Next Door", the other was standing just "The Birthday Party". Changing its name, the band moved to London. Birthday Party hit musical public capital of England freshness of emotional color, and the laconic wit of his
songs, although for some time, they had to pretty to work hard to earn recognition. LPs (LP) "Prayers Of Fire" and "Junkyard" came out in 1981 and 1982. In 1983 the group moved again, this time in West Berlin, and soon collapsed. Their latest collaboration EP "Mutiny" has become the latest attempt at execution "punk", that is, in pure form. Here, along with Nick Cave first appears Blixa Bargeld.

Some members of the BP continued to work together, and in 1984 released their first album, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds "From Her To Eternity". Group members at the time was: Nick Cave, Blixa Bargeld (guitar), Mick Harvey (drums), Barry Adamson (guitar and keyboards), Hugo Race (guitar), Tracy Pew (bass, only during the Australian tour). In 1985, the second album NC & BS "The Firstborn Is Dead". By the time of the Bad Seeds have fallen to Cave, Harvey, Bargelda and Adamson.

In the song "Tupelo" contained some thoughts of Nick, who later formed the basis of available to them a few years later the novel "And The Ass Saw The Angel" (1989). In most songs, written during the period reviewed are clear parallels with the book. This is a story about the life of a criminal idiot trapped vicious crowd. The novel, incidentally, received very good reviews and has been translated into ten foreign languages.

In 1986 he was released two albums. The first is called "Kicking Against The Pricks" and represented mainly a compilation of treatments blues so. The structure of Bad Seeds came by the time Thomas Uaydler, and as guest musicians in the recording participated Pew and Howard. Second album "Your Funeral ... My Trial "was released two EP.

In 1988, Wim Vender made a film with Cave's "Der Himmel Ueber Berlin" ( "Wings of Desire"). Music Nick was presented and in other tapes Vender that came after "Wings": "Bis ans Ende der Welt" ( "Before the end of the world") and "Faraway ... So Close ".

In 1988, Cave released a new album "Tender Prey", and then moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where during the tour meets Viviane Carneiro. The influence of Brazilian music are felt strongly in published in 1990 the album "The Good Son". Songs are more melodious and friendly than in previous studies Cave. The record of this plate attended Kid Congo Powers, who previously worked with Nick, but his influence was not so noticeable. In 1989 he was filmed another movie, work on which was attended Cave. That prison story "Ghosts ... of the Civil Dead ".

The seventh album, "Henry's Dream" was released only in 1992. Immediately after its release the band embarked on a world tour. Composition Bad Seeds at that time had been changed again, and looked like this: Nick, Blixa, Mick, Thomas, Martin Dio and Conway Savage. The tour was used to release in 1993 the only official live CD "Live Seeds". This album was dedicated to the 10 th anniversary of the group and was accompanied by a photo album, Peter Milne, devoted Bad Seeds and containing pictures taken during the tour. The spring of 1993 Nick and his comrades again moved to London, where he writes of the ninth album Bad Seeds "Let Love In".

In 1996 comes "Murder Ballads". This album consists of songs dedicated exclusively to the subject murder. Here is recorded the longest of the works of Cave songs "O" Malleys Bar ", which lasts about a quarter of an hour, and contains a duet with PJ Harvey and Kiely Minogue. In the same year Nick nominated for the award in the MTV award for "Best Performer", but withdrawing his candidacy, citing the fact he did not want to take part in any whatsoever competition where affected Art.

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Nick Cave (Nick Cave), photo, biography
Nick Cave (Nick Cave), photo, biography Nick Cave (Nick Cave)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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