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John Fletcher (Fletcher John)

( English poet, dramatist.)

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Biography John Fletcher (Fletcher John)
photo John Fletcher (Fletcher John)
Born in g.Ray (Sussex County). His father, Richard Fletcher, who was a bishop, first in Bristol, then in Worcester and London. When Fletcher began writing the play, just do not know, in comedy F. Beaumont misogynist (The Woman Hater, 1607) in five stages recognizable hand Fletcher. Therefore, his comedy Triumph of women, or tamed tamer (The Woman's Prize, or The Tamer Tamed, Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew continued) taken to date in 1604. Among his early plays is best known for pastoral tragicomedy Faithful Shepherdess (The Faithfyl Shepherdess, 1608-1609).
Roughly from 1606 to 1613 Fletcher worked in collaboration with Beaumont. By 1614, when Beaumont left the theater, both considered among the best playwrights in London. In 1613 Fletcher allegedly collaborated with Shakespeare in his two latest plays - Henry VIII (Henry VIII) and The Two Noble Kinsmen (The Two Noble Kinsmen). After returning to the Stratford Shakespeare Fletcher took his place as a leading playwright troupe 'Servant of His Majesty', while the best in London. In recent years, Fletcher's life were particularly fruitful - one or jointly with other playwrights, he composed dozens of plays, which enjoyed the same success with his contemporaries, and have not lost their importance in later times. Among the 15 plays written by him alone - comedy Chances (The Chances, OK. 1625), Monsieur Thomas (Monsieur Thomas, OK. 1624), and marry his wife and rule (Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, 1624), Hunting the Wild Geese (The Wild Goose Chase, 1621); tragedy Bondoukou (Bonduca, 1613) and Valentinian (Valentinian, 1614); tragicomedy mad lover (The Mad Lover, OK. 1616), Vernopoddannyj (The Loyal Subject, 1618), Island Princess (The Island Princess, 1621), a wayward lieutenant (The Humorous Lieutenant, 1619), Satisfied women (Women Pleased, 1620), wife of a month (A Wife for a month , 1624). Most of Fletcher collaborated with F. Messindzherom. Their collaborations include such tragedies as the Impostor (The False One, ca. 1620) and Sir John van Alden Barnavelt (Sir John van Olden Barnavelt, 1619); tragicomedy, for example, through the local custom (The Custom of the Country, ca. 1620), Double Marriage (The Double Marriage, ca. 1620), Prophetess (The Prophetess, OK. 1622), voyage (The Sea Voyage, ca. 1622); comedy Little French Lawyer (The Little French Lawyer, OK. 1619) and the Spanish priest (The Spanish Curate, OK. 1622). With Messindzherom and N. Field (1587-1620) Fletcher wrote three tragicomedy: Status of an honest man (The Honest Man's Fortune, 1613), Maltese knight (The Knight of Malta, OK. 1618) and Queen of Corinth (The Queen of Corinth, ca. 1617), with W. Rowley - The daughter of a miller (The Maid in the Mill, c.. 1623); with Messindzherom, . D. Webster and D. Ford (who, . probably, . was invited to collaborate after the death of Fletcher) - a beautiful tavern-keeper (The Fair Maid of the Inn, . 1626); with Messindzherom and, . probably, . B. Johnson and Dzh.Chapmenom - Tragedy Rollo, . Duke of Normandy (The Tragedy of Rollo, . Duke of Normandy, . app,
. 1625). Of the fifty-three pieces, which are traditionally included in the compositions of Beaumont and Fletcher, Fletcher participated in at least fifty, Beaumont - no more than fourteen, Messindzher - nineteen.

Fletcher was a master of tragicomedy. Paramount in this genre is a complex affair and careful selection of the characters were a strong side of his talent. Spectacular phrases he succeeded as well as spectacular twist. Either way, he influenced many contemporaries and to all the playwrights of the next generation

. Disadvantages dramatic talent Fletcher most notably in his tragedies: in spite of the masterly construction of intrigue, . skillful delineation of characters and magnificent language, . they lacked the dramatic tension, . action is decomposed into a series of senseless violent scenes,
. His element was a comedy. Yielding to Beaumont in the depths of absurdity, he was tireless in the invention of the comic. Sophisticated dramatic technique allowed him to give grace and lightness of the most complex intricacies of comic intrigue, . and love of verbal fireworks appear to be quite relevant in the witty sparring between the refined cavaliers and ladies, . leading love tournaments.,

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John Fletcher (Fletcher John), photo, biography
John Fletcher (Fletcher John), photo, biography John Fletcher (Fletcher John)  English poet, dramatist., photo, biography
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