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Glenn Gould (Gould Glenn Herbert)

( Canadian pianist and interpreter of Bach's music.)

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Biography Glenn Gould (Gould Glenn Herbert)
At the age of 31, left the concert work and devoted himself entirely to recording
. Gould - one of the most original figures in the musical culture of our century, the public was aware many of his eccentricities: he was warmly dressed in hot days, . refusing to shake hands and sang along during the game itself (which is not difficult to hear in a number guldovskih entries),
. Many initially regarded his rejection of speeches (1964) as yet another trick gifted eccentric. However, after Gould's death, a group of critics and artists of the younger generation today announced its prophet, the first musician of classical direction, which recognize and properly use the power of the mass communication.

Glenn Herbert Gould was born Sept. 25, 1932 in Toronto, the son of furrier and music teacher. At fourteen he graduated from the Royal Conservatory in Toronto and in May 1946 gave his first public concert

. In 1955 Gould made in Washington and New York, . after which the firm 'Columbia' (Columbia Masterworks) immediately signed a contract with him, . with the very first record came out - very original, . free, . sparkling joy interpretation of Bach's Goldberg Variations - became a bestseller and emulated for decades,
. In 1957 the pianist on tour in the USSR.

At the height of his popularity, after nine years of concerts in crowded halls, Gould abruptly announced that the Executive ceases the activities. He argued its decision that the majority of artists from different arts have the opportunity to safely improve their creations - as opposed to performing musicians who are subject to random concert performances. He believed that as a result of the performer has formed 'wild conservatism' and that the recording (and later as radio, television, film and video) provides a much more favorable conditions for contact artist with the listener. Despite a lot of proposals, including a very profitable, Gould after 1964 has never been made public, preferring a solitary life in Toronto and focused work on audio and video. Gould died in Toronto on Oct. 4, 1982.

Gould recognized as the best performer of Bach in the second half of 20. And in its interpretation, he recorded the bulk of Bach's clavier music. His favorite authors were also pianist Brahms, Strauss, W. Byrd, A. Gibbons, and early Beethoven. Gould suffered a clear antipathy to almost all the music of a mature classical and romantic eras (from about 1750 to 1850); guldovskie recording of the complete sonatas of Mozart - a vivid example of voluntarism and self-confidence of the Executive.

Gould made one record as an organist (Art of Fugue by Bach), one as harpsichordist (4 suites by Handel) and one as a conductor (Siegfried Idyll Wagner - the last entry in the life of a musician).

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Glenn Gould (Gould Glenn Herbert), photo, biography
Glenn Gould (Gould Glenn Herbert), photo, biography Glenn Gould (Gould Glenn Herbert)  Canadian pianist and interpreter of Bach's music., photo, biography
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