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Brand Jacob

( Since October 2001, as the head of the department of emergency cardiac surgery Research Institute. Sklifosofskogo. Since 1999 leading transmission without a prescription ', since 2001 the program)

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Biography Brand Jacob
Born May 20, 1955. in Odessa.
. Father Benjamin Wolfovitch surgeon, his mother Anna Yakovlevna - dermatovenerologist,
. sister Margaret infertolog an expert on female infertility.
. Two children: son Paul a medical student, daughter Olga lawyer, lives abroad.
. The school was horoshistom-(the only triple for drawing).
. In 1979 he graduated from Odessa Medical Institute.
. Since 1981 he worked in Moscow.
. Hobbies lately collects figurines of bulls.

. He - the professionals, and thus manages to everything: to give viewers tips "Without a prescription, and display of" Coma ", and advise the stars, and put his feet on the patients at the Institute of
. Sklifosofskiy ... There's something we did and found, and, incidentally, were the first journalists at the doorstep of a new cabinet, Dr. Brand.

Cabinet as the Cabinet, but instead of traditional portraits in a framed caricature of the screen saver transfer "Without Prescription"

- How to combine the medical profession and televedushego?

- It is difficult to combine. Working day sometimes lasts for 16-20 hours.

- And it is not harmful to health?

- Is harmful, but it is for me the pleasure. But if something brings pleasure and does not cause irreparable harm - it was good.

- Are any equity from fatigue?

- I advise you to do other activity. And best of all to lie down to sleep. Or a certain number of times with a good girl - also helps. Play billiards, I go hunting. I'm a hunter with great experience, I love to visit the outdoors, listening to the birds. Shot on the hunt - not the main. Not taste good like medicine.

- But you say, still more Doucet, dog Svetlana Konegen, the proposal did ...

- Just one day I said to heart: "The longer friends with people, the more I love dogs". And the rest is hit upon.

- You are a child often ill?

- Sometimes, but the parents, unfortunately for me, were doctors and did not give a long cheer. While that no longer go to school, me and a thermometer, for example, had hot tea, and ... - Yes it was all. But I quickly incriminate. In real, I'm rarely ill - from childhood sport.

- What is being treated, when catches cold?

- In general, the people's means - tea with lemon, raspberry. If the temperature - aspirin. TV advertised drugs are not like - they gave me literally not like. The medicine should be tasty, then treatment will be successful.

- Your program "Without a prescription - not the first on our TV ne-redacha Health. What is it different?

- The old program "Health", which led Julia Belianchikova was good, and "Mediiinskoe Review", which she now makes on TNT, I also like. But it was all such a home, and our - more modern, tough. Our main difference - I was the doctor's actions.

- Colleagues teleiehu turn to you for medical help?

- Continuing with the other channels too. I advise all, I can follow the treatment, well, except that the hospital did not have the right to write. Just do not ask, who of TV stars I helped - and this is a medical secret!

- A patient in a hospital as a reaction to the appearance in the House of Rights "from the TV?

Initially surprised. We must get used to that when I say: "Hello, what's bothering you?", I'm not from the "box" appeal.

. - Some people think that your program is "Coma" to some extent advertises drugs ...

. - The main argument of those who say: people on drugs do not know, and then watch your program, begin to be interested ..
. Would know - and it's better for us. In the Soviet Union, too, no one talked about drugs, but it is sushestvovalo.

- You ever try drugs?

- No ... Although true. Once, after a severe fracture me an injection promedola - a rather serious drug. But among those who use drugs for medical reasons, only one percent of addicts - not the kind of motivation. For these drugs are associated with pain, rather than boxed.

- Other bad habits do you have?

- I smoke. As for the tendency of doctors to alcohol - is greatly exaggerated. With the current high-tech medicine, did not drink a lot - tomorrow again "to the machine.

. Vyacheslav SHADRONOV
. "Th"

. Blitz
. Best holiday?
. - Sleep.
. Favorite time of day?
. - Evening.
. The most comfortable place in the apartment?
. - Bed.
. The best medicine?
. - Love.
. The clear way out of a hopeless situation?
. - Do not fall into a hopeless situation.
. March 25, 2002? 229

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Brand Jacob, photo, biography
Brand Jacob, photo, biography Brand Jacob  Since October 2001, as the head of the department of emergency cardiac surgery Research Institute. Sklifosofskogo. Since 1999 leading transmission without a prescription ', since 2001 the program, photo, biography
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