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George Clooney

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Biography George Clooney
George Clooney (George Clooney).
George Clooney was born May 6, 1961, Mr.. Lexington (Kentucky). He was educated at the University of Northern Kentucky.
George Clooney in the world of show business came in the early childhood. His father - Nick Clooney, a journalist by profession, was a regular talk show host on cable television, and the first time on camera boy appeared already at the age of five years. George Clooney does not think his childhood a happy one, although often alternated with periods of prosperity over the years of despair, and their family often had to move from place to place hoping to find more lucrative work for his father. So George knew as early taste of money and luxury and poverty. His Aunt - Rosemary Clooney in the fifties was a famous pop singer, . on account of which was fifteen "gold" discs, . but she had hard times in life, . and when the years of success are in the past, . her mind could not stand, . and Rosemary graduated at the clinic for the mentally ill.,
. While George Clooney does not doubt that it is waiting for a brilliant career, fame came to him will not soon
. By and large it could even be considered a failure: after graduating from university - a year of unemployment, then moved to Los Angeles and shooting in eight television movies, none of which have never been completed. Who knows what would have ended Clooney attempts to become famous, if not for his participation in the television series "sanctuary", which not only brought him international fame, but also provided a comfortable existence. Dr. Doug Ross, played by George Clooney bribe audience hearts by their professionalism, irony and endless charm. At the actor noticed, and he began to receive one invitation after another ... Some paintings, like "the wrong century," directed by Ringel, or "Return of the killer tomatoes" by John De Bello passed unnoticed, while others - "sanctuary" Roda Holkomba. and especially "From Dusk Till Dawn Robert Rodriguez nominated Clooney and among the most popular actors of the 90-ies.
. George Clooney - a beautiful brunette with gray, . Ironically krivyaschimsya mouth and surprisingly sad, expressive eyes of the wise old man, . so pleased with the audience, . and especially the fair sex, . that those unanimously recognized the thirty-six George Clooney the new "sex symbol" of America.,
. Extravagant behavior of George Clooney, . violent drinking, . endless love affairs with the most beautiful and famous women in Hollywood, . from Madonna, . Michelle Pfeiffer, . Cindy Crawford, . Kelly Preston (now wife of John Travolta) to the waist and Belz-old Frenchwoman Celine Belitran, . his latest passions, . negligence and carelessness in the home, . have already become "the talk of tongues and, . Finally, . constant presence of a number of his "best friend" - a white and pink pig, . named Max, . without which Clooney will not appear on any of the reception - all this only fuels interest in his person,
. And sometimes after all this external environment becomes invisible Clooney, actor. Meanwhile, . George Clooney to date perhaps the most interesting American actor, . which can cope with are the most versatile role, . that he proved, . then, . appearing in the image of a cynical and bloodthirsty bandit in the fi thriller ( "From Dusk Till Dawn"), . then, . before an audience in the way of the poor and dear father in the melodrama of Michael Hoffman's "One Day", . where his partner stood Michelle Pfeiffer, . then, . gay viewers once the tape about the adventures of Batman, . then, . demonstrating the full seriousness of the "Peacemaker.,
. But in whatever genre or played George Clooney, . one thing remains unchanged - an amazing charisma and self-irony is the actor, . that and help him equally convincing look at a variety of roles, . and, . despite all their human failings, . remain for millions of spectators as the most attractive character, . man "one hundred percent.",

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