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NORTH Lucius Septimius (Lucius Septimius Severus)

( The Roman emperor)

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Biography NORTH Lucius Septimius (Lucius Septimius Severus)
Born in the Big Leptis (Africa) in a family of riders. A successful military career was crowned with the title of North consul in 190, after which he commanded the legions in Pannonia. When 193 Praetorian Guard killed the emperor had spent three months Gelviya Publius Pertinax, . then made a mocking auction and sold the Imperial title of Mark Didiyu Julian, . legions proclaimed emperor of his team - North,
. Declaring himself the avenger of Pertinax, the North went to Rome and is easily mastered. His first step was the dismantling Praetorian Guard, which the North has replaced its own troops. Now Praetorians could become all the Legionnaires, not only the natives of Italy, and guard became the main source of replenishment of the officer corps. Around the same time as the North troops proclaimed emperors Clodius Albinus in Britain and Pestsenniya Niger in the East. Not wanting to fight on two fronts, the North allowed the first named Caesar (junior emperor), but against the second was made in the campaign and have already defeated him in 194. At 196 North obtained the family of the Antonines and announced its origin from the nerves of the Emperor, giving him stay on the throne of legitimacy, then hit the Albina and in February 197 inflicted a decisive defeat in Gallia. Henceforth, the North did not give his generals to command considerable forces to reduce their chances of mastering the imperial power. With the same purpose, Syria, and Britain have been divided, each into two provinces. Then north again drew the eye to the East: the result is largely successful campaign against Parthia (197-199), he mastered Mesopotamia. Following two years spent in the North of Syria and Egypt, where Alexandria has allowed to form a city council. Six years, from 202 to 208, the North was mainly in Rome, engaged in reforms of the imperial administration. At 208 North, accompanied by his wife and children went to Britain to subdue the mountain tribes in the north. The campaign has been little success, the Romans suffered heavy losses, and fall 210 a truce was arranged. Died in North Eborake (sovr. York) in February 211.
North tightened control of the Emperor of all aspects of life in the state by improving the administrative machinery and adding to it in the top of the class of riders, and limited the rights of the Senate. Much attention was given to law. It is significant that the praetorian prefect from 205 (the highest position in the apparatus) was a prominent lawyer Papinian, North has also been no less well-known jurists Ulpian and Paul. When the North was established a special department of the Imperial estates (res privata), is replenished by the confiscations and including most of the property Antonine dynasty. North resumed the practice of hands in Rome, and also organized nutritional funds for the poor, but the status of Italy when it was reduced to an ordinary province. In Rome, the North built a triumphal arch on the forum, built himself a palace and closes the lower design Septizony, remarkable for the beauty of ornamental structure at the southern foot of the Palatine. Important reforms have been in the army. Soldiers' salaries have increased from 375 to 500 denarii a year, the North allowed them to marry and live outside the camp, and retired officers to provide benefits during the occupation of civilian positions. Costs of the North were very significant, but after his punishment remains considerable funds. North wished that after his death, the state does not plunged again into anarchy, and therefore started early to nominate their sons Caracalla and Getu, whom he left behind him as co-rulers.

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NORTH Lucius Septimius (Lucius Septimius Severus), photo, biography
NORTH Lucius Septimius (Lucius Septimius Severus), photo, biography NORTH Lucius Septimius (Lucius Septimius Severus)  The Roman emperor, photo, biography
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