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Malinin Aleksandr

( Singer)

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Biography Malinin Aleksandr
photo Malinin Aleksandr
Date of Birth: 16/11/1958

"I have two drawbacks - I am very modest and stunningly handsome". ( "MK", November 27, 1999).

Alexander Malinin (real name - Vyguzov) was born November 16, 1958, Mr.. in Sverdlovsk. As a child, learned to play guitar after school went to train vocational school, but soon threw it away and went into the army. There, oddly enough, recognizes musical talents of Alexander and identified him in a military band, where the future artist songs played on the horn.

After demobilization Malinin joined the studio in the variety Philharmonic. Then he sang in the Urals folk choir, and in 1983. moved to Moscow. He worked in the group "Metronome" and "Group of Stas Namin," which, however, while not particularly popular. Nevertheless Malinin learned a lot from the team soloist Alexander Losev. In 1986. Alexander Malinin got in a serious car accident and lost his voice for six months. Exit depression helped him work in the ensemble of "Metronome", where he returned after restoring.

"Finest hour" was Malinin competition "Jurmala-88", held in summer in the hall Dzintari. It should, . that our country has always been public increased attention to all kinds of TV music contests (the last example - Eurovision, . where failure Alla Pugacheva), . although their results have traditionally had no effect on the tops and the true situation on the stage,
. Alexander Malinin, who took the Grand Prix "Jurmala-88", was thus the exception proves the rule. Besides him after "Jurmala" in men "only worn-Aziz (Mukhamedova) and, perhaps, Igor Demarin. Malinin remember his red shirt and singing "Corrida" and "Sliding Doors" - a rather obscure terms shlyagernosti, but are ideally suited to the specific competitive format. Was unusual and the image of the singer: an earring in one ear and the blonde hair, gathered behind in a long tail, that for 1988. seemed unusually courageous and interest of the public and the press. "So like my favorite girl," - smiling, Alexander explained to the questions about hair. With braids singer parted only in 1996

After "Jurmala-88" Malinin woke up famous. He was lucky with the repertory. Performance of the song "Vain words" (music by David Tukhmanov, poems Larissa Rubalsky) identified the vector of his work - from then on, Alexander sings mostly ballads romansoobraznye. Soon Malinin sang "Lieutenant Golitsyn and other works of" the White-cycle. The red shirt was discarded in favor of special tunic, a stylized form of pre-revolutionary officers.

Some time after winning the "Jurmala" singer worked under the auspices of the Theater lyrics Alla Pugacheva. In 1989. Alexander Malinin began to speak with the accompanying group of "Professor".

In early 1990, Mr.. Malinin combined legal marriage with a lady named Emma. It was the third stamp in the passport of Mr. Vyguzova. From two previous marriages (one of them - with a popular singer in the past Olga Zarubina) has two children, son and daughter. Emma also has a son from her first marriage. Third marriage Malinin became the most successful: he regularly takes his wife in their own clips, never tires of talking about his love for her and helped her buy a small medical clinic (Emma - gynecologist). In addition, Alexander and Emma were married. At concerts Malinin his wife went to the stage during the song "Night".

The success of the songs brought Alexander Malinin the idea of creating a great theatrical show. So there "Balls Alexander Malinin, the first of which were sold out with in April 1991. in SK "Olympic". Malinin sang accompanied by the orchestra, the dancers waltzing around ... "In the word" ball "there is no additional internal energy, the word creates an atmosphere that I love very much, which is very close to my inner world", - explained Malinin "format" of their submissions. Organizational side of the "Sightseeing" claimed company LIS'S ". However, in 1992. Alexander rejected the idea of balls at the stadium. Since then, his shows are usually held at the State Kremlin Palace, or concert hall "Russia".

In 1991, Alexander Malinin was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, and in 1998 he became People's Artist of Russia. By the way, he is one of the most recent winners of the Lenin Komsomol Award (1990).

In early 1996, Malinin released the album "I still love you", and at the end of that year, went on a leash of fashion and issued a plate "gourmet Dances. Songs of past years - "My Marusechka" "samovar", "forelock" and others. - Heard in "reyvoobraznoy" processing. Perhaps it is flirting with young people has become a harbinger of a creative crisis Malinin. The number of concerts has decreased, as part of its permanent spectators "gone over" the camp of fans of the new fruity singer Valery Meladze. In addition, Malinin much less than in the "postyurmalskie years" flashes on the TV.

The current period of creativity Alexander Malinin characterized by a return to the lyric repertory. In 1998. he released the disc "Wedding", designed to remind the public about the merits of the Executive. Disc 1999. "Nights damned" by 80 per cent consists of ballads, sung with guitar. These compositions are not included in any album, and mostly not performed at concerts, because the singer bank them for a separate plate.

Alexander Malinin loves downhill skiing and can not bear to rest on the beach. She likes to drive cars, although a few times and got into an accident.

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    Malinin Aleksandr, photo, biography
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