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MONET, Claude Oscar (Monet Claude Oscar)

( French painter, one of the founders of impressionism.)

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Biography MONET, Claude Oscar (Monet Claude Oscar)
November 14, 1840 in Paris, in the family grocer. Five years later his family moved to Le Havre. Around 1856, under the leadership of Louis Eugц╗ne Budena began to write landscapes in the open. In 1859 Monet went to Paris, where he met Pissarro, K.. In 1860 he was called up for military service in Algeria, in 1862 because of illness he returned to Le Havre and again began to write with types of coast Budyonny. Soon he became acquainted with Danish artist Jan Bartholdy Yongkindom, also a landscape painter. Yongkind was his second teacher. In November, Monet returned to Paris, where he studied in the atelier of Charles Gleyre and met with Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley and Frц╘dц╘ric Bazille.
Between 1863 and 1865, Monet worked in the style of Courbet and the realist school, but he was haunted by the idea of writing songs in the open air. The most famous of the works of this time, named as Edouard Manet painting, Luncheon on the Grass (1866, Moscow, Pushkin Museum), was written in the studio on the outline made in the open air. Two Seascapes Monet were exhibited and well received at the Salon 1865.

At the end of 1870 Monet moved to England. In London he met Pissarro and the seller of paintings by Paul Durand-Ruelle, who made the group famous Impressionists. In 1871 and 1872 Monet worked in Holland, at which time he became interested in Japanese prints.

Between 1872 and 1876 Monet and his family lived in Arzhanteye on the Seine near Paris. The artist often worked together with Renoir, Sisley and Manet, creating his famous scene boating, scenes of rural life. Often he wrote to his house and garden.

Transfer to a canvas variability of light, variety of atmospheric phenomena and changes of nature in different seasons by 1890 Monet brought worldwide fame and wealth. By this time he began working on several canvases at once, passing on each spot and the state of the species in some fairly short period of time working on a canvas often no more than an hour. In the following days he continued to write in the same sequence, until all the canvases were not finished. Among them a series of Haystacks (1890-1891), Poplar (1890-1892), Rouen Cathedral (1894), Kinds Thames (1899-1904) and Venice (begun in 1908).

In 1883, Monet settled in Giverny, near Vernon. Seven years later, he bought a house that first shot, and a plot of land on which he laid out a garden. From 1899 until death in 1926 (these years were overshadowed by the deterioration of vision) Monet created a vast canvas depicting a pond in the garden at different times of the day. 14 panels of a series of lilies are in Paris and conceived by the artist are exhibited in two oval rooms of the Tuileries Greenhouses. Monet died at Giverny on Dec. 5, 1926.

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MONET, Claude Oscar (Monet Claude Oscar), photo, biography
MONET, Claude Oscar (Monet Claude Oscar), photo, biography MONET, Claude Oscar (Monet Claude Oscar)  French painter, one of the founders of impressionism., photo, biography
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