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MILHAUD Darius (Milhaud Darius)

( French composer.)

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Biography MILHAUD Darius (Milhaud Darius)
Bold innovator who developed a technique widely Milhaud polytonal letters, ie. simultaneous combination of the product of two or more tonalities. Famous for his experiments with unusual combinations of instrumental and original rhythmic findings related to the treatment of non-traditional sources (American jazz and Brazilian folklore).
Milhaud was born on September 4, 1892 in Aix-en-Provence. He studied at the Paris Conservatory K. Leroy (harmony), A. Zhedalzha (counterpoint), and Sh-M.Vidora (FAA). Dissatisfied conservatism Leroy, Milhaud showed the teacher his sonata, which so infuriated the professor that the student was expelled from class. But Milhaud enjoyed the location Zhedalzha encouraging his musical experiments. As a teenager Milhaud hated music of Wagner and imbued with a love of Debussy's opera Pelleas Melisende. It is not surprising that in the first opus of Milhaud strong influences the style of Debussy.

In 1916, Milhaud, together with the poet and diplomat, P. Claudel, who became the French ambassador to Brazil, went as his secretary in Rio de Janeiro. He became interested in Brazilian folklore, folk songs that later reflected in his Brazilian melodies (Saudades do Brasil, 1920-1921). After returning to Paris in 1918 collaborated with ZhKokto and Belgian P. Koller (author of a book about the composer), entered the group of musicians ( 'Six'). In 1920, Milhaud Suite Proteus (Prote) has made a real scandal, and any time, any prime Milhaud gave rise to a public clamor. Milhaud, however, was not discouraged, and he continued to experiment. The first major work was the opera composer Eumenides (Les Eumnides, 1917-1922) on the tragedy by Aeschylus (translated Claudel), completely seasoned in polytonal manner. For its time it was too bold composition, and fully staged opera was only in 1949. Meanwhile, the reputation of other works created Milhaud - Bull on the roof of the ballets (Le Boeuf sur le Toit, 1919), The Creation (La cration du monde, 1923), salad (Salade, 1924) and Blue Express (Le train bleu, 1923-1924 ). Milhaud went on to compose operas, among them - Misfortunes of Orpheus (Les malheurs d'Orphe, 1924), Esther de Carpentras (Esther de Carpentras, 1925), poor sailor (Le pauvre matelot, 1925) and Christopher Columbus (Christophe Colomb, 1930). Opera Medea (Mede, 1938) he composed a libretto by his wife, Madeleine.

During the Second World War Milhaud emigrated to America, where he became professor of composition at Mills College (Oakland, pc. California). In subsequent years, one after another appeared ten major symphonies and two great operas - Bolivar (Bolivar, op. 236, 1943) and David (David, op. 320, 1952). During his long life Milhaud wrote a concert for almost all instruments, including marimba solo and percussion.

After the war, the composer taught composition at the same time at the Paris Conservatoire and at Mills College. Milhaud has always attracted a small number of original combinations of instruments, he was a master of tone and message of the chamber, but equally confident composer coped with high performing compositions. Among his works for large symphony orchestra - 12 symphonies and several piano concertos. In 1949 in Paris, published an autobiography Milhaud Notes without music (Notes sans musique). In 1972, Milhaud was elected a member of the French Academy of Fine Arts. Milhaud died in Geneva on 22 June 1974.

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MILHAUD Darius (Milhaud Darius), photo, biography
MILHAUD Darius (Milhaud Darius), photo, biography MILHAUD Darius (Milhaud Darius)  French composer., photo, biography
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