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Robert Rodriguez

( Director, screenwriter, producer)

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Biography Robert Rodriguez
Date of Birth: 20/06/1968

Robert Rodriguez was born on June 20, 1968 in San Antonio (Texas) in the family of merchant kitchenware. He was the third of ten children. Pleasure for the children was headed by the mother, wary of the flow of new movies, so the screen diet consisted of musicals studio MGM, the Marx Brothers comedies and Hitchcock. The mother bore the name Rebecca, and therefore led the children in the double session "Rebecca" and "enchanted", which made the little stunned Robert. In the fifth grade, sitting in class, he began to make their own "comic": drawing on the fields of dictionary pictures - if you flip through the book, was obtained filmik. The eighth saw "Escape from New York" by John Carpenter and decided to make his own movie. My father was vosmimillimetrovaya camera, but the first film shot with it, came out the first pancake, which is a clod.

From childhood used to maneuver in a situation of shortages, Robert has shown that necessity is sometimes tricky to fantastic fictions. This was his main artistic principle. In 1979 his father bought for their needs four head VCR, in addition to that received the camcorder. On this equipment, Robert made a film with homemade clay dolls, or with brothers and sisters - finished acting group. This was his second artistic principle - to use what is at hand. The case went to take off, when my father bought a new vidak - on the two devices could be mounted, then overlay the sound and music. Thus was born his way of assembling and directing the third principle - to shoot with the least amount of duplicated. It's time to reap the laurels. Schoolboy shorts Rodriguez became so popular that he was allowed to pass instead of written work movies. Honed fourth principle: Rodriguez, in his words (he, of course, flirting), did not learn to write well, but to build visuals learned.

. At kinofakultet Rodriguez did not take, . and he entered the art department at Texas Tech University, home movies "David and his sister" and "Dead Drunk", . and then "Austin stories", . furnished by students kinofakulteta, . won a lot of prizes at various festivals.,

. It was time to venture on a great movie
. Rodriguez wrote the script malobyuzhdetnogo musical film with latinoamerikanskm color "El mariachi" (three weeks), deciding to do it without the crew. Photographing need quickly and vigorously - then get a dynamic, energetic and cheap movies. Experience of working on the film, immediately declaring the world-famous, Rodriguez stated in the book "a rebel without a team."

. Sequel to "El mariachi" (1993), . first American film in Spanish, . received the audience award at Sundance festival, . exceeding the record for cheapness among the majors (7 thousand dollars), . became Desperado (1995) with Antonio Banderas, . first brought before an American audience, . and Salma Hayek,
. And Salma Hayek became the favorite actress Rodriguez (she co-starred with him in 1994 in the television movie "Racing on the road").

Through mystical anthology "Four Rooms" (1995) he entered the company of Alexander Rockwell and Quentin Tarantino. In a scenario Tarantino Rodriguez put the "From Dusk Till Dawn" (1996), genre hybrid with elements of westerns, horror and thriller, with Tarantino agreed to rewrite your script under Rodriguez. Rodriguez happy and knowingly used Mexican vampyrical mythology, . is a movie no one has touched, . bloody rituals since the Aztec civilization and other exotics, . mixed it with the mythology and iconography Frontier, . generously adding to the horror stories of humor, . apart in places brilliant cast headed by the set of Tarantino and decorated by the incomparable Salma Hayek,
. Two sequels, shot by other directors - the best proof of the success of the film.

Rodriguez has long observed the screenwriter Kevin Williamson, of which he became a fan after the first "Scream", seeing in him a kindred spirit. He warmed to the idea of horror, inspired by the horrors of school life, this paranoid nightmare, in the form of which she appeared in "Faculty" (1999), their joint creation, with Williams and the fifth movie with Salma Hayek. Taking native to the American film plot about the Body Thief, . Rodriguez shot gay movie, . as always, just by moving the focus within the traditional genre and as always successfully joke: for example, . sex-bomb, Salma appeared in the form of sneezing, red-nurse,
. As usual, Rodriguez shot the film in his native place, in Austin (Texas), mainly in the school for the deaf.

. In 1990, Rodriguez was married to Elizabeth Avellan, with whom founded Los Hooligans productions (1991), which is produced all his films, as well as the mother of three joint ownership of children.

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Robert Rodriguez, photo, biography
Robert Rodriguez, photo, biography Robert Rodriguez  Director, screenwriter, producer, photo, biography
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