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Federico Garcia Lorca (LORCA Garcia Federico)

( Spanish poet and playwright.)

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Biography Federico Garcia Lorca (LORCA Garcia Federico)
(1898-1936), born June 5, 1898 in the village of Fuente Vakeros, in the family wealthy landowner Andalusian. He studied law at the Universidad de Granada and literature in Madrid, from his childhood interest in music. It is his passion was supported M.de Falla, Lorca who introduced the world of 'deep song' (cante jondo) - one of the oldest and most distinctive traditions of Andalusian folk. Lorca had a talent of the artist and in 1927 exhibited his works in Barcelona. Two years later, during a brief trip to New York, wrote a book of poetry in New York (Poeta en Nueva York, publ. posthumously in 1940), and returned to Spain, showed yet another side of his multifaceted talent: a student theater troupe headed 'Balagan', seeking to revive the interest in classical Spanish national drama. In 1933 Lorca went to Buenos Aires direct statement of his plays. In August 1936, Lorca was shot by Franco in Granada, although not belong to any political party.
After the Civil War, Garcia Lorca became the favorite poet of Spain, but he brought the world-famous dramatic works. His first book of poems (Libro de poemas, 1921) was marked by the influence of R. Darío and H. R. Jimenez, but it is clearly revealed two distinctive features of his talent: the musicality of verse, and connection with folk culture. In the second book, Songs (Canciones, 1927), Lorca for the first time combines the deepest lyricism with a dramatic vision of life, typical of Andalusian songs. Under the lyrical form of an enormous emotional strain, which reflects his perception of life as a fatal predestinations. This dramatic conception of lyrical incarnation was most adequate expression in the two books, . which primarily related to the popularity of the poet Garcia Lorca: Gypsy Ballads (Romancero gitano, . 1928) and Poem of Kant hondo (El Poema del cante jondo, . 1931),

From the dramatic nature of early poems Lorca moved to drama. In 1930 he wrote a play Magic shoemaker's wife (La Zapatera prodigiosa), for which in 1933 was followed by Don Perlimplina Love (Amor de Don Perlimpln con Belisa en su jardn, 1941). Then he creates his first masterpiece of drama, the tragedy of Blood Wedding (Bodas de sangre), which premiered in Madrid on March 8, 1933 and was a huge success.

Lorca wrote two tragedies, Ierma (Yerma, 1935) and House of Bernarda Alba (La Casa de Bernarda Alba). In 1935 he returned to the lyrical poetry and publishes Lament for Ignacio Sanchez Mejias (Llanto por Ignacio Snchez Mehas), written on the death of a famous bullfighter, his close friend.

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  • Ana Maria for Federico Garcia Lorca (LORCA Garcia Federico)
  • Actually man named Garcia Lorca, Federico. You see, Garcia Lorca - a name. Garcia - "paternal" part of this family, Lorca - "parent". His father was Don Federico García Rodríguez, mother - Vicenta Lorca Romero. When forming the names of the children come from the first part of his father and the first part of the parent. A completely - Federico del Sagrado Corazon de Jesús García Lorca. The majority of the Spanish names of double, . otherwise, . What were you - for the Russian looks roughly like this: "Vodkin, . Kuzma Sergeevich Petrov ",
    . Or "Maclay, Nikolai Miklukho." And in fact "no questions".
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    Federico Garcia Lorca (LORCA Garcia Federico), photo, biography
    Federico Garcia Lorca (LORCA Garcia Federico), photo, biography Federico Garcia Lorca (LORCA Garcia Federico)  Spanish poet and playwright., photo, biography
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