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GAMA Johann Georg (Hamann Johann Georg)

( German thinker, who was called 'northern magician')

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Biography GAMA Johann Georg (Hamann Johann Georg)
Born in Kц╤nigsberg (East Prussia) August 27, 1730. His early studies, as well as all subsequent life, were unsystematic, but inspired by a passionate search for truth, without any utilitarian purpose. Hamann led troubled lives, changed jobs and residence, some of the most fruitful ideas came to him in England, where he had lived since April 1757 and July 1758. Among his books - Socratic Attractions (Sokratische Denkwrdigkeiten, 1759); Crusades philologist (Kreuzzge des Philologen, 1762); Metakritika purism of reason (Metakritik ber den Purismus der Vernunft, 1784, publ. 1800); Thoughts about my life path (Gedanken ber meinen Lebenslauf, 1759, publ. 1821). Works Gaman fragmentary and unsystematic, consist of aphorisms, often have the character of prophecy and mysterious in content and mode of expression. Hamann died in Mц╪nster 21 June 1788.
Hamann was a prophet of the literary movement of 'Sturm und Drang' and an opponent of the Enlightenment. In contrast to the rationalism of Kant emphasized the importance of the productive capacity of the senses. The separation of reason and feelings, which plays an essential role in the system of Kant, because of its abstractness seemed Gamanu sterile and contrary to our language, in which these two 'opposites' are merged. Gaman liked to refer to the concept of the identity of opposites Giordano Bruno (based on Nicholas of Cusa), he possessed a remarkable ability to comprehend the unity of things, . which examines the mind sees clearly separated, . and accused the philosophers in the separation of the, . that unites God,
. All knowledge and action on Gamanu, must proceed from the specific things and specific personal connection with the things - faith. Reason is secondary: nil in intellectu quod non antea in sensu (there is nothing in the intellect, which had not been before in the senses). Nature and revelation (including the history and tradition) are the true source of all knowledge

. Hamann was a genius of inspiration and has a direct and profound influence on Herder IV, . introducing him to English literature, . especially with the works of Shakespeare and Ossian Macpherson, and the motion passed Herder 'Sturm und Drang' (in which the whole movement of Romanticism) their views on the essence of language and poetry ( "Poetry - the original language of humanity '), . tendency to irrational and intuitive, . doctrine of 'totality' (wholehearted involvement), . exaltation frenzy, . passion, . genius, . belief in the value of a person as such, and admiration for the sense of, . faith and the forces of nature,
. Deeply religious man, although it did not accept any of the orthodox, nor pietistskih attitudes that prevailed in his time, Hamann tried to see and discover the divine in things and human beings. His ideas influenced the philosophy of the 19. - Schelling, Hegel, Kergegora, as well as the creation of Goethe.

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GAMA Johann Georg (Hamann Johann Georg), photo, biography
GAMA Johann Georg (Hamann Johann Georg), photo, biography GAMA Johann Georg (Hamann Johann Georg)  German thinker, who was called 'northern magician', photo, biography
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