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Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez)

( Actress)

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Biography Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez)
photo Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez)
Date of Birth: July 12, 1978
Place of Birth: Beksar County, Texas

Michelle Rodriguez was born July 12, 1978 in the county Beksar, Texas. Michelle Rodriguez in early childhood she knew that it would be a movie star, but for a long time, she did not know how to get to believe all the rest. Parents Michelle Rodriguez is not taken seriously the fact that she dreams of becoming an actress. 'I grew withdrawn and angry kid with big ambitions' - recalls Michelle Rodriguez. These qualities and subsequently played a decisive role in the career of an actress that can be called an antipode of Jennifer Lopez.

. When Michelle Rodriguez turned 8 years old, the family moved to the Dominican Republic, where she helped to arrange numerous relatives
. The instability of the political regime in the country forced the family to move to Michel Puerto Rico. After two and a half years, the family Michelle Rodriguez decided to return to the United States and settled in New Jersey. With an 11-to 19-year-old Michelle Rodriguez lived and studied in this city.

In 1998, Michelle Rodriguez decides to go to conquer New York. She attends numerous castings and actively removed in the crowd. Fashion is not a Latin American culture in the cinema and show business is only beginning, but Michelle is stubbornly to his goal. In 1999, Michelle Rodriguez gets just two small roles - in the movie Summer of Sam and Cradle will pump. Painting Summer of Sam was a rapturously received by critics, but the sultry beauty Michelle did not pay attention.

. In 1999, Michelle Rodriguez accidentally caught sight of a note in the magazine that declared the sample to the main female role in the film The Battle of Women (Girlfight)
. The fact that this role may become a turning point in career, Michelle felt immediately, as well as the fact that this role was written just for her. Karen Kasme, the film's director Female Fight dreamed of finding on the role of the heroine, Diana Guzman, a actress who exuded a powerful brutal charm, similar to what had the young Marlon Brando. Now we see that Michelle Rodriguez just fits this description.

Film Female Fight - directorial debut Karen KASME - before they start working in film, she worked eight years of professional boxing. 350 girls to claim the role of the protagonist and Michelle Rodriguez had to prove the creator of the film that little experience in film and nevladenie techniques of boxing will not affect the result. Within five months, until there was a selection, Michelle Rodriguez trained in the gym and, at the beginning of filming, she was ready to fight even at the present ring. For the heroine of the movie - Diana Guzman, boxing - it is an opportunity to get rid of aggression, to take life as it is kakya and understand itself. In the film, Female Fight no bloody shocking scenes of violence, but its strength comes from within and this is undoubtedly merit leading lady - Michelle Rodriguez. Once the project independent film was estimated at prestigious film festivals in the year 2000 - the film won the Grand Prix Festival of independent film in the Sundance and the Grand Prix Festival in Deauville, . Michelle Rodriguez talked about as a new star,
. Great talent actress, who displayed himself in this picture has been appreciated and the audience and critics, who called Michelle Rodriguez 'most promising Hollywood star' ... Sama Michelle Rodriguez has received numerous awards at festivals in America as best actress.

In 2001, Michelle Rodriguez starred in the sharp shooter Afterburner. Partner Michelle in the film was Vin Diesel - actor, who is in Hollywood, also places great hope. In Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel on the set broke stormy romance. Such a hot couple became the center of attraction of the audience's attention the film. In addition, the shooting Michelle Rodriguez had the most difficult tricks to perform and fearlessness surprised even seasoned filmmakers. 'Prior to sit in front of the camera behind the wheel, I had a 2-year experience of driving without a license, so I think that what I had to do on set, it is possible to take a test', - says Michelle Rodriguez. In the same year she starred in the drama 3 am to participate in a festival in Sundance.

In 2002, screens the film was released Resident Evil director Paul Anderson-screen version of the famous computer game Resident Evil. Michelle Rodriguez played a passionate leader of militant detachment STARS. And, though the heroine Michelle Rodriguez - Rain, dies in the movie, in continuation of the picture, which will be released in autumn 2003, we met her again. In the same year to be released and the movie SWAT. - Which was withdrawn on the grounds eponymous TV series, appeared in 1975. In Michelle Rodriguez, Cast Colin Farrell and Samuel L. Jackson. However, the actress said: 'I need more'. Interesting that she has in mind ...

What else to say about Michelle Rodriguez? In April 2002 she appeared in court on charges of assaulting a neighbor in an apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey. Police caused by neighbors, found Rodriguez, who beat his neighbor, and dragged her by the hair. If Rodriguez and in the lives of so otvyaznaya lady, then a movie, she plays herself. And since she is so sincere in their roles, so she will be a considerable success.

. Filmography:

. - Woman's Fight / Girlfight
. - Afterburner
. - Resident Evil
. - Blue Wave
. Stars on MafiaFilm.Ru Michelle Rodriguez

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    Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez), photo, biography
    Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez), photo, biography Michelle Rodriguez (Michelle Rodriguez)  Actress, photo, biography
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