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JUAREZ Benito Pablo (Jurez Benito Pablo)

( President of Mexico.)

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Biography JUAREZ Benito Pablo (Jurez Benito Pablo)
Born into a poor family of Zapotec Indians March 21, 1806 in San Pablo Geletao (pc. Oaxaca). He graduated from the seminary in Oaxaca, from 1827 studied law at the Institute of Arts and Sciences, Oaxaca, and in 1833 received a bachelor's degree. Juarez quickly rose through the ranks: in 1842 became a lawyer in the State Supreme Court in 1846 - deputy in Congress, and in 1847 - Governor of the State of Oaxaca. In this position, held a series of liberal reforms. In opposing the regime of Santa Anna had been subjected to imprisonment, and in 1853 expelled from the country. In 1854 with the beginning of the revolution he returned to Mexico and joined the Liberals. After the overthrow of dictator became the Minister of Justice and Religious Affairs in the government Alvarez, developed a number of liberal laws, enshrined in the new constitution in 1855. These reforms have caused a revolt of conservatives in 1858. Succeeded Alvarez Comonfort left the country, and the burden of the presidency fell on Juarez, President of the Supreme Court and the Vice-President. As the capital of the country was in rebel hands, Juarez moved the government in Veracruz. In 1859 the U.S. recognized the Juarez Mexican President. In the same year he had adopted laws on the separation of church and state, the nationalization of church property and substantially limit the privileges of church. The civil war continued until 1861, when the liberals took over the capital and Juarez was elected president.
The state treasury was empty and the Juц?rez decided to postpone for two years, payments on foreign debt. England, Spain and France immediately concluded a military alliance in December 1861 seized Veracruz. In response to the peace initiatives of the Mexican government Spaniards and British in April withdrew its troops from the country, but the French continued to intervene and in 1863, General Bazaine entered the capital. By order of Napoleon III, the French established the monarchy in the country, placing on the throne of the Austrian Archduke Maximilian of Hapsburg. Juц?rez and his government have taken refuge in the north of the country, having neither the means nor the army to resist the invaders.

Government of Maximilian soon revealed to be inadequate, and in 1867 at the request of the U.S., France was forced to withdraw its troops from Mexico. In July 1867 Juarez returned to the capital. Maximilian fled, was captured in Queretaro and executed June 19, 1867. Juц?rez was re-elected president in August 1867 and re-elected for another term in 1871. Died Juц?rez in Mexico City July 18, 1872.

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JUAREZ Benito Pablo (Jurez Benito Pablo), photo, biography
JUAREZ Benito Pablo (Jurez Benito Pablo), photo, biography JUAREZ Benito Pablo (Jurez Benito Pablo)  President of Mexico., photo, biography
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