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WULF Virginia (Woolf Virginia)

( English writer, literary critic)

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Biography WULF Virginia (Woolf Virginia)
photo WULF Virginia (Woolf Virginia)
Together with M. Proust and Dzh.Dzhoysom was behind the modern novel.
Virginia Woolf, the former Adeline Virginia Stephen (Adeline Virginia Stephen), born January 25, 1882 the son of renowned writer Stephen L.. Father himself taught at home fragile and impressionable girl. After his death in 1904, Virginia, her sister Vanessa and brother Adrian and Toby moved from the prestigious Kensington in Bloomsbury - the area in the western part of London. In 1912 Virginia married the historian and economist L. Wolfe.

In 1907, Virginia Woolf, her husband, sister, brothers, and several like-minded friends formed a creative union of 'Bloomsbury', lasted until about 1930. Its activities were actively involved novelist EM Forster, the critic and essayist D. L. Strachey, artist D. Grant, art R. Fry and K. Bell (Vanessa's husband), economist Dzh.M.Keyns, editor D. McCarthy. See eye to eye on several key issues, members of the group were linked by a common program.

His first novel, Journey outside (The Voyage Out), Virginia Woolf published in 1915. Two years later, the couple founded the publishing house Woolf 'Hogarth Press', which soon became a thriving enterprise. This writer has published all his works: novels, Night and day (Night and Day, 1919), Jacob's Room (Jacob's Room, 1922), Mrs. Dalloway (Mrs. Dalloway, . 1925), . To the Lighthouse (To the Lighthouse, . 1927), . Orlando (Orlando, . 1928), . Waves (Waves, . 1931), . Years (The Years, . 1937), . Between actions (Between the Acts, . 1941); two biographies - Flush (Flush, . 1933), . note 'on behalf' dog poet EB Browning, . and Roger Fry (Roger Fry, . 1940), two collections of short stories - Monday and Tuesday (Monday and Tuesday, . 1921) and Haunted House (A Haunted House, . 1943), two feminist treatise - Three Guineas (Three Guineas, . 1928) and place (A Room of One's Own, . 1929); several critical works, . in t.ch,
. two volumes under the title the ordinary reader (The Common Reader, 1925 and 1932), Death of a butterfly (The Death of the Moth, 1942), Moment (The Moment, 1947), The Agony of the Captain (The Captain's Deathbed, 1950), and Granite and Rainbow ( Granite and Rainbow, 1958). In the diaries, which throughout his life led Virginia Woolf, author of over 100 sheets; compilation of these recordings included in her book Diary of a Writer (A Writer's Diary, publ. 1953).

In the novels of Virginia Woolf, the main issue is the image of mental states, rather than specific events. The reader is immersed in the thought that one or another hero, these internal monologues often reveal different points of view on one and the same event.

In the novel "Mrs. Dalloway Virginia Woolf for the first time found mastery of form and technique. The action takes place in one June day in London at the end of World War I, in the center of two characters - some critics see them as the two essences of the same person. In the novel To the Lighthouse describes his childhood as Virginia Woolf, the time spent by it in a summer house by the sea. In Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey writer wonderfully portrayed his beautiful mother and her adored father. The first part of the novel ( 'Window') recreates one September day in the life of Ramsey couple, their children and guests. The second part ( 'Time passes') begins the night of that day, but this night lasts for ten years, during which time one of the heroes dies, someone gets married, someone born children. The third part ( 'Beacon') begins with the dawn after a night. In Orlando brought writer friends, she called the novel's background, but in reality it is a fantastic variation on the historical material. Orlando simultaneously boy Elizabethan pores (16). Tridtsativosmiletnyaya woman and four centuries later. Waves - the most complex experimental novel, Virginia Woolf. It is a series of monologues, one by one 'progovorennyh' in the present time each of the six characters.

In the early years of World War II, Virginia Woolf wrote her last novel Between the acts, she had lived in a villa in Rodmelle (Sussex County), where she moved with her husband from the bombed-out London home. Hard going through the hard times of war, undermining the health of the tremendous tension forces in the work on a novel, Virginia Woolf committed suicide March 28, 1941.

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WULF Virginia (Woolf Virginia), photo, biography
WULF Virginia (Woolf Virginia), photo, biography WULF Virginia (Woolf Virginia)  English writer, literary critic, photo, biography
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