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Harvey Keitel (Harvey Keitel)

( Actor)

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Biography Harvey Keitel (Harvey Keitel)
photo Harvey Keitel (Harvey Keitel)
Date of Birth: 13/05/1939

. Crudely constructed, . thickset figure ex-Marine, Harvey Keitel over the years became a favorite of many kind of cult film directors including Martin Scorsese, . Tobacco, . Ferrara and Tarantino, . and powerful charisma of the actor has always served to express their most personal ideas.,
. Harvey Keitel was born May 13, 1939, Mr.
. the family of the Romanian-Polish Jews in Brooklyn, New York, and debuted in the cinema rather late - in 27 years, a year before appearing in the television series "Dark Shadows". In the film, John Huston's "Reflections in a Golden Eye" (1967) for a moment he appeared in a familiar on Army Role past - nameless and not designated in the credits soldier. In a subsequent order for the debut of Martin Scorsese's "Who's Knocking at My Door?" (1968) Harvey has already made in the leading role and gained a name, however, reduced to initials JR. His hero, opening one of the central subsequently to the director, is torn between its two entities - the Catholic consciousness and desires of the flesh. Then, Keitel took part in poludokumentalnom Scorsese film "Street Scenes" (1970) as himself, and in 1973. played a landmark role for himself in the movie "Mean Streets" of the same pair of Scorsese with Robert De Niro. Keitel played a longing to rise in the mafia hierarchy novice gangster named Charlie.
. A year later he appeared in Martin Scorsese for the director in unusually harsh male lyrical drama film "Alice Does not Live Here Anymore", in the heart of the story is - a lonely woman, wandered with his son in America
. Here, the actor went to supergrotesknaya role of the heroine's lover in a fit of uncontrolled aggression, crushing everything in its path - from furniture to his pregnant wife.
In 1976. Keitel embodied the character with the good name of Goodman in the film by Robert Altman's "Buffalo Bill and the Indians" (with Paul Newman in the title role). In the same year he once again played by Scorsese in "Taxi Driver" - and again with De Niro (reaching with his hero home semantic opposition). Harvey was the colorful owner of the brothel, a cynical but good-natured support of all the vices of urban bottom, and revolted against that idealistic assassin Travis. Such ideological confrontation could be continued in "The Last Temptation of Christ", where Keitel played Judas, and De Niro's planned for the role of Jesus.
Stages 1977. began painting "Welcome to Los Angeles, Alan Rudolph and Ridley Scott's debut film" Duelist ". In 1978. in the James Toback film "Fingers" Keitel played the piano-loser, living simultaneously in two realities of his native New York City - the artistic and the criminal. In the intervals between participation in music competitions his hero knocked debts for elderly dad-mafia. Character name was Jimmy Fingers (Jimmy Fingers) - and for them he found so many uses. In the 80-ies. come conditionally "European" period Keitel - he was shot from the Frenchman Bertrand Tavernier in "live coverage of death, . sci-fi flick with Romy Schneider and Max von Sydow, a Briton Nicholas Roeg in the "failures", . Tony Richardson in the "Border" with Jack Nicholson and many other European directors,
. Then in 1984. again at Tobacco in Revelations, "the director Ulu Grosbarda in the melodrama" Sweethearts "with Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep. In 1986. Keitel played in the banal, lyrical comedy about the long-standing middle-aged bachelor buddies - Men's Club, Peter Medak.
And in the film Lina Wertmueller 1986. "Camorra" (the Italian name - "complex interweaving of women's destinies, alleys and crime") played the role of the lover of a prostitute (assumed the form of Spanish actress Angel Molina).
In 1987. conducted "investigation" of the Italian masters of the political detective Damiano Damiani, a film about biblical events filed with the police detective key, sent from Rome, where the detective investigating the charge of Christ. Keitel - in the role of Pilate. The following works have become even more unexpected. In 1988. Harvey starred in the movie Carlo Lidzani Dear Gorbachev "(about the last days of Nikolai Bukharin) and the sensational" The Last Temptation of Christ "by Martin Scorsese in the role of Judas, with a sense of duty in performing their historic mission of betrayal.
. After Keitel continued cooperation with the Italian director, . accepted the offer of mystical horror maestro Dario Argento and wrote in his filmography "Two Evil Eyes", . filming two stories by Edgar Allan Poe (Keitel appears in versions of "Black Cat"),
. In 1991. he played in Alan Rudolph in "Lethal thoughts" with Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, and in Barry Levinson's "Bugsy" with Warren Beatty (Keitel was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress).
In 1992. actor became a "godfather" of the young Tarantino, agreeing to take acting and producer, involved in his debut "Reservoir Dogs". In the same year came "Bad Lieutenant, Abel Ferrara - a real benefit performance Keitel in the role of luxury vicious guardian of the law, . vicious addict, . foraged stealing heroin material evidence from the crime scene and shocking young those who like to travel around the parent's aggressive masturbation machine,
. (Incidentally, exhibitionism passion Keitel appear naked gave rise to jokes during the ceremony, MTV Movie Awards for 1994. - Specifically for Keitel was invented by a nomination "the best naked man of the year").
The failed blockbuster John Badham "Point of No Return", a remake of the French "Nikita", Harvey played the character of Jean Reno, known as "Cleaner". Around the same involved his hero in "Pulp Fiction" (1994) Tarantino, . where Harvey little, . but memorable role as human, . "problem-solver" - mock curtsy directed toward Uncle Harvey, . magically fix any problems on the way out "Reservoir Dogs",
. "Fiction" was the winner of Cannes 1994, . as, . by the way, . and the previous film starring Keitel - "Piano" Australian's Jane Campion, . where he got the role of sophisticated, sensual poluaborigena in bizarre tattoos, . uses assigned to them favorite musical instrument mute heroine Holly Hunter as a tool of erotic blackmail.,
. In Abel Ferrara Keitel has played more than once - is: write in a "dangerous game" (1993), where he represented the director in the process of filming literally embodies the life of actors of their destructive energy scenario ideas
. In 90-ies. He played in other independent films, notably "Klokery" Spike Lee (Producer - Martin Scorsese), "Smoke" Hong Kong director Wayne Wang (1995) and "On the Blue in the Face" by Wong and Paul Oster (as in 1998. He has already starred in a full-fledged directorial debut Oster's "Lulu on the Bridge").
. The range of follow-up role was no less impressive: Keitel starred in "Vzgyade Ulysses" (1995) Greek Theo Angelopoulos as a modern Odyssey, in "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996) Robert Rodriguez portrayed a priest, . bitten by a vampire, . and in "Earth police" (1997) - a corrupt policeman, a "fairy tale" (1997) - the legendary magician Harry Houdini,
. In 1998. out to Italian Westerns with David Bowie's "Mio West"; in 1999. Keitel again met with Jane Campion on the set of "Holy Smoke".
Keitel was invited on the role of Stanley Kubrick in "Eyes Wide Shut," but after a major quarrel with the authoritarian hermit Kubrick replaced by Sydney Pollack. In 2000. on the screens out military fighter Jonathan Mostou "U-571" and the comedy "Little Nicky" with Tarantino. Here Keitel role of Satan.
. Harvey Keitel - holds a rich filmography, . and this partly contributed to its unique quality: from unerring intuition to recognize unknown newcomers future directors-stars (usually the opposite - the directors discover new cast) and, . risk, . removed in the debut of the now famous Scorsese, . Ridley Scott, . Tarantino et al,

. 1968 - "Who's Knocking at My Door?" (Who's That Knocking at My Door?), JR
. 1973 - "Mean Streets" (Mean Streets), Charlie
. 1974 - "Alice Does not Live Here Anymore" (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore), Ben
. 1976 - "Taxi Driver" (Taxi Driver), Sports
. 1977 - "Duelist" (The Duelists), Gabriel Feraud
. 1978 - "Fingers" (Fingers), Jimmy Fingers
. 1980 - "Live coverage of the death" (La Mort en Direct), Roddy
. 1980 - "Eggtown" (Bad Timing), the inspector Netuzil
. 1982 - "Border" (The Border), Kate
. 1987 - "Investigation" (L'Inchiesta), Pontius Pilate
. 1988 - "The Last Temptation of Christ" (The Last Temptation of Christ), Judas
. 1990 - "The Two Jakes" (The Two Jakes), Jake Berman
. 1991 - "Bugsy" (Bugsy), Mickey Cohen
. 1992 - "Bad Lieutenant" (Bad Lieutenant), Lieutenant
. 1992 - "Reservoir Dogs" (Reservoir Dogs), Mr White / Larry
. 1993 - "Piano" (The Piano), George Baines
. 1993 - "Dangerous Game" (Dangerous Game), Eddie Izrael
. 1994 - "Pulp Fiction" (Pulp Fiction), Mr. Wolfe
. 1995 - "Smoke" (Smoke), Oggi Rehn
. 1995 - "Looking Ulysses" (To Vlemma tou Odyssea), A
. 1995 - "In Blue in the Face" ( "Blue in the Face"), Oggi Rehn
. 1996 - "From Dusk Till Dawn" (From Dusk Till Dawn), Jacob Fuller
. 1997 - "Land of police" (Cop Land), Ray Donlen
. 1997 - "Industrial City" (City of Industry), Roy Egan
. 1997 - "fairy tale" (FairyTale: A True Story), Harry Houdini
. 1999 - "Season Three" (Three Seasons), James Heger
. 1999 - "Holy Smoke" (Holy Smoke), PJ Waters
. 2000 - "Little Nicky" (Little Nicky), Satan
. 2000 - "U-571, GIF Klauf

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Harvey Keitel (Harvey Keitel), photo, biography
Harvey Keitel (Harvey Keitel), photo, biography Harvey Keitel (Harvey Keitel)  Actor, photo, biography
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