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Denzel Uoshington

( Actor)

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Biography Denzel Uoshington
Date of Birth: 28/12/1954

Denzel Uoshington born December 28 1954. in Mount Vernon, New York, the middle child in the Trinity brats, reared his family priest and hairdresser. Matured Denzel studied at Fordham University in New York, planning a career journalist. But participation in student drama circle him to the actor's career - Denzel moved to San Francisco, where he mastered theatrical skills. At 23 he made his debut in the TV movie "Wilma", and in 1981. appearing in the first big project "a blueprint", amusing stories about how the character of the venerable gray-haired George Siegel reveals that he has an adult African-synulya.
Uoshington starred in a successful medical series company NBC "St. Elsewhere ", but real fame came to Denzel in 30 years when he played an ordinary Melvin Peterson in" Soldier stories "by Norman Jewison (Gold Prize of the Moscow International Film Festival-1985). (This director will announce the re-actor for "Oscar" feature of their "hurricane in 2000)
In the 80-ies. the actor demonstrated a very different facets of his skill - a Sydney Lumet in "Power" (1986), he neotyagoschenny capitalist morality; in "Cry Freedom" (1987) by Sir Richard Attenborough he is a hero of the South African resistance to Steve Biko (Peter Gabriel song "Biko" - just the hero Denzel, . brought the first actor nominated for an Oscar for the role vtoroplanovuyu) in "Mighty Quinn" (1989) Carl Schenkel Uoshington - poluparodiyny Jamaican police chief Xavier Quinn,
. Also in 1989. Denzel again (and not the last time) puts on his uniform. Role of Tripa in the military drama Edward Zwick "Glory" from the history of the Civil War of the volunteer corps, which consisted entirely of blacks, brought 35-year-old actor Academy Award for best supporting actress.
In 90-ies. Uoshington became black star N 1. Then it came the inevitable meeting between the main actor's African-American cinema with its principal director - Spike Lee. Their first joint film was impressionistic sketch of the New York jazz hangouts "More and Better Blues", where Denzel played a role, inspired by way Spike father, Bill Lee.
. Since Spike is connected and the role of whole life, "Washington, which has played, he always took pride of place in the iconostasis of the black community
. This reincarnation of a brilliant actor in a radical political star of the 60's, Malcolm X's in the eponymous biopic Lee (1992). X was the opposite of "neprotivlentsa" Martin Luther King, a fierce supporter of "sound of violence" and the prophet of rampant Islamization of the black population. Role brings Uoshingtonu prize of the Berlin Film Festival and nominated for an Oscar for "Best role" - a double shot, the mirror was repeated in 2000. for the role of boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.
Subsequent further work - all as on selection. Don Pedro of Aragon in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" (1993) Kenneth Brann; steep officer in Bagrovo tide "(1995) Tony Scott, . a fighter with a virtual maniac in "Virtuosity" (1995) by Brett Leonard and a fighter with a maniac in the beyond "Fallen" (1998) Gregory Hoblita,
. The only failure - the role of a paralyzed genius of criminology in the disastrous "Bone Collector" (in our hire - "The Bone") (1999), Philip Noyce.
. In the triumphant biography "Hurricane" Denzel reaffirms the power of transformation in the image of the real character
. First, 45-year-old actor impressively waving their fists in a black and white boxing-scenes. Then, who refused to don a striped robe zek and down from the mind in a cage in the cooler, it becomes overgrown beard Afro-Rasputin, while the second part of the film again takes advantage of the prison's image guru. Played a unique role better, Denzel transplanted to the director's chair. In 1999. He began work on the painting "In search of fish" (Finding Fish)

. 1981 - "a blueprint" (Carbon Copy), Roger Porter
. 1984 - "Military History" (A Soldier's Story), Melvin Peterson
. 1986 - "Power" (Power), Arnold Billing
. 1987 - "Cry Freedom" (Cry Freedom), Steve Biko
. 1989 - "Mighty Quinn" (The Mighty Quinn), Xavier
. 1989 - "For Queen and Country" (For Queen and Country), Ruben
. 1989 - "Glory" (Glory), Trip
. 1990 - "Heart Condition" (Heart Condition), Napoleon Stone
. 1990 - "More and Better Blues" ( "The Best Blues Mo") (Mo 'Better Blues), Bleek Gilliam
. 1991 - Massalha Mississippi "(Mississippi Masala), Demetrius
. 1991 - "Ricochet" (Ricochet), Nick Stiles
. 1992 - "Malcolm X" (Malcolm X), Malcolm X
. 1993 - "Philadelphia" (Philadelphia), Joe Miller
. 1993 - "Much Ado About Nothing" (Much Ado About Nothing), Don Pedro of Aragon
. 1993 - "The Pelican Brief" (The Pelican Brief), Gray Grentem
. 1995 - "Virtuosity" (Virtuosity), Lt. Parker Barnes
. 1995 - "Crimson Tide" (Crimson Tide), officer Ron Hunter
. 1995 - "Devil in a blue dress" (Devil in a Blue Dress), Izzy Roulins
. 1996 - "Courage under fire" (Courage Under Fire), Colonel Nathaniel Sterling
. 1998 - "He Got Game" (He Got Game), Jake Shattlsuor
. 1998 - "Fallen" (Fallen), John Hobbs
. 1998 - "The Siege" (The Siege), Anthony Hubbard
. 1999 - "Bone Collector" ( "The Bone") (The Bone Collector), Lincoln Raimo
. 1999 - "Hurricane" (The Hurricane), Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

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Denzel Uoshington, photo, biography
Denzel Uoshington, photo, biography Denzel Uoshington  Actor, photo, biography
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