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Julianne Moore

( Actress)

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Biography Julianne Moore
photo Julianne Moore
Date of Birth: 03/12/1961

Deleted a red-haired beauty Julianne Moore in the movie "Uncle Vanya" or clunky rifle shooting action movie "Assassins", she always exudes eroticism magnetic. Desire - keyword applies to her role in the "end of the novel, the role zadevshey even the Puritans of the Academy Awards, actress nominated for an Oscar.

Born Julie Anne Smith has chosen a very good nickname. Surname Moore perfectly rhymes with the French word "love". First, Julianne hard not to love, and secondly, love - is what most often engaged in on-screen heroine Moore. So shrill and dragging "End of the novel, full of frank and sublime eroticism, can be regarded as a logical culmination of a ten-year film career Giuliani.

. The daughter of a military judge and a social worker was born on December 3, 1961 (other sources - 1960) in Fayettville, North Carolina
. In the 80 graduate schools of arts at Boston University is actively starred in the television series, in 1988 for one of them - "and turns the world" - in the hands of Moore got the award "Emmy". Film debut assumed witty thriller "Tales from the dark side": in the first short story "Lot 249", . inspired by the terrible story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, . Julianne has played with such notable personalities, . Steve Buscemi and Christian Slater,
. Living fairy tale about a mummy - istrebitelnitsu students were more funny. It is ridiculous and what is sometimes referred to filmography Moore mysterious film of 1988 "Slaughterhouse - 2".

Moore started with a purely commercial projects. It can be seen in the "Hand, . Rocks the Cradle "by Curtis Hanson, . Tele as evidence "Uli Edel, . "Runaways" by Andrew Davis (talking, . that three-minute episodes in the latter was enough, . to Spielberg without trial approved Giuliani role in the sequel to "Jurassic Park"),
. Today, Moore accustomed to perceive, as an actress intellectual. Role crowned Venice Golden Lion "Short Stories" by Robert Altman made the girl's idol Paul Thomas Anderson. Continue the work of the classic Anderson called Moore a "Boogie Nights", the actress was nominated for an Oscar for supporting actress. True: fuck her heroine, the porn star Amber Ueyvs with Dirk Digglerom (in the world Mark Wahlberg) - this is something that does not allow to doubt the greatness of the porn age 70. If the movie "Club 54" would not be without the antique torso Ryan Philippe, "Boogie Nights" could not be without hedonistic sex for sale in a virtuoso performance ognegrivoy beast.

. In Altman and his follower Moore played twice - in "legacy Cookies" first and "Magnolia" is the second, but the next nomination was for now Neil Jordan
. Enumeration of Moore worked with directors mellifluous: Louis Malle, adapted for film in New York performance of Andre Gregory and taken off his finest "Vanya on 42 nd Street" (with Moore - Helen Andreevnoj). Todd Haynes, in the eerie "Security" which Moore played perhaps the best part - a happy housewife, Carol White, suffering almost fantastic illness "environmental illness", intolerant to environmental. Gus Van Sant - a dazzling red Moore perfectly blended in tacky coloring "psychosis", the style of a backup "Technicolor". James Ivory and his "Endless Picasso"; heroine Moore - Dora Maar - one of the mistresses of Daisy's brilliant interpretation of Anthony Hopkins. In 2001, Moore again played with Hopkins - this time in the bloody "Hannibal" Ridley Scott, the continuation of the famous thriller "Silence of the Lambs". Jodie Foster, too frightened by the close friendship of his former heroine Kleris Starling and cannibal Hannibal Lecter, refused to participate in the sequel, bold Moore, by contrast, readily agreed - perhaps remembering his horror last ..

. In 1998, never miss a casting Coen brothers chose Giuliani role of artist Maude Lebowski
. Militant Feminist, . "Typewriter vagina" ( "Most men can not even pronounce it!"), . heroine Moore strongly interferes in the life "Dude" Lebowski, . actually using it as a sperm donor ( "I'm not going to go with the father of her child in the world!"),
. It is believed that the nihilists Coen in the form of Maude make fun of all the fighters for equal rights for women - with the help of Moore, they managed to do it skillfully. In "The Big Lebowski" Julianne again pacing naked - though only for a second: "The moment for which invented the DVD", - the words of one Western critics. In 1999-th year Moore has played in five selected films; 2000 became the year of respite, but the first year of the new millennium, Moore said the new burst of creative activity. Her next project - a family comedy Ayvena Raytmena "Evolution" and melodrama Lasse Hallstrema "News of the Navy.

. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

. Filmography (actress)

. 1988 "Massacre 2" (Slaughterhouse 2), Julie
. 1990 "Tales from the dark side: The Motion Picture" (Tales from the Darkside: The Movie); Susan
. 1992 "Hand That Rocks the Cradle" (The Hand That Rocks the Cradle); Marl Craven
. 1992 "The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag" (The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag); Elinor
. 1993 "The body as evidence" (Body of Evidence); Sharon Dileyni
. 1993 "Benny and Joon" (Benny & Joon); Ruth
. 1993 "The Fugitive" (The Fugitive); Dr. Anne Eastman
. 1993 "Short Stories" (Short Cuts); Marian Wyman
. 1994 "Vanya on 42 nd Street" (Vanya on 42nd Street); Elena Andreyevna
. 1995 "Safety" (Safe); Carol White
. 1995 "Nine months" (Nine Months); Rebecca
. 1995 "Murderers" (Assassins); Electra
. 1996 "Endless Picasso" (Surviving Picasso); Dora
. 1997 "The Lost World: Jurassic Park - 2" (The Lost World: Jurassic Park) Dr. Sarah Harding
. 1997 "Boogie Nights" (Boogie Nights); Humbert Ueyvs / Maggie
. 1998 "Psycho" (Psycho); Lila Crane
. 1998 "Hell taxi" (Chicago Cab)
. 1998 "The Big Lebowski" (The Big Lebowski); Maude Lebowski
. 1999 "Magnolia" (Magnolia); Linda Partridge
. 1999 "The End of the Affair" (The End of the Affair); Sarah Miles
. 1999 "Map of the World" (A Map of the World); Teresa Collins
. 1999 "Ideal Husband" (An Ideal Husband); Mrs. Chivli
. 1999 "Inheritance Cookies" (Cookie's Fortune); Cora Duvall
. 2000 ladies' man "(The Ladies Man); Audrey
. 2001 "Hannibal" (Hannibal); Kleris Starling
. 2001 "Evolution" (Evolution)
. 2001 "Open" (The Hours); Laura Brown
. 2001 "Navy News" (The Shipping News); Wave

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