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Biography TRIFONOV Yuriy V.
Born August 28, 1925 in Moscow into a family party worker. Father Trifonova began revolutionary activities during the 1905 Revolution. After the October Revolution of 1917 became one of the organizers of the Red Army. In 1937, was repressed. Family history of art is embodied in many works Trifonova, in t.ch. documented story firelight (1965) and in the novel The House on the waterfront (1976).
In 1942, in evacuation in Tashkent, Trifonov graduated from high school. Upon his return to Moscow to work at an aircraft factory. In 1944 joined the Literary Institute. Gorky, who graduated in 1949. As a student, in 1947 Trifonov published his first short stories. Publication of the novel Students (1950) brought the young prose writer known: he was awarded the State Prize and, accordingly, the attention of critics. Theme of the novel was determined by its name: Trifonov wrote that he was well known - about the life peers.

After the first success Trifonov long and hard searching for your topic in prose, developed their own vision of life. Wrote stories of various stylistic and thematic range, published a novel quenching thirst (1963), which dealt with the construction of an irrigation canal in the desert.

Fundamentally new stage in the work of Trifonov's novel became a so-called. 'Moscow-cycle' in which to comprehend the life of the capital's intellectuals discussed the preservation of human dignity in everyday life sucking. The first piece of 'Moscow-cycle' was the story of Exchange (1969). Its protagonist, . Engineer Dmitriev, . tormented by the need to make a decisive moral choice: to stay in a communal apartment or move out from the sick mother, . relations which were built in such a way Dmitrieva, . that the exchange of housing would be for her clear indication, . that its days are numbered,
. In the final story Dmitriev chose improvement of housing conditions, confirming the words of his sister that he had long been committed to sharing life's amenities all the best that was in his soul.

Do not fall into 'good and bad' and the main characters of the novel Another Life (1973) - historian Sergey Troitsky and his wife, Olga, understanding is impeded mental deafness. Understanding the inner life of her husband, . his failed hopes and disappointments (eg, . in parapsychology, . in which he tried to find a panacea for life's ills) comes to Olga only after his death - and comes as a gift, . not as a result of logical thinking,

Title Preliminary results of the novel (1970) marked a special type of narrative. The hero of the story, translator Gennady Sergeevich, comes to the interim moral boundary, after which his life must change radically. Trifonov was going to make the preliminary final results of his life: the hero had to die. However, as work on the story the writer changed his plan. Gennady S. survivors in the everyday to become quite well-being, but lost the ability to improve internal. In fact, his life has been reduced to maintain the physical existence.

Similarly, the severe mental distress Lyalya actress, the heroine of the novel The Long Goodbye (1971). Remembering the time when her life was difficult, but emotionally intense, she had only 'a strange momentary pain, compression of the heart, not the joy, not regret it because it was all with her once'.

Some critics accused Trifonova in 'bytovizme' his 'tales of Moscow'. However, life for Trifonova is not threatened morality, and the scope of its manifestations. In the preface to a separate edition of 'Moscow's novels' critic Alexander Bocharov, wrote:' Through his characters through the test of everyday life, . test of everyday life, . He reveals not always perceptible relationship domestic, . daily high, . ideal, . reveals layer after layer of the entire heterogeneous human nature, . the complexity of environmental influences',

For Trifonova always been an important historical theme. Directly it manifested itself in a novel about terrorists, the People Impatience (1973). All the 'Moscow's stories' also felt the author's view of everyday life at an angle of history. Most pronounced in the novel The Old Man (1978), thematically adjacent to the 'Moscow-cycle'. For example, the family of the old revolutionary Letunova, in his declining years reflects on his involvement in the bloody Decossackization and, simultaneously, on the life of insecurity of their children, Trifonov showed close interweaving of past and future. Through one of the heroes of the novel, he expressed the essence of his attitude to history and everyday life: "Life - such a system, . where all the mysterious ways and on some higher plane electrically connected to, . Nothing exists separately, . in slivers, . All stretches and stretches, . intertwined with one another, . not disappear entirely ',
. In the novel, repeated ideas expressed by the hero of the novel Another Life historian of the Trinity - that 'man is a thread', extending from past to future, and this thread can learn the moral life of society.

The culmination of 'Moscow-cycle' was the novel House on the Embankment (1976). Its publication was an event of literary and social life. For example, the fate of one of the tenants of the famous Moscow home, where the family lived party workers (in t.ch. Trifonov and family during his childhood), the writer revealed the mechanism of formation of conformist social consciousness. History of a successful critic Glebova, has not entered once for his teacher, professor, became the novel history of psychological self-justification of betrayal. In contrast to the hero, he refused to justify the brutal betrayal of historical circumstances, 1930-1940-ies.

Whole creative way Trifonov, from students to the early novel posthumously published novel, Time and Place (1981), devoted to finding a realization of the Times - in the plots, characters, style.

Trifonov died in Moscow on 23 March 1981.

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TRIFONOV Yuriy V., photo, biography
TRIFONOV Yuriy V., photo, biography TRIFONOV Yuriy V.  Russian writer., photo, biography
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