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HOOK Svetlana

( Actress)

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Biography HOOK Svetlana
photo HOOK Svetlana
Date of Birth: 22/06/1950

Svetlana Kryuchkov was born June 22, 1950, Mr.. in Chisinau. Family relationship to art had no middle name but the actress for a long time leads to confusion not very knowledgeable fans who expected her daughter to the famous actor Nikolai Kryuchkov.

. Before you enter the Moscow Art Theater School, . which she still remembers with awe, . Kryuchkov has tried a lot of professions: the data center operator and bothered, . and turner povkalyvala, . and senior taxidermist in the Agricultural Institute worked,
. The examinations commission slight frown on her Moldovan dialect, but a few years, at the end, Kryuchkov offered - neither more nor less - a place teaching speech.

. In that year she played Nellie Ledneva in "Big Change" (1973) and became famous after the TV premiere of unusually
. Muscovites did not give her pass on the streets, . instantly recognizing in it a factory girl, . that the ears in love with the hero Mikhail Kononov, . and her song from the movie "We choose, . we choose - as it often does not match ... "and to this day has Kryuchkov heels,
. Say, . high police official after the "Big Change" was kindled in her hot feeling, . offered her hand, . heart and organized life in Moscow, . that Kryuchkova was then very useful, . but she looked at him intently and decided: "No, no, . I'd rather be somewhere on pristupochke priyuchus ... ",
. She did still out, but unsuccessfully, divorced, and soon had a romance with the Leningrad operator Yuri Veksler, and Kryuchkov threw adored MAT and moved to Leningrad.

. Wexler shot Kryuchkov than once - in the "eldest son" (1975), where it all began, in "Marriage" (1977), in "Imperial Hunting" (1990), and, perhaps, none of the operators had better not "understand "her face
. Wexler died in 1991. heart disease, shortly before they parted Kryuchkova. Stayed son Mitya, who is now studying for a sound technician in the Humanities University of Trade Unions, where his mother teaches acting. She is growing up the son from another marriage, Sasha, is a schoolboy.

. But all this - case nineties, . and then, . in 1975, , . the principal director of BDT - the main theater of the city, . maybe, . and the country - people with "Lenfilm" told, . in Leningrad appeared interesting young actress: by the time Kryuchkova starred in the actual "Awards" (1974), . where she played kranovschitsu Motroshilova,
. Tovstonogov invited her to test the role in the play of Sergei Jurassic "Fantasy Faryateva: get - take in the company, not work - alas. Kryuchkov played in over twenty-five years left on the scene BDT, where it was performed many notable, sometimes very prominent role. Of her work the eighties and nineties, it is worth mentioning fool Kupavinu in "Wolves and sheep", . insatiable and passionate Mamayev in "On any wise man ...", . inflamed sense unanswered Kostylevo in "The Bottom", . twin markitanku Anna Firling in "Mother Courage and Her Children",
. Now the actress does not go - we want to believe - temporarily, at this stage, preferring to work and earn a living in the entreprise.

. As for her romance with film, it was held: Kryuchkov not played too much, but no work was not, in some years came out of several roles
. And whoever played it - urban and rural, young and not very, beautiful and so-so - it was pulling out of every Indian insides. No Babskii, no, namely, that Indian. Detects it and coquettish nepmanshe ( "Can not be!", . 1975), . and Natalia Makarska from the "elder son", . and freckled fat Agafya Tikhonovna of "Marriage", . one of his best roles in movies, . and scampish, . Nienke unsettled from "Rodney" (1981), . and in the pop-eyed secretary of the Courier (1986), . and white-faced doll Catherine II of "Imperial Hunting" - yes in all roles, . list that is not possible,
. She knows how to work on the cautious tones ( "elder son"), . and can afford razudaluyu eccentric - so "made" sporadic and unforgettable Elsa Barrymore, . maddening unstoppable trash Sir Henry in "The Hound of the Baskervilles" (1981), . gradopravitelnitsa Stockfisch in "It" (1989), . disheveled trough Aunt Chava in "The Art of Living in Odessa" (1990), . amusing ryzhekudraya maid virgin in "Burnt by the Sun" (1994).,

. In recent years, unhappily for the actress, the roles are almost no
. But a small role of the directress of the club in "totalitarian novel" (1998) played it so that other words, except as aerobatics, it is difficult to find. It seems that her heroine, a woman with Belomor in the corner of his mouth, went into a blind defense of life. But one scene, a brief glance Kryuchkova enough to identify it true, locked up far, far away. Once upon a time, a proposal to offer the film on the film, however, does not have. At one time Kryuchkova abandoned the role of the priestesses of love in Ryazanovskaya "poor hussar ..." (1980). Far better would it twenty years later, refused to participate in his "old horse" (2000), to comment on that - including, alas, and her work - absolutely no opportunities.

. 1973 - "Big Break"
. 1974 - "The Prize"
. 1975 - "No!"
. 1975 - "The Elder Son
. 1977 - "Marriage"
. 1981 - "Relatives"
. 1981 - "Hound of the Baskervilles"
. 1986 - "Courier"
. 1989 - "It"
. 1990 - "Royal Hunt"
. 1990 - "The Art of Living in Odessa"
. 1994 - "Burnt by the Sun"
. 1998 - "Totalitarian Romance"
. 2000 - "old horse"

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Photos of HOOK Svetlana
HOOK SvetlanaHOOK SvetlanaHOOK Svetlana

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  • Father S. Kryuchkova - Kryuchkov, Nikolai Fedorovich, born December 18, 1918. village Ershtermay, Zhlobin rn, Gomel - Belarus. He died in 2005.
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    HOOK Svetlana, photo, biography
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