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Marilyn Manson

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Biography Marilyn Manson
The situation that arose with the escalation of this cultural phenomenon - comic and highly indicative. The very style of comical when you transfer it to a specific piece of flesh and blood. Due to this circumstance, most pop idols (even if you believe in the divine origin of Elvis) in real life - a very ridiculous figure, although at times the actual.

Eighteen Antichrist (then about it yet no one knew) moved in bohemian around Tampa Bay, laboring music journalist. According to a U.S. passport at that time (no document is not seen) young man was known as Brian Warner. It was in 1989. Even then he would write about the primeval times of the first car blowjob (and was it?), Grandfather and child-onanist railroad eclipsed by the latter orgasms glow-old boy.

Man plight often finds supporters. Similar youth Warner New World breeds, day and night. One of these unfortunates was a man Scott Mitchell. As usual, the guys decided to join - Music. First were invented uncomplicated, but trenchant aliases: Daisy Berkowitz (Mitchell with a guitar) and Marilyn Manson (Warner without guitars). Kunstkammera replenished: the interests of the club drew the attention of keyboardist Wayne Hayes and bassist Dzhidzhet Jane. Satanists-lovers through grueling brainstorming session came to a vulgar sign Marilyn Manson And The Spooky Kids.

. Ark running Manson, ringleader got a drum machine, homemade sound effects and primitive makeup for coveted boarding the Titanic show business
. Pun, strangely enough, has a definite meaning: the shelf shock-rockers of the early nineties, had lost badly. Satanists were (raged dissecting under the leadership of Rob Zombie), and mature monsters (necessarily Ozzy and Alice) were not in form, and most importantly - not in the format. Format of modern guitar music, of course.

. Ball rules grunge, and drops of sweat poured down on the labor trampled area of university halls, mingling with the depraved permissiveness neo-punk, which seethed under the checked shirt and basketball T-shirts
. Both the nasal Marilyn is still clumsy little hands of his musicians thundered in the depths of the fertile womb.

Manson, however, did not fall asleep in the cesspool of Seattle, will continue to review its conservative childhood. Novoyavlenny alchemist turned to the ideological extremals - omnivorous producers of industrial. The course was not a new. Coil, Ministry and others have repeatedly worked over this ground, but the technical sophistication of the idea of killing. The public needed shoumen how to clown it may seem.

In fairness, it is worth noting that Satanists play music sounded harder heroes Seattle. Fifth Column suddenly appeared on the pages of the press in 1992. Journalists noted gothic show some success in Florida. Meanwhile, Manson sent a demo tape with the revelations. These dirty rooms became even cover version of Madonna's "Justify My Love". The sound quality was nasty, effects - crude. A word - trash. Other things have turned out in the magical hands of Trent Reznor, while they looked promising group for their label, Interscope Records.

. In 1993, Manson and Reznor signed a record deal and warm up performances on tour with Nine Inch Nails coming spring
. Rolling up his sleeves, Trent set about cleaning sewage - only seven rooms were suitable for processing. In cart flew tracks very idiotic content like "Lucy In The Sky With Demons" and the aforementioned kick Madonna. What did the evil genius - seems to be a very little. Reduced longueurs, where home-grown rockers demonstrated sound counterpoint, not to mention individual skill (mostly - Berkowitz).

In fact, Reznor worked at his favorite job - dekonstrutsiey and decomposition. Marilyn Manson with his views on the village road demonic star was expertly dissected, studied and collected together. The process of working on Manson can be seen in singles, precede "Portrait Of American Family". The group was recruited bassist Twiggy Ramirez and drummer Ginger Fish, who can deal with musical instruments, not only in the format institute binge drinking. First single out now classic "Get Your Gunn", and then - cheeky EP "Lunchbox", which demonstrates the powerful patron attentive pupil state of affairs in modern music. Technically EP "Lunchbox" was made even better than the next album, for ingenuity Reznor-remixer is well known. According to Trent, one track could turn out six or seven tracks, interesting for listeners. Under the direction of Reznor was made and a full debut disc.

Marilyn Manson clipped coupons for success - "Portrait Of An American Family" bad went on sale, despite the frankly pitiful numbers. Moreover recruit Twiggy Ramirez was a gifted author adhesive Zongo and gradually took the place of the main henchman. Experiments on an (allegedly removing the ribs and eye strain) and faithful squire Twiggy had worked. Sinister ensemble burst on MTV. Clips from the first album has already demonstrated in the Headbangers Ball, but only "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of this)" has received wide acclaim.

. World opinion was submitted to cover hits Eurythmics - synth-pop began vosmedesyatyh successfully lay down on the alternative metal the next decade
. In the clip Manson appears as a victim of obstetrical sloppiness: this time he smeared with soot, riding grim hog, put suction on the pale powder Ramirez and got out to the public through the ancient health unit. New work actor, oversaturated mocking remixes "from Reznor, snapped up with unusual speed, hoping to receive a brutalism and enthusiasm in the industrial processing of theatrical. Remakes "I Put A Spell On You" (Screamin 'Jay Hawkins) and "Rock'n'roll Nigger" (Patti Smith), coupled with man-hating tirades original production gradually became a legend generation "rubbish and vampires."

. 1996 lifted the next disc Marilyn "Antichrist Superstar" at the top of pop charts, could not resist the incredible sound pressure
. The brilliant singles "Beautiful People", "Tourniquet" and "Man That You Fear", and even more enchanting video allowed to become so Manson, who did not Rob Zombie - a full-fledged governor Prince of Darkness in the infernal oven of show business. Pleased with the success, Reznor left the streamlined mechanism, immersed in the recording of the new creation NIN "Fragile". Grandiose world tour and shooting with Ramirez in "lost highway" by David Lynch yavili layman new hero - the ruler of abandoned shops and the central figure of the music press.

. However, soon came the change of image: a militant advocate devil Manson turned into a refined modern monarch glam, albeit with a heavy guitar sound
. "Mechanical Animals", released in 1998 allowed the former alt-pop to become a real hero: just talking about it, such conformist rooms as "Coma White" and "Last Day On Earth" - such sweet ballads, Marilyn has not yet produced. Reznor would not have allowed.

However, the frenzied commercial success of the album showed how comfortable can feel "public enemy number one". A recent example is Eminem also proves that the "bad guys" are the leaders of pop music - hell spoiled insane fees al'ternativshchikov (Pearl Jam Plan exceptions only prove the rule). Unless, . Manson tried to throw off the fetters of a successful artist, . writing for the animated series MTV "Celebrity Deathmatch" speed-metal number "Astonishing Panorama Of Endtimes", . entered into a concert compilation, . on the cover of which is still burning television crucifix,

The fate of the phenomenon apparently cleared after Nov. 14 the long-promised new studio album (in front of him even Marilyn was planning a full version of his classic Pink Floyd "The Wall").

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  • Gothic for Marilyn Manson
  • Manson you .! You are such a super one for you and never will be similar .. I'm going ssuma
  • Gothic for Marilyn Manson
  • KRASS for Marilyn Manson
  • Manson himself certainly terrible but he izvraschonnaya nature (like me) and just я?я?п©п?я€пЎп?п°я? music !)))
  • MaScot for Marilyn Manson
  • Manson just hyper sexy
  • Violet for Marilyn Manson
  • Manson you the most beautiful in the universe my entire life that would not be enough to find a boyfriend is the same as you !
  • Violet for Marilyn Manson
  • Marilyn you are so beautiful, I even do not have enough life in order to find is the same as you can search outside of life.
  • Katya for Marilyn Manson
  • Merilin Menson_4-EVER !)))))
  • GlooMka for Marilyn Manson
  • Lyalka, I thee a4 laffffffo ]]]]]]]] xDD ^
  • Osho for Marilyn Manson
  • Menson - Enlightened ... A bright flash in the night ...
  • OLYA for Marilyn Manson
  • YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD! I love you so much! YOUR devotees!
  • great Satan in hell for Marilyn Manson
  • Marilyn Manson you SUPER-duper п п?п?п?п?п?п?п?! Lutshe all, I am a rabid fan of yours!
  • Malu WARNER for Marilyn Manson
  • Marilyn, I love you very much and want you RRRRR ........
  • I am youre real Nightmare for Marilyn Manson
  • Brian - The Best.Bolshe not Naya Che write ........
  • ReMARk for Marilyn Manson
  • xz 4to on krassivui ... on prikolnui no .... vobwem xz11
  • Shadow Angel for Marilyn Manson
  • I love you very much, every day I'm going crazy for you, I will always love you, I am your captive forever!
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