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NELSON, Horatio (Nelson Horatio)

( British naval commander.)

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Biography NELSON, Horatio (Nelson Horatio)
Born in Burnham-Thorpe (Norfolk) September 29, 1758. Joined the naval service, was promoted to captain, commanded a large warship. Took part in the wars between Britain and Napoleonic France, has always remained the focus of society and enjoyed great popularity. First success achieved in the battle of Cape St Vincent, near the south-western coast of Portugal. Thanks largely to the actions of Nelson were captured 4 ships of the Spaniards, entered into an alliance with France. In the Battle of Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands off the north-west coast of Africa, Nelson was badly wounded, and his right arm amputated. Regained strength in early 1798, Nelson went to the Mediterranean Sea, where Napoleon's Egyptian campaign began seriously to affect the interests of Britain. For a brilliant victory over the French fleet at anchor off Cape Aboukir near one of the mouths of the Nile - Rosetta, Nelson was awarded the title of Baron (1798).
For several years, Nelson served as chief adviser to the Bourbons. His advice was not always good, in particular, they have led to an unsuccessful land campaign against the French army, followed by a drop in Naples. When in 1799 the city was returned to crown, Nelson had Bourbons military support in the massacre of the French and the Republicans.

In late autumn 1800, Nelson returned to England and soon took part in maritime operations under the command of Sir Hyde Parker. Destruction of the Danish fleet at the Battle of Copenhagen, 2 April 1801 was the most difficult military challenge in his life. Parker gave him the tactical leadership attack. For his victory, Nelson was awarded the title of Viscount.

During a brief Amiens peace agreement in 1802 between Britain and France, Nelson lived in a country house in Merton (Surrey), who bought it in 1801, splitting the cost with Sir William and Lady Hamilton. Sir William's death in 1803 coincided with the beginning of a new war with France. Nelson was appointed commander of the British fleet in the Mediterranean. For many months, blocked the French fleet at Toulon, while the flagship 'Victory'.

In 1805 the French managed to break through the blockade, connect with the Spanish squadron, come out of Cadiz, and commit themselves to the West Indies. Nelson's squadron set off in pursuit. Approximation of the enemy's frightened the French and forced them to return to Europe. Napoleon had hoped that Admiral Villeneuve GP will be able to provide control over the Channel Tunnel, during the time required for landing on the coast of England. But it happened differently. Nelson missed his victim; Villeneuve retreated to Cadiz on the Atlantic coast of Spain near Gibraltar, after a three-week vacation Nelson again led the English fleet that blocked Cadiz. 21 October 1805 off Cape Trafalgar defeated the French and Spanish, but in the hour of triumph was killed by random bullets.

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    NELSON, Horatio (Nelson Horatio), photo, biography
    NELSON, Horatio (Nelson Horatio), photo, biography NELSON, Horatio (Nelson Horatio)  British naval commander., photo, biography
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