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Cole Porter

( musician, composer for films)

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Biography Cole Porter
Date of Birth: 09/06/1891
Date of death: 15/10/1964
The great composer and lyricist Cole Porter was born June 9, 1891. His name is composed of the names of parents Kate Cole and Sam Porter, to unite their fate for love, despite the disgust of his father Keith James, Omar, a man of very rich and influential in Indiana. He began his career as the son of a shoemaker, but through the natural mind and will no laughing together a state that had very much to. James Omar was planning to give her daughter a clever young man, follower of his case, but Kate stopped the choice of timid chemist. James (usually called him simply J. O.) had only to pay for the wedding and a further young lives comfortably.

When Cole came to light, J. O. not spare the money to help the boy in his endeavors. With six years Cole has been studying music. He takes piano lessons and he hated the violin, gradually composes himself. Keith publishes his work and sends friends, organizing talents son good press, sponsors concerts of children's groups with a sine qua non - Cole goes solo.

. In 1905 Cole Porter adopted the "Worcester Academy" and is considered a promising young
. There, he met with Dr. Amberkrombi, which will play an important role in the Cole as a composer, he opened the mysteries of the relationship of music and music. Cole holds university years at Yale. With all the clarity

have two passions in his life: music and young people, athletic,. Inspired by that fact, the other a footballer, he wrote a myriad of rousing songs for matches, which subsequently became the Yale classics. At Yale, Cole, surrounded by friends, some of them in the future to help his Broadway career. Communication Porter University and classmates will last almost until the end of his days.

Good generously J. O. decides that, after Yale Cole a good idea to go in jurisprudence at Harvard. For music not make any money. Cole kept at the Department of the year, and then quietly pass the Harvard School of Arts, to continue the study of music. But the cast and, settling in New York to start a serious musical career.

. However, in America things went wrong - maybe in Paris will be better? In Europe there is a war, but Paris still sparkles, but Cole has local bohemians to taste
. Cole lying reporters that he enlisted in the French Legion, and the reputation of being a hero at home. With his money and charm he has entree wherever flowing champagne, played by extraterrestrial musicians, and "first person" of the country having fun with transvestites and soft drugs. In 1919, Cole often seen with an American divorcee Linda Thomas.

They become close friends and decide to register a relationship - not love, but purely business. First husband hurt Linda, so it is quite happy marriage without sex and without claims. Cole gives her social status and money, she told him - the official cover for the passions, which at the beginning of the century looked not too dignified. They were married Dec. 19, 1919 and strange getting on until Linda's death in 1954.

Main employer Cole, Hollywood becomes a second Yelem - "community" accepts it with open arms in part because of sexual orientation. Linda does not like their Hollywood home because of the notoriety that brought him countless shocking public party. Cole, famous, rich, for him there are no barriers. Linda is afraid for his career, he just laughs.

Joy of life ends in 1937. Cole falls from a horse. Breaks both legs. A long time in the hospital, heavily experiencing illness. Physical pain dulled torments: he now no one needed a cripple, where beautiful tanned young men no longer stop the interested gaze.

. Surprisingly, over the next ten years after the accident, he would write more cheerful melodies than ever before in life
. He is confined to a wheelchair and constantly tormented by pain.

In 1945, he gives permission to stage a film about himself. The tape "Night and Day" can hardly be called successful. It, of course, overshadowed by features of its nature, homosexuality, marriage and business with Linda. Instead, it is about the great mission of Cole Porter, including his service in the French army, which was not in fact. Sam Cole enjoy this candid fiction and "self" by Cary Grant (Incidentally, another "secret" homosexual).

In 1958, Cole's right leg amputated. He wrote his last song 'Wouldn't It Be Fun?'. Muses are leaving the composer and he slowly fades away.

Cole Porter died 15 October 1964. His funeral, under the last will, between his wife Linda and his father Sam Porter in Santa Monica, California.

. During his creative life, Cole has written so much music and lyrics for Broadway shows and Hollywood movies, that the list of his songs will take a few dozen pages
. To understand what is at stake, it is enough to recall the great standard 'I've Got You Under My Skin'.

His songs were sung by Ella Fitzgerald and Sinead O'Connor, Frank Sinatra and Bono, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits, Annie Lennox, and Jimmy Sommerville. Standards Porter in the performance of today's stars can be heard on the disc "Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter" (1990).

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Cole Porter, photo, biography
Cole Porter, photo, biography Cole Porter  musician, composer for films, photo, biography
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