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Eybram James Garfield (Garfield James Abram)

( 20 th U.S. President)

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Biography Eybram James Garfield (Garfield James Abram)
Born November 19, 1831 in Orange (pc. Ohio). His parents were descendants of immigrants from New England, the first Garfield came to Massachusetts with Dzh.Uintropom in the early 17. In 1827 his father, James moved to Ohio, and died in 1833, leaving a widow with four children. Young Garfield helped on the farm until 16 years, and then went to Cleveland and worked as a boatman on the canal. He graduated from the patchwork Institute Case Western Reserve (now Hiram College) in Hiram (pc. Ohio) and Williams College in Massachusetts. In 1856-1859 he taught in the eclectic institute. In 1859 he was elected to the Senate in Ohio. Ardent supporter of Abraham Lincoln, Garfield left the political arena after the Civil War in 1861, to assist in the formation of the regiment of volunteers. Lacking military experience, however soon was promoted to lieutenant colonel and then colonel. Garfield's military career was short, but active. After a brief service in Kentucky, he was promoted to brigadier general, participated in the Battle of Shiloh (April 1862), and in 1863 became Chief of Staff of Cumberland Army. He fought and Chikamoge, shortly after the completion of this campaign was promoted to Major General.
Garfield's military career ended in the autumn of 1863 when he was elected to the House of Representatives. A member of powerful committees - Budget and Appropriations - he yielded to the influence of a Dzh.Bleynu, and when he was elected to the Senate in 1876, Garfield became the official leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Throughout the stay in the ward he has consistently voted in line with the line of his party, except when it came on tariffs. Was involved in at least two scandals. In the course of investigations into the case construction company Crц?dit Mobilier 'revealed that Garfield received a gift of shares of this company. It was proved that he received fees and from the company that was trying to get contracts for the paving of streets in Washington. These facts have not affected the career of Garfield, and in 1880 he was elected to the Senate. However, until his election as president has never in it and did not meet

. In the spring of 1880, Garfield said his candidacy for president, . but after the pressure put on him by the political circles of Ohio out of control and headed to the Republican national convention campaign Dzh.Shermana, . leading Ohio Republican politics,
. Sherman's rivals in the fight for the nomination began Dzh.Bleyn and W. Grant, and Garfield was unable to provide the majority of votes for their candidate. In the 35 th round of voting on some of the delegates supported the Sherman moved to the side of Garfield, and in the next round, he was unanimously nominated for presidency. During the election campaign the party faction of the Grant - Konklinga, speaking for the election of Grant for a third term, to refrain from supporting Garfield until a personal meeting with Senator R. Konklinga Garfield. Once completed the New York senator announced that Garfield had promised him to observe justice in respect of its faction in the allocation of posts.

Once completed by the successful elections 'stolvarty' ( 'persistent supporters') Konklinga stated that they ignore the distribution of posts in the federal government. Garfield and turn them against themselves insistence on the resignation of T. Brady, Assistant Minister of Post, engaging in fraud, and the refusal to make immediate appointments to the apparatus of the New York Customs. In protest, the senators Konkling and T. Platt resigned. Party feud ended with a tragedy. July 2, 1881, four months after the inauguration, the building of the Washington railway station on the life of the president was assassinated. For three months, Garfield was in critical condition and died on September 19, 1881.

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Eybram James Garfield (Garfield James Abram), photo, biography
Eybram James Garfield (Garfield James Abram), photo, biography Eybram James Garfield (Garfield James Abram)  20 th U.S. President, photo, biography
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