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WELLS, Herbert George (Wells Herbert George)

( English writer.)

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Biography WELLS, Herbert George (Wells Herbert George)
Born September 21, 1866 in Bromley, a suburb of London. His father was a shopkeeper and a professional bat, his mother a housekeeper. Educated in the classical school Midherst and at Kings College, London University. After an apprenticeship at the merchant textiles and work in the pharmacy visited a teacher in a school, a teacher of the exact sciences and assistant to T. H. Huxley, in 1893, professionally engaged in journalism.
Throughout his creative life (since 1895) HG Wells wrote about. 40 novels and many volumes of short stories, . more than a dozen of polemical essays on philosophical issues and about the same amount of work on the restructuring of society, . two world stories, . about 30 volumes with the political and social forecasts, . More than 30 brochures on the topic of the Fabian Society, . arming, . nationalism, . world peace, etc., . 3 books for children and an autobiography,

His first attempt in an artistic way the novel was The Time Machine (The Time Machine, 1895) - inventor of the journey in the distant future. This was followed by The Island of Dr. Moreau (The Island of Dr. Moreau, . 1896), . The Invisible Man (The Invisible Man, . 1897), . War of the Worlds (The War of the Worlds, . 1898), . The First Men in the Moon (The First Men in the Moon, . 1901), . telling, . respectively, . of transplantation of human organs by wild beasts, . of invisibility, . Martians invade the earth and travel to the moon,
. These novels provided the glory of the most significant writer of the experimenter in the genre of science fiction and showed his ability to make plausible the most daring fiction. Later in the works of this kind, such as in the novel World released (The World Set Free, 1914), he combined scientific credibility to the political predictions about the coming world state. The thesis of science, . able to create a world state, . in which a person can reasonably enjoy their inventions, . enthusiastically repeated in all the books of Wells, . However, his optimism, . hitherto unlimited, . crushed the Second World War, . whereupon he gave vent to frustration and in the book Mind at the edge of his stretched bridle (Mind at the End of Its Tether, . 1945) predicted the extinction of mankind,

. In the more 'literary' writer, his work shows exceptional talent in the depiction of characters and the construction of the plot, . seasoned narrative humor, . but sometimes the plot displace arguments about science, . lectures on all conceivable subjects, . feedback on topical events, . so, . on its own assessment, . few of his works contain elements, . guarantee their longevity, including those Love and Mr Luis (Love and Mr,
. Lewisham, 1900), Kipps (Kipps, 1905), Ann Veronica (Ann Veronica, 1909), Tono-Bangui (Tono-Bungay, 1909), History of Mr. Polly (The History of Mr. Polly, 1910), New Machiavelli (The New Machiavelli, 1911), Vzyskuemoe splendor (The Research Magnificent, 1915), Insight lord Britlinga (Mr. Britling Sees It Through, 1916), Joan and Peter (Joan and Peter, 1918), The World of William Klissolda (The World of William Clissold, 1926) - all of them in some degree autobiographical. Wells confessed, . that the only book, . which claimed the most important ideas of his life, . With this we are creating with their lives? (What Are We to Do With Our Lives? 1931), . and most important their work is considered Labor, . wealth and happiness of the human race (The Work, . Wealth, . and Happiness of Mankind, . 1932),
. However, the wide readership he made his way through the book Essay on the History (The Outline of History, 1920), for many years remained in the bestseller lists.

Wells lived in London and the Riviera, often lectured and traveled widely, was married twice. Wells died in London on August 13, 1946.

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WELLS, Herbert George (Wells Herbert George), photo, biography
WELLS, Herbert George (Wells Herbert George), photo, biography WELLS, Herbert George (Wells Herbert George)  English writer., photo, biography
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