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George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)

( Actor, Producer)

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Biography George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)
Date of Birth: 06/05/1961
Full name: George Timothy Clooney

George Clooney was born May 6, 1961, Mr.. in Lexington, Kentucky, in a family of people whose lives have been closely associated with the scene. His father - a famous TV host, a talk show that George often participated in five. However, when George a little older, the constant is compared with his father beginning to irritate him and Clooney's career-TV reporter on this ended. After studying for several years at the University of Northern Kentucky, Clooney has a small role in the film with his cousin, Miguel. It is suggested Miguel Clooney to move to Los Angeles and become a professional acting career.

All 1982. Clooney has lived in Los Angeles. He spent the night in the bathroom with friends and trying to get at least some role. Finally, he was lucky. His first major film Clooney believes working with Charlie Sheen. Although the picture did not come out on screen, but Clooney has made it possible to develop relationships with producers.

This fame, George Clooney, along with work in one of the most popular soap operas - "ER". In this film, dedicated to work, people are one of the city's hospitals Chicago, Clooney played Dag Ross - uncontrolled, risk and temperamental pediatrician. Hero Clooney constantly violated strict rules of separation, putting the benefit of patients over the Rules. For the role of the Dag Ross Clooney was nominated for all the major television awards America.

The next step on the path to success for Clooney became a cult film director Robert Rodriguez's "From Dusk Till Dawn". In this picture, Clooney has demonstrated its ability to play not only the defenders of children and women, but for unscrupulous villains. In Rodriguez hero Clooney - a loving brother maniac, ruthless criminals who escaped from prison. With this tape Clooney managed to get rid of it pretty boring image of the noble Dr. Ross and win the sympathy of fashionable young 90's.

. Henceforth, he selects scripts, and is ready to break apart the competition for the sake of playing your favorite role
. Along with Jennifer Lopez, he starred in the movie "Out of Sight", where he played the charming thief, to whom he can not stand no beauty, even if it is - the federal agent. Another picture of Clooney - "The Thin Red Line" on which he worked with Woody Harelsonom, John Travolta and Sean Penn - surely luck producers and creators. The film was released simultaneously with the blockbuster Steven Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan, but was not lost on the background of a massive advertising and a huge budget, even though both films about the same: the blood, dirt and death of World War II.

In the film "Three Kings, Clooney played a gallant American infantryman who seeks Kuwaiti gold stolen by Saddam during the Gulf War. Before him, the same role as signaled by Mel Gibson and Nicolas Cage. Now Clooney can afford to choose: the current level of fees does not fall below $ 10 million. In addition, since the late 90's. Clooney tries to deal with a producer and writes scripts. His debut in the new capacity has become a TV movie "Kilroy" (1999).

In 1996. Journal Reorle "Clooney named among 50" most beautiful men in the world ", and in 1997. - "The sexiest man on the world of the living" and "the best dresses TV stars'. But on the personal life of a sex symbol and star George Clooney is little known. Actor does not like to dwell on their hobbies, very strongly motivated by the fact that "if to advertise his personal life, it ceases to be personal". Clooney said that he never married, but the actress Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman bet $ 10 thousand, that he would become a father, before him banging 40. In the society pages feasted appearance Clooney with Denise Crosby, Kelly Preston and Michelle Pfeiffer.

George Clooney is easy to communicate - can easily be photographed with the waiter.

Clooney is partial to vodka. He says that his liver 70 years.

George is very anxiously watching her hair.

Actor is not a high opinion of the movie "One fine day" and "Batman and Robin" in which he appeared. Paintings, which he liked - "Jerry Maguire" and "Best Friend's Wedding."

. George sings well (all the same aunt - a famous jazz singer Rosemary Clooney), but in the film "Oh, where are you, brother?" not trust him to sing.

. In the life of Clooney, a friend of Sandra Bullock.

. In 2000, the New York press reported that George - a homosexual
. Clooney responds: "lie! At one time in the press saying that Richard Gere has pushed himself into the anus hamster!" Simultaneously, George protects against attacks like Tom Cruise, calling the latter the most heterosexual man whom he knows.

. The actor is about the same age as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt
. But George looks much older.

His best holiday Clooney spent eight friends 20 years ago - on the bus, they crossed the U.S. from Miami to Los Angeles. Everywhere played golf and spoiled a lot of sites.

. Favorite vacation spot actor: the basketball playgrounds of Los Angeles and the beaches of Saint-Tropez.

. Like Julia Roberts, George is forced to give autographs even in the toilet.

. Clooney uses the services of bodyguards rarely
. Prefers to walk with friends.

Artist likes to race motorcycles and outdoor barbecues.

It was believed that George in his youth attended the therapist, but in fact, Clooney turned to marriage guidance. At the time of his first and only marriage was in jeopardy.

. Recent record: George lived with a kindergarten teacher (in another version of a bartender), Frenchwoman Celine Balidran three years!

. Clooney does not know what attracts him to women
. He believes that this is the result of some chemical reactions


. Winner in the categories:
. Best Actor (comedy / musical)
. 2001 - Oh, where are you, brother? / O Brother, Where Art Thou?

. Winner in the categories:
. Breakthrough of the Year
. 1996 - From Dusk till Dawn / From Dusk Till Dawn

. Winner in the categories:
. Best Actors style action games (with Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube)
. 2000 - Three Kings / Three Kings

. Filmography:
. 1994-1999 - "ER" (ER), TV series, Dr. Doug Ross
. 1996 - "From Dusk Till Dawn" (From Dusk Till Down), Seth Gecko
. 1996 - "One fine day" (One Fine Day), Jack Taylor
. 1997 - "Batman and Robin" (Batman & Robin), Batman / Bruce Wayne
. 1997 - "The Peacemaker" (The Peacemaker), Thomas Devaux
. 1998 - "Out of Sight" (Out of Sight), Jack Foley
. 1998 - "The Thin Red Line" (The Thin Red Line), Captain Charles Bosch
. 1999 - "South Park: Bigger, longer and uncut" (anim.), voice
. 1999 - "Three Kings" (The Three Kings), Archie Gates
. 2000 - "This Storm" (The Perfect Storm), Captain Billy's Secret
. 2000 - "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), Ulysses Everett McGill
. 1999 - "Kilroy", since the same writer


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  • George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)
  • George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)

Photos of George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)
George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)

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George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney), photo, biography
George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney), photo, biography George Clooney (George Timothy Clooney)  Actor, Producer, photo, biography
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